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Tom Clancy's EndWar
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Jan 08, 2009 EndWar Faction Elite Pack Now Available
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Oct 30, 2008 Even Parrots Can Play EndWar

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Updates: Ubisoft EndWar Blog

Hey all,

This thread is for the Ubisoft blog updates, if you're interested. I've included all of the interviews as URL links but the interesting ones about the actual game have the details below.

Feel free to enjoy