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Poker Smash
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l STR8xFLuSH l
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Exclamation My Poker Smash Guide (still in progress..)

created by: Voidstarcreations

(Guide is still in progress. Im adding more tips and more diagrams for help =] )

//Poker Smash Screen\\

//1. This shows your gamertag, gamerscore, and the total amount of points remaining.

//2. Shows the speed level

//3. A challenge during Action Mode, Timed Mode, or Custom Playlist Mode. The number is the timer until the challenge is over. The cards displayed below the timer is the match required to achieve the challenge, and score extra points.

//4. This is the value for a challenge. It depends on the speed level for higher scores.

//5. The chips you have in Action Mode, Timed Mode, Custom Playlist, or in a multiplayer match.

//6. Your slow-motion bar. This shows the amount of the power you have remaining.

//7. The amount of bombs you have. The bar shows the amount of points you need to gain another bomb. Once this fills up, you get an another bomb. You can only have a total of 5 bombs.

//8. Your cursor, highlight a card and you can move it around. Or move around the board.

//9. Your score, and this shows the chain you achieve.


//LEFT THUMBSTICK- Move cursor


//LT- Stack the cards up

//RT- Use slow-motion

//X- Move a card to the left

//B- Move a card to the right

//A- Plant a bomb

//ACHIEVEMENTS [200 total], and tips\\

[15]Chain Gang: Score a 3x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

[15]Chain Master: Score a 5x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist mode

[20]Unchained Melody: Score a 7x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist mode

[20]Chain Monster: Score a 24x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Getting a 3x, 5x, and 7x chain are fairly easy to achieve. But getting a 24x chain is very challenging. My best bet is to start your chains at the middle top and u work your way down. Once your chains are low, start to stack up ur cards, and i would perfer you to use slow motion so u can decide on your next move. After you stack up, you will start near the top again, so do this continuously. Bombs arent helpful for chaining because it cuts your time down, unless you are very sure when to use them. Also, you can make cards go between gaps, so this is really helpful. Take a look at the top movies for help, so u can get a technique of how to chain. Look at thier techniques and practice ALOT! Keep in mind you will need to have the skill to foresee your next move while chaining.

[15]Self Restraint: Advance to speed level 7 by making 3 of a kinds and no chains

Ive never tried getting this achievement, but i would say the best way to do this is to make horizontal 3 of a kinds near the top, or making a vertical combo starting from the very top. Because making 3 of a kinds near the bottom will make a big chance of making a chain. Also make your 3 of a kinds carefully because you can get full houses, in which u make a 3 of a kinds following with a 2 of a kinds. (example: JJJQQ)

[15]Pack Rat: Buy all of the themes at the Poker Smash store.

All you have to do is save up your points, and your done. 2,053,000 is the total amount you need.

[20]Score of the gods: Score 1,000,000 points

This does not count toward your career score. This has to be done in one Action Mode go. The way to get this is to chain, make combos, and complete challenges. Either work the long way and start at speed level 1, or the fast way; start at speed level 100.

Starting at speed level 1 is the longer path because challenges arent big values yet. But its more safe bacause the speed level is slow, and you dont have to worry about hitting the top.

Starting at speed level 100 is the fastest way is because completing challenges makes alot of points. Say making a 3 of a kinds challenge almost makes 30000 points, thats alot! But its really difficult. My best bet is to use bombs because planting a bomb stops the speed, so make as much as possible while your bomb is planted. Also use slow motion so you can plan your moves accordingly, and it will save you from hitting the top. Careful though, even its 100 speed, it still increases, so it can get really fast for you not to handle it.

[15]Champ: Win 1st place in a player or ranked match

All you gotta do is win, get a friend or ask an another player for the achievement!

[10]The Thinker: Unlock all puzzle groups

Complete all of the puzzles. Remember, if you need help you can always buy the Puzzle Solutions at the Poker Smash Store.

[10]Challenge Hand: Complete a challenge in Action Mode, Timed Mode, or Custom PLaylist Mode.

Its simple, complete a challenge and your done.

[20]All hands: Make every possible hand in Action Mode, Timed Mode, or Custom Playlist Mode.

Make all possible hands in one go. Here are all of the possible hands:
3 of a kind
4 of a kind
5 of a kind [10 10 10 10 10]
Full House [QQQKK]
Straight Flush [10 J Q K ; all one suit]
Flush 10 J Q K A
Six Flush, Seven Flush, Eight Flush, Nine Flush

(possible hands diagram coming soon)

Take a look at your stats at the end of the game.

[15]Triple Smash: Make 3 chains at one time in Action Mode, Timed Mode, or Custom Playlist Mode.

Heres an easy way to do this, set something up like this;




(b is where to set up the bomb)

Then set a bomb(s) at the desired place. And you get a Triple Smash.


(coming soon)

Alright, this ends my achievement guide, if your have further questions, ask me on live or on Find me on Poker Smash, im #1 in the weekly leaderboards. I explained this the best i could. If you guys have further tips ill be appreciated >={D. Post them if you can.

Live account: I STR8xFLuSH I

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Nevermind... Got my ansewr.

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For the All Hands achievement, it does not have to be done in one game. I managed to get every hand EXCEPT straight flush in one game and go the achievement. I had gotten a straight flush in a previous game.

For the Triple Smash achievement, the easiest way to get it is to set up 3 vertical pairs with the third card for each 2 rows below, then bomb out the row between them:

J Q 10 <-- Put a bomb on all 3 of these
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