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Bardock - The Father Of Goku Achievement

What is the best scenario for this achievement, No matter what i try cant seem to get it

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I found this method by googling it so I take no credit for it.
If you have the Tournament level available (#58), I went with Whiss and two Majin Buu's (Grand Elder Absorbed) for Support and Healing.
Unequip everything from all 4 Characters and when you load up, fly straight up and hold LB for 5 minuites, also down on D-Pad to switch them to Defence.
Main tip, do not kill anyone, the AI probably will as I got 24 down in the end by the AI's hands, killing leads to harder enemies spawning and causing constant ring outs.

This method worked for me, i used Bills due to his higher base HP than Kid Buu but i don't think it matters due to the two Buu's and Whiss healing you.

Hope it works for you too, worked first time for me and you can always rank higher later.
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Agreed, that the mission i did it on and used the same method, as a matter of fact thats the ONLY mission i don't have an S on, i ended up with an A

Thank goodness that you don't have to unlock anyone on that stage.
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I just got this about an hour ago, I agree World tournament (mission 58) is the easiest mission to get this solo,
my tactic was have 3 ss teen gohan's (the melee and support type) as my partners and use cell's perfect form (the melee type not ki),
i started the fight instantly flying to the highest point you can go and telling your support to go on the defensive

(do not have a lock on any enemies that way your support will stay near the highest point with you and stay defensive)

while your at the top of the screen just fly around in circles and figure eights riding out the clock , you will get hit with a knockback now and again but because your high up you have plenty of time to recover and fly back up and as your literally just evading for the whole 5minutes you should always be able to recover from a knockback because you always have a full ki meter.

I did this on my first attempt and no gohans getting knocked out of the ring , one got KO'd with 32 seconds left on the clock but I just used instant transmission and revived him, another factor that played into my lineup was them all being at max partner rank, plus the characters I chose had 1 retry each.. just in case the worst happened.

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