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Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Game Info
Developer: Behaviour
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action

Release:October 22, 2013
* Credit and thanks to: Fistfull95 & soliderace for some tips

Estimated achievement difficulty:2/10
Offline: 20 (1000)
Online: N/A
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 12-15 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Replay levels)
Missable achievements: Technically 12, but you'd have to try really really hard to miss them.
Does difficulty affect achievements?: N/A
Extra equipment needed?: 4 Players / Controllers

Welcome to Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge! As far as "little kids games" go, this one was pretty fun and a very easy 1000 to boot. The monotony of grinding out a few of the achievements got boring pretty quickly, but luckily it only took a couple of hours to do so (I'll explain in a bit).

Start out the game by selecting a character (there are 5 to choose from), and progress through the game. As you play each level, try and kill all enemies and destroy empty crates, as these will let you buy and upgrade your gizmos. You do this by collecting the gears, nuts and sprockets given out for breaking things. During this playthrough you will unlock several easy achievements in the game, but will have to return to grind sprockets on a level for the other 700 achievement points or so you will need.

You can co-op the entire game, but will have to share the sprockets used for upgrading with however many players are used in the game. However, you can only unlock achievements with 1 character per Xbox username at a time, so keep that in mind.

There are 3 multiplayer achievements, but you can do so by yourself as long as you have extra controllers (guitars or microphones can even work for this, so long as you have the ability to hit "Start" on it and join the game).

When you have completed your first playthrough, you will need to play a level over repeatedly, to grind for sprockets so you can upgrade your characters and gizmos. See below for that information!

This is a fairly fun game, although not unique or hard. It was an easy 1000 points, but it didn't take long and wasn't tedious enough to drive you crazy!

Achievement Guide:

Pirateer 25
Complete the Dutchman's Triangle levels.
Story related. Cannot miss.
Maps: Dutchman's Triangle, Shipwreck Reef, Dutchman's Hollow, The Bone Yard, Davy Jones' Locker & Rainchild

Hard Rock 50
Complete the Rock Bottom levels.
Story related. Cannot miss.
Maps: Rock Bottom, Stonefish Street, Barracuda Boulevard, Anemone Avenue, Leviathan Way, Clem

*Anemone Avenue is the map you will want to grind for sprockets once you finish your story playthrough. It is easy, takes only about 8 minutes to finish the level and has the most sprockets to help you level up.

Beach Head 100
Complete the Bikini Bottom levels.
Story related. Cannot miss.
Maps: Bikini Bottom, Anchor Way, Barnacle Road, Coral Avenue, Conch Street, Pankton

Master Sponge 100
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for SpongeBob.

You will need a total of 34, 650 Sprockets for each character (there are 5 total). It is possible to fully upgrade one character in one full solo playthrough, so grind sprockets on level 2 Anemone Avenue.

Pickle Blaster : Free
Faster Rate of Fire = 600
150% Damage = 900
200% Damage = 1200

Condiment Cannon = 750
160% Damage = 900
Faster Rate of Fire = 1050
200% Damage = 2250

Exploding Pie Launcher = 750
150% Damage = 900
200% Damage = 1050
3 Exploding Pies = 1500

Portable Tarter Sauce = 750
200% Damage = 1500
300% Damage = 2250
400% Damage = 3000

Neptuning Fork = 750
3 Electric Bolt = 1500
5 Electric Bolt = 1800
150% Damage = 3000

Bubble Gum Blaster = 750
150% Damage = 1150
Faster Rate of Fire = 1500
200% Damage = 3000

Reef Blower = 750
160% Damage = 1100
200% Damage = 1500
270% Damage = 3000

* I highly recommend that you upgrade one of the following weapons first, in full for every character. Neptuning Fork or Portable Tartar Sauce. The Fork gives you a spread shot gun that is powerful and shoots out 5 "bullets" for massive damage in a spread pattern. The Tartar Sauce gun is a single line ray gun, but it is amazingly powerful. Both help you rip through the levels easily, due to their spread and/or damage.

Master Squirrel 100
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Sandy.

See Master Sponge for more details.

Master Star 100
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Patrick.

See Master Sponge for more details.

Master Squid 100
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Squidward.

See Master Sponge for more details.

Master Crab 100
Unlock all Gizmos and upgrades for Mr. Krabs.

See Master Sponge for more details.

Bot Wrecker 25
Players destroy 250 enemies.

This will come naturally as you play through the story mode. Cannot miss.

Seaweed Squashed 30
Win the first encounter against Plankton.

You will first encounter Plankton during the end of the first level Shipwreck Reef. Cannot miss.

Lock and Load 15
Unlock the Pickle Blaster.

You will unlock the Pickle Blaster at the first Gizmo upgrade machine in the level Shipwreck Reef.

Skydiver 10
Complete the first freefall section.

Story related. Cannot miss.

You encounter your first freefall section during the level Shipwreck Reef.

Coral Skydiver 25
Complete any freefall section without any players taking damage.

Should only take you a couple attempts at most, if you select the first freefall section of the game. Simply avoid all the objects on the map as you fall. Don't worry about collecting the sprockets, just look for obstacles and move out of the way. If you fail on your first attempt during story playthrough, just come back to it at the Select Level screen when you are done and try it again. To give you an extra shot at it, go into the freefall section with only one health bar left. That way, the first item you hit will kill you and you get to retry the level right away again.

Sea Warrior 20
Complete a level without being defeated or revived.

The game is very easy and you will probably accomplish this on the first level or two.

Master Overloader 15
Players defeat 50 enemies by overloading them.

This will come naturally during your playthrough. You won't miss it.

Field Medic 25
Players revive allies 20 times.

At the end of the first level, you will fight a boss for your first time. Once you get here, simply join the game with three other controllers. Let them sit there doing nothing and the boss will eventually knock them out. Simply stand near them for a few seconds to revive them. You can defeat the boss and revive them all in the same go. It's really easy. Then when you pass the level, disconnect the controllers and carry on by yourself. You will also get the Team Sponge achievement listed below for this.

Not Defeated Yet 10
Players revive an ally.

See Field Medic for more details.

Decked Out 25
Unlock and fully upgrade any Gizmo.

See Master Sponge for more details.

Armed to the Gills 25
Unlock every Gizmo on a single character.

You must own all seven different Gizmos with one character. The Gizmos do not have to be upgraded, but you will be doing so anyway for the Master Sponge achievement.

Team Sponge 100
Complete a level with 4 players.

See Field Medic for more details.

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2010: 4,925
2011: 16,283
2012: 18,012
2013: 58,067
2014: 100,556
2015: 79,140
2016: 85,470

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