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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
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Jun 17, 2008 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - A Behind the Scenes Look
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Mar 25, 2008 Aerosmith Get Back Up in New Guitar Hero Title
Feb 15, 2008 Activision Announce Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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Old 06-30-2008, 04:55 PM   #31
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 121

Gamertag: KoG falsetto XS
Looking to get the following:
Deuces Are Wild
Love Me Two Times
Fallen Angels
Back in the Saddle

Message me please on XBL GT:KoG Commander
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Old 06-30-2008, 05:38 PM   #32
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Fresno, CA
Posts: 33

Gamertag: BottomBass
you do know that according to the guide you can't get Deuces Wild or the other co-op career one over xbox live, unless something's changed?
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Old 06-30-2008, 07:10 PM   #33
Stffu Uppercutt
Stffu Uppercutt's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: In my house
Posts: 119

Gamertag: stffu uppercutt
Going for all online achievements.... Gamertag stffu uppercutt

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Old 06-30-2008, 07:55 PM   #34
Dirty Jon97
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 0

Gamertag: Dirty Jon97
I'll be on after 7pm CST. I'm looking for all the online achievements as well.

GT - Dirty Jon97
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Old 06-30-2008, 08:24 PM   #35
G gazoo
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 73

Gamertag: G gazoo

Awards Showcase NBA Live 07 - 1000 People Online...Again
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
looking to boost

mainly i want to boost the win by 10 000 ach and all the other ones like play 25 times and win this and that u know how it goes we meet we play we get bored we leave hit me up im alright at hard difficulty but im pretty solid at medium heck ill play on easy if we can perfect a song together i need that too.
gamertag : G gazoo
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Old 06-30-2008, 09:49 PM   #36
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 98

Gamertag: HowardsTurn
im up for all ranked match achievements. im playing it now, and will be playing it a while so send me a friend request and we can get this done.
gt: HowardsTurn
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Old 06-30-2008, 10:22 PM   #37
DarthKoRn's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Pembroke, Ontario
Posts: 81

Gamertag: DarthKoRn
EDIT: All done, thanks HowardsTurn.

Last edited by DarthKoRn; 06-30-2008 at 11:05 PM.
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Old 06-30-2008, 10:52 PM   #38
Ix B4LL1N xI
Ix B4LL1N xI's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Houston Tx
Posts: 17
Send a message via AIM to Ix B4LL1N xI

Gamertag: iMoDiFy vX
I need
Fallen Angles
Back In The Saddle
Let The Music Do The Talking

im on right now just send me a friend request my GT is IK Y IL IE
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Old 06-30-2008, 11:48 PM   #39
NoShineMM's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Posts: 224

Gamertag: NoShineMM
add me up, i8m up for anything.

GT: NoShineMM
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Old 06-30-2008, 11:57 PM   #40
theMahl3r's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Posts: 121

Gamertag: themahler83
I need Deuces Are Wild and Love Me Two Times. I know you can't do a co-op career on LIVE, but you can do a set of 7 songs and just keep going through them.

I'll be on after 10 am CDT on Tuesday, July 1 and Wednesday July 2. I'd appreciate the help.

GT: theMahl3r
Halo: CE Anniversary, Portal 2, Modern Warfare 2 & 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 3, Rock Band 2, Dead Space, Call of Duty 4, BioShock, Lego Star Wars: TCS, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman, Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Doom, Vigilante 8 Arcade, Minecraft

Working On:
Gears of War 2 & 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 4
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Old 07-01-2008, 12:00 AM   #41
RPDfire's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2007
Location: Look Behind You
Posts: 549

Gamertag: Legacy x

Awards Showcase Submit - Bronze
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
Hey i need the Face off achievement. And the death drain send me a message.
Thanks to Strongbad107 for the sig!
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Old 07-01-2008, 01:34 AM   #42
chasedabigbase's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 277

Gamertag: Chasedabigbase
I'm ready with helping anyone (Chasedabigbase is my tag) just add/message and ill get to you as soon as possible.
100% Retail

