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Submission Rules and Guidelines

To submit something, simply make a new topic in this forum. Please check to see if anyone else has a thread for the same content prior to making a new topic. The staff will process it shortly. Thanks in advance for your contribution to x360a!

Please limit your submissions to one game title per post!
Submission Rules: Achievements

1. Achievement Images (changes as of November 5, 2010) must be the image URL. Do not save then upload your image to a third party host, it will be denied. Images stolen from other sites will also be denied. Look in the next section about secret achievement to know how to get the image URL.

As of November 2010 with the newly redesigned, Microsoft has reverted to using gray images after initially having color images on every list when the new site first launched, regardless of if the achievement was unlocked or not. Now a color tile can only be obtained by the person who has unlocked it (not even viewing someone's list who has completed a game 100% will reveal them - only if the person is viewing it on their own account). Due to this, we will now need submissions of the colored achievement tiles submitted in the same format as the secret achievements. Read the next section for more info on how to properly submit these.

2. Secret Achievements (new changes as of July, 2011) must have the name, description, image and point value or they will be denied. You must copy and paste all this info into a thread here, we will not be able to see them from your profile unless we have unlocked them ourselves. And if that was the case, they'd already be updated. DO NOT SUBMIT THE PS3 TROPHIES. We can not use those. The process must be done as described below.

Due to developer and publisher requests, we will NOT reveal secret achievements until the weekend before a game is released. In most cases, we will already have them so if you do not get credit for submitting a secret achievement pre-release, this is why.

Please use this format when submitting secret achievements:
Point Value Tile URL

To get the tile URL (Firefox):
1. Right click on the image from your achievements page.
2. Click "copy image location" from the menu that pops up.
3. Come back to your submit thread and click where the URL needs to go (on the line after the point value for the achievement), then right click again and hit "paste" from the menu that pops up.

To get the tile URL (Internet Explorer):
1. Right click on the image from your achievements page.
2. Click "properties" from the menu that pops up.
3. Copy the "Address (URL)" section to get the link.
4. Come back to your submit thread and click where the URL needs to go (on the line after the point value for the achievement), then right click again and hit "paste" from the menu that pops up.

Supreme General
Play through 1 scenario campaign on medium difficulty without losing any battles.

3. New Achievement Lists (new changes as of October 22, 2010) that are all text will be denied. New lists that are stolen from other sites will be denied. If you have found an achievement list, you MUST give us a link to someone's profile who has played the game where the list is active AND you will need to view the person's achievements via your 360 dashboard (send them a friend request, then hit "compare games" when viewing their profile) and include a list of the achievement scores for each individual achievement. Due to the fundamental changes to in October of 2010 we can no longer view an achievement list directly unless we have personally played the game, and even when we can or when comparing to someone else it will not show the scores of any achievement not unlocked by either gamer. This has caused us to review the way we add achievement lists to our website.

So, to recap, we will need:
1. A link to the "Compare To" page of the specific game and gamer who has played it.
2. A complete list of the scores for each achievement in the list. This can be simply a line by line text list such as, "Achievement Name 1 - 10" and "Achievement Name 2 - 35" etc. etc.

If both pieces of information are not included and I have to do the research myself to either find a gamer who has played the game or to pull the achievement scores off their profile from my own 360, will be receiving the credit and not you! This is not to be spiteful or to "steal" anyone's credit, but to ensure that my job can run as smooth as possible and get achievement lists posted quickly.


Submission Rules: Game Tiles

Please do not submit game tiles for games that have not been released yet. If a game is out and there is someone on our leaderboard for it, but the tile still has not been uploaded, feel free to submit that. If a tile is updated (usually when DLC is released), submit that as well. I do not want pre-release tiles though, and I will delete the submission. Thank you.

Submission Rules: Achievement Guides and Road Maps

Please submit guides and road maps in the forum linked here.

Submission Rules: Avatar Awards

If you have unlocked an Avatar Award not yet posted to the main site, please follow these instructions to submit the image and guide to us. We will be critical on these because we want the best representation of the item!

1. Make sure the item you've unlocked is the only "special" item on your avatar. If the item is a hat, do not have on any glasses, special shirts/pants/shoes or have any props on hand. Likewise, if it is a pair of boots, try to wear plain clothing without a hat or glasses, etc. I'm sure you get the drift. Make the item the centerpiece of your outfit.

2. Save your avatar on your dashboard with the above settings. After 20+ minutes, the image should update on - from there, create a thread in this forum with the following information:
  • Name of Award (from Avatar Creator)
  • Description of Award (from Avatar Creator)
  • Brief Guide to unlock Award (mention if the Award is tied to an existing achievement)
  • Image URL from of you wearing the Award ("Gamertag Goes Here"/avatar-body.png)
3. Once we receive your submission, we will attempt to verify it as best we can and determine whether or not the item in question is obvious enough. If so, we will post it live!

Submission Rules: News

If you think you've found something news-worthy, please email it to tips[at]

P.S. Clear your cache before submitting!

We have in the past received a lot of duplicate submissions that had already been updated on the lists. This most likely happens because most browsers will cache images for faster loading in the future. Since we keep the same name for the image, but overwrite it with the new color image, the cache thinks it is still the same image and does not change anything. To update the cache, you need to refresh the page or simply clear the cache in your browser. Once you do this, the new color images will load if they have been updated since you first viewed the page.

So please, before submitting something, go to that game's achievement list and just hit refresh and see if anything new loads. If the pictures are still gray, then please go ahead and submit them. If they're color, we're obviously all set.
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