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corpse maker420
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My Thieves Guild problem

I've search many sites and forums for anything relating to my problem, and while I've found many similar, none match my problem. Like most, I'm stuck continuing the Guild missions. The Pursuit is what I need to start, but can't. Karliah is stuck in Snow Veil, just chilling and Brynjolf is at his stand in Riften. I've completed Summerset Shadows, The Dainty Sload, Silver Lining and Imitation Amnesty and the side mission with Tonilia. Sometimes when I talk to Delvin, I'll have the option to tell him I've completed all the special quests, and ill choose them. He'll respond, but then nothing. All my guild stalls are full. I've done way more than 5 jobs in all the areas, Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun and Windhelm.
Now, I've completed almost all the main quests. Alduin is dead, the stormcloaks run everything, and The Dark Brotherhood is all side missions by the night mother. I've got a save for just before finishing Hard Answers, but loading that and doing everything before completing Hard Answers does nothing, plus there's a 20 level difference that id hate to lose just to complete these damn missions. So.......suggestions? Killing and reloading doesn't move the characters. Am I missing another side mission? I tried to just break into Mercer Freys place by myself, but can't get in, hoping to force start The Pursuit.

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It's most likely a glitch. I have several misc. quests do that for me, but never a major one. Others also experienced similar glitches to. The only thing I can think of possibly fixing it is to make a new character and do the quest line over, if u don't want to clear ur cache, re-download ur profile, etc. Other than that, I don't know what u can do.
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corpse maker420
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Fixed it, I hope :-)
They posted about this bug there, and so far its working. You beat the crap out of her, then sneak back to the door where she shot you. If she doesn't see you, she'll drink something and leave. You get shot by her arrow again and can do Hard Answers again. That's as far as I am right now, have a few things to check on the site to make sure it really works
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corpse maker420
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Seems I'm screwed :-( I need Mercer Freys plan, which I took VERY early in the game and either sold it or dropped it somewhere. Can't believe that since it's part of a quest, I was allowed to do such a thing.
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karliah, mercer frey, pursuit, skyrim, thieves guild

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