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Old 06-17-2014, 03:40 PM   #31
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Originally Posted by Cpt Slaughter View Post
I'm in a similar boat, but to a lesser extent. I find myself not enjoying gamin nearly as much as I believe I should. The last game I thoroughly enjoyed playing was Dark Souls II (and before that it was Deus Ex: Human Revolution). None of my good friends play Xbox anymore. They either play GTA on PS3 (which sucks because I hate the game and PS3 in general), or have moved on to PC. It's really sad.

However, I only lose faith in gaming when I'm not working on any game. For example, I had a good amount of fun with Sants Row: The Third, the last game I completed. Since I completed it, I have been killing time with Dark Souls II. I am going to get Titanfall this week, and expect that to be my summer game.

It makes me wonder, am I addicted to video games? My mind sways me in the direction of yes. I highly suspect I will move on or take a long hiatus from gaming when I hit my 50000 goal, or at least take a long break.
yeah, i hate how the new generation has split people up.

i agree with the addiction part aswell. its strange, i love watching new game trailers and gameplay, but never want to play the game when its out.


whoever suggested that i play some kids games / wierd games.
i have rented lego marvel superheros from boomerang!

Thanks for the sig Gackt

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Old 06-17-2014, 04:25 PM   #32
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Hmm... Games of late have become lesser in my opinion. The focus is to much on graphics and multiplayer and not enough on Sameplay, Story, and Character Growth/Development (could be argued that this goes with the Story bit). So I find many games of late boring, but I'm not a huge multiplayer and this is a opinion. I think gaming has past it's peak generally.

Though sometimes taking a break or going back to a game you loved will help motivate you to play new games, ones you just got.

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Old 06-19-2014, 07:01 PM   #33
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Its pretty normal to get bored once in a while. Nothing a break won't fix. Been gaming since spectrum and there have been periods I have just not be interested.

It happens, take a break and come back when you want to
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Old 07-15-2014, 09:58 AM   #34
Kangaroo Swagg
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I know exactly how you feel. Some days I just do not feel like playing games at all. This is usually a result of me being discouraged either by the random days where my internet is complete shit and I can't stay in party chat to save my life or MW2 or another online game sucks the life out of me with its bullshit. I also tend to suffer from episodes of severe depression where I reflect on the fact that I have basically wasted my entire life on gaming and nothing else which tends to put a damper on my enthusiasm and leaves me in a fetal position watching Seinfeld. However, when the above things aren't bothering me, I love playing games and being a completionist.
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OpTic DevilDog9
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The Far Cry series focuses on story, really lookin forward to far cry 4.

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Old 07-15-2014, 12:38 PM   #36
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I have been having several of those days lately, where I planned to play games but didn't want to play any of them. What helps is me switching it up. I might go to my ps3 or might focus on some other hobbies. Eventually I get back into the mood of playing games. I find it also helps to play games is short periods of time. That way my mind stays fresh.
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Old 07-16-2014, 09:06 PM   #37
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I found gaming to be boring for a while (back in 2013) too. Just take a break, eventually you'll come crawling back to your system, begging it to eat more of your discs.
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Old 07-20-2014, 09:49 PM   #38
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Cpt Slaughter, you are getting tired of gaming because you're playing the same types of games over and over again. All you play are first and third person shooters.

I always mix it up. RPG's, Survival Horror, Strategy, Platformers, Puzzle, Racing, Mecha.

I would say most people need to pick up a game like Lightning Returns and expand their horizons. A fantasy JRPG is the perfect way to do this.
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We are spoiled. Never before have there been this many quality games released in such a small time frame. You will at some point get burned out. I usually recover in a week to a month but you seem to have really got it bad.
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Old 08-11-2014, 08:21 PM   #40
Chaz Of Sparta
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I'm currently going through one of those phases - I have so many games that I either haven't started or have only been played a little bit, but I just don't feel like playing of any of them. Usually I just leave something like Sleeping Dogs on idle while I either go on my laptop or do other things for the whole day.

Hopefully it passes soon because one of my friends is getting very close to passing my gamerscore, and school starts again in a few weeks so I won't have enough time to make some decent progress on Forza 4/Dark Souls/ Dead Rising
Originally Posted by icedawg View Post
I actually signed up just to call you a douchebag--that's how big of a douchebag I think you are.
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Sounds like you could take a break, I got like that awhile ago with my 360 but after a small break everything was fine for me
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Old 08-26-2014, 05:29 PM   #42
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Unfortunately a lot of games have become too samey. Particularly in the last couple generations. The industry has been flooded with hyper-realistic shooters, anti-hero protagonists, Terrorists and aliens as bad guys, and the same generic type of gameplay beginning to end. The Xbox, PS2, & GCN started the trend, but held off well enough because the games were still so fresh, but in the 7th and 8th gen so far most of what we've been getting is sequels, reboots, remakes, HD ports, and knock-offs of games we already experienced. Developers are either out of ideas or their publishers are afraid to take risks and what allow the developers that do have ideas to publish anything unique, so we get what we've seen today.

Most recently I've played Strike Suit Zero, Crimson Dragon, Ryse, Deadpool, Guacamelee, Titanfall and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. A little balance of big and small development. I enjoyed the gameplay mechanics of Titanfall because the parkour and jetpacks really made exploring the environment enjoyable, but there wasn't enough diversity to keep the game fresh for long and the lack of a campaign was a major burn for me. Ryse was a solid game that got me away from dealing with shooters, but every level was the exact same thing without adding any new ideas and it's only saving grace was how short it was. Deadpool... honestly outside of the humor (which is getting repetitive in later levels) was cringeworthy outside of the dialog.

Out of everything I've played this year, I would say Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has been my favorite game. It was a very simple side-scroller game, but they continually added new elements to the platforming and you had a little room for experimentation. It had a charming storyline, the main character was likable, the art style was inviting, and it stayed solid up to the end.

Guacamelee, which I really though I was going to hate, ended up being a really enjoyable metroidvania type of game (nd that's surprising since I don't enjoy Castlevania, never got into Metroid, and, with the exception of Shadow Complex, have never liked Metroidvania-style games. The combat was simple to learn, but complex to master, there were lots of secrets to discover, but none were a chore to obtain, the storyline and art style weren't particularly to my liking, but they were by no means terrible and I enjoyed the experience overall.

I'm not one to advocate Indie gaming and there are very few Indies I would actually recommend, but I think if the industry continues to shape up like it has been, getting away from these major AAA-developed franchises and going back to basics may be the best option for giving the industry a comeback. Less Call of Duty and Battlefield; More No Man's Sky and Fez (Note: I enjoy Fez, but do not support or condone the behavior of the ass-hat Phil Fish.)

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Getting old? Have other responsibilities and priorities? Other hobbies? Games are not original? Playing the same type of games?
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hi kairi

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