Assassin's Creed (1000/1000), Condemned (970/970), Fallout (1450/1550) M.Z. soon, Gun (1000/1000), Lego Indiana Jones (1000/1000), Silent Hill; Homecoming (1000/1000), Tomb Raider; Legend (1000/1250)

100% Arcade

Monkey Island (200), Wallace & Gromit; Fright of the Bumblebees (200)
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Old 07-01-2008, 07:30 AM   #43
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hayward CA
Posts: 73

Gamertag: jonlacksanh
JonLacksAnH. Mainly looking to get the co-op achievements, as I've already managed all the winning online vs achievements legitimately, but I guess if somebody wants me to take a dive, I still need all my loss achievements.
GT: Jonlacksanh
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Old 07-01-2008, 02:02 PM   #44
chaosisover's Avatar
Join Date: May 2008
Location: New York
Posts: 93
Send a message via AIM to chaosisover

Gamertag: chaosisover
i need every online achievment, so send me an invite if you want to play. Chaosisover
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Old 07-01-2008, 02:32 PM   #45
Turlis12's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 107
Send a message via AIM to Turlis12

Gamertag: Bcat8907

Awards Showcase Submit - Bronze   Donator - Level 1
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Hey guys. im just looking for the death drain achievement and a little progress to 20 wins. I dont know how to boost with ranked matches but if anyone can help, i could help with the 1v1 chieves......Im on now if anyone wants to play....bcat8907

One thing...i have no mic, sry guys

Edit: Easier way to find me is search Hard Ranked Battle, Best of 7. Seems the quickest way to get to 20 games.

Last edited by Turlis12; 07-01-2008 at 02:36 PM.
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Old 07-01-2008, 02:53 PM   #46
punker's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 1,507

Gamertag: punkerhardcore

Awards Showcase Arcade Crazy - Bronze   Over Achiever - Silver   1,000 Posts   Submit - Bronze
Total Awards: 4 (more» ...)
I need the online co-op ones... well, except for the co-op career ones. No way am I playing through the career four times for those. But the others-- 8x multiplayer in co-op, gold star a song on co-op, etc... hit me up if you wanna boost those.

Your = possessive. As in, "your grammar sucks."
You're = you are. As in, "you're an idiot for not knowing the difference."

Proper capitalization matters. There is a massive difference between, "I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse," and, "i helped my uncle jack off a horse."
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Old 07-01-2008, 06:56 PM   #47
Hero Of Courage
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Manchester, England
Posts: 33

Gamertag: Hero Of Courage
I'm online now looking for someone to do some of the coop achievements with. (600 note streak, activate GP 3 times...)

Message me if interested:
Gamertag: Hero Of Courage

For helping me out, I'll help you get some of the online achievement for GH3, as I have them all.
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Old 07-01-2008, 08:43 PM   #48
swann5150's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 163

Gamertag: swanny5150
Off topic, but Punker - I nominate that for the best signature ever.
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Old 07-02-2008, 12:07 AM   #49
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 70

Gamertag: skew44
Fallen Angels & Back in the Saddle

I need help getting these two. Fallen Angels is fail a co-op song after 95% completion. Back in the saddle is complete a co-op song with Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford. I have Tom so if you have Brad and are interested hit me up with an invite or message skew44.

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Old 07-02-2008, 06:10 AM   #50
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Houston
Posts: 341

Gamertag: Saphir Gneiss

Awards Showcase Donator - Level 1
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
anyone want to help with all the co-op achievements message me on live (gt: BAD BLOOD BIGGY)
1st to 1000 Band Hero on
2nd to 1000 LEGO Indiana Jones 2 on

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Old 07-02-2008, 06:39 PM   #51
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: Long Beach, CA
Posts: 609

