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Kinect Sesame Street TV DVD
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Old 03-05-2013, 12:41 AM   #1
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European predicament


Here's one for ya: I thought I'd boost my Gamerscore a little by getting a cheap code for the Season Pass of this game and hoard me some points.

My first warning should've been that the app itself is nowhere to be found on my native dashboard, the Dutch one. I fired up my fake American account, and could download the app that way. If I signed out my alt, I could still start the game with my main Dutch account, so I thought I was good to go.

Fast forward a bit, and I've now acquired myself a code for a Season Pass. Tried to redeem it on, but, surprise surprise, I get an error message: cannot be redeemed on my Dutch account.

That's just great. Before I cut my losses, though, I have two more things to try, and I hope to hear your input on that:

1) There is a slight possibility that I can redeem the Season Pass code EXCLUSIVELY from within the game, instead of on Did this happen to anyone? Doubt that, but I'll test this out soon.

2) I did some thinking, and thought, well, a parent is supposed to redeem that code, and the child is playing the game then, right? Perhaps even on their own account! And of course, the achievement virus can't spread soon enough, so the child's account should be able to obtain achievements on their own tag, right? RIGHT?

This would hopefully mean for me that I can perhaps redeem the Season Pass code on my American account, therefore becoming the 'parent' as you will, and play with my main Dutch one as the 'child' account, hopefully. So it should be able to access the entire content with just the one Season Pass. Any of you had experiences with that, that multiple tags can enjoy the single Season Pass on the same console? Also, would you need a family plan Xbox LIVE construction for that?

Anyway, I hope this story made some sense, and that someone can help me with some answers.

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Redeem the code with the american account and remember to download bonus content or something like that ingame. After that jus tplay with you dutch account.

I did this with finnish and uk accounts. Worked great and was able to complete the game without problems. Same thing with nat geo...

edit: ou and remember to play it with same console you got the content as it's connected to your account and box. Also you don't have to be signed in with the account you got the app and redeemed the code.

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Old 01-05-2014, 12:57 PM   #3
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Thanks, I bit the bullet, and this worked like a charm. Only thing that's stopping me from the completion is one of the Smartglass achievements, which appears to be harder to obtain outside the US (see the closing remarks on the TA guide here:
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