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Help with "End of the road" stage (inhuman)

Alright i remember when i did this on hard mode it was very simple kill the 3 guys that shoots at you and then let the t rex eat all the soldiers and then run inside the base but everytime i pass the gate into the base BOOM 6 or 8 guys shooting at me i cant get to cover because i get stunned when they shoot at me and plus in inhuman you need like 2 bullets to die.
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i'm stuck at the exact same spot.. please someone help us out

edit: wait im a bit further when u pass the first thing where u go down, then go up the ladder, then the second one where the raptors keep respawning, when im upstairs the soldiers arent there, but when i jump down they spawn or something, then i go up the ladder and they kill me almost instantly.. how the hell am i supposed to pass that

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lol after i typed it i gave it one last shot and i passed it this is what i did for all the guys, just get behind cover and snipe everyone 1 by 1, then at the tunnel thingy where the raptors are, i planted my minigun as a turret upstairs, then jumped down , threw a grenade on top of the ladder and immediatly climbed the ladder.. feels like such a relief i can finally continue with the game
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Dead Rabbit14
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ya just take your time in this area
the checkpoints in this game are RIDICULOUS
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(i hope this helps you guys i put some time into this to make it work correctly, and ive already done it 3-5 times and it still works, im just trying to help you guys out, i hope this works, it makes clearing these trenches in front of kanes base fairly easy)

Eventhough this might seem unbeleiveable, and improbable to some, i can gurantee you that this will work out in the end. when you start the part where these trenches begin, jump forword onto the rocks, and then walk a little bit more and find cover on some rocks. when you do this the enemies will see you and fire temporaily until the rex shows up. the best way to go from here is to automatically take out the soildiers that are running around in front of the gate. and after this is done, walk towards the gate( rex will distract the soildiers) and jump into the first set of trenches. after you climb up the ladder, which will be on the north west side of the first trench, run across into the other trench and take out any raptors you see. then when you finish them, run to the next ladder, north east side of trench, and climb up, when you do this you will only have to deal with the enemies that are found in this section of the level, all previous ones will dissapear. (no joke im dead serious) then after you take out the soildiers you see when you climb up, run into the bunker and grab the rpg inside(the bunker is on your right when you climb up the ladder) and reload on any ammo you might need. when you are ready, climb up the ladder and eliminate all of the soldiers that try to eliminate you on the bridge. after that is done you will have 3 turrets to deal with, which can easily be taken out with your rpg. when you finish the bridge fight, walk across the bridge and use your rpgs secondary fire to locate a turret, lock on and eliminate him, do this with the next turret you find which will be found on your left, and move forword. the last turret will be found by the green door which is used to move on. lock onto him, and blow him away. the rest of the soldiers in the area will be taken out with relative ease. then climb up the ladders, and you get a checkpoint. trenches cleared, i hope this helps
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