Gamertag: DaBigMeat

Awards Showcase Submit - Bronze
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
I need some help with the coop achievements as well. GT: DaBigMeat. I have 1000 in GH2 and GH3 so I probably won't let you down.
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Old 07-02-2008, 07:31 PM   #52
Nate Dogg51
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 4

Gamertag: AssassiNate 51
I got it yesterday and i have 650 points i got all the online/co-op achievements as well. Play on a lower level than usually play so its easier for you and dont try to kill the other player on the death drain achievement its really easy to get them.
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Old 07-02-2008, 08:15 PM   #53
OMOXO's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Rhode Island
Posts: 150
Send a message via AIM to OMOXO

Gamertag: MoxiePad

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Old 07-02-2008, 11:29 PM   #54
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Norway
Posts: 87

Gamertag: UnicornPow3r
Anyone want to do;

Let the music do the talking
Back in the Saddle
Soul Saver


GT is same as X360A name.
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Old 07-03-2008, 05:38 AM   #55
Banned User
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: DiRtY sOuTh,TN
Posts: 101
Send a message via AIM to Black240sxCoupe

Gamertag: ii am snipezz
going for everything online. gamertag in sig
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Old 07-03-2008, 07:13 AM   #56
masterzach's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Upstate New York
Posts: 171

Gamertag: zbenes674
looking to boost the ranked stuff and do co-op achievements aswell, my gamertag is zbenes674 so message me whenever you wanna boost
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Old 07-03-2008, 10:04 AM   #57
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Hayward CA
Posts: 73

Gamertag: jonlacksanh
For anyone having trouble getting the death drain achievement without boosting, 100% of my battle wins have been by death drain, so here's the strategy:

1. Play on a difficulty you're comfortable enough with that no combination of power-ups is going to kill you. If you're not terribly bored by it, easy would probably be the best option. From my experience, joining in a random ranked battle is pretty safe, as it most likely will not find you playing on Expert.

2. Use any power-ups that are not broken string or broken whammy. And, actually, considering the average length of songs in this game, you probably have enough of an opportunity to grab three broken whammies, which are really the only sure thing. Once you have three broken somethings, chill out for the rest of the song. Miss a note on every star phrase so you can keep your power-ups. If you see your opponent doing the same thing, watch out for the power-up stealing power-up to put them at a disadvantage.

3. Don't kill the other player. Use power-ups one at a time, and if you have a choice, use them when there's not much going on. Death drain only pops up in sudden death, so both players have to survive the song.

4. Use your power-ups during the star phrases, preventing your opponent from picking up death drain.

5a. Assuming they're not employing the same strategy, you now have a death drain and they don't. Use it. Play out the rest of the song. They don't have a chance.

5b. If they are pulling the same move against you, be glad you have multiple broken somethings. Keep it up. And if it reaches the point where you're on even ground, waiting for who's fastest on the trigger for the next death drain, start tilting as you go into the note. It'll give you the edge. And if you both last long enough to hit the next death drain, continue tilting early to activate as soon as possible.
GT: Jonlacksanh
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Old 07-03-2008, 05:01 PM   #58
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Lozt Angelz, Legend Around This City of Games!
Posts: 1,372

Gamertag: TheGamersKrew

Awards Showcase 1,000 Posts
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
I just got it and im a be playing it (look below to see in my Gamercard) hit me up i need the online achievements.

New GT: TheGamersKrew
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Old 07-03-2008, 09:49 PM   #59
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 127

Gamertag: TheWalkinDude85
I am looking for someone to help me get the Back in the Saddle achievement. I have enough money left in the game to buy which ever of the two characters I need to do it so I will buy one the next time I play. I rented the game and tomorrow is the last day I have it. If anyone wants to help see me a message or friend request, gamertag TheWalkinDude85
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Old 07-04-2008, 05:42 PM   #60
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 20

Gamertag: JackL999
Getting this tomorrow, and I'm pretty awful compared to most people, i can barely play medium therefore i really need to trade to get achievements !

So GT: JackL999 send me a message, as if i go looking for the people who have there names down above they have probably already done them!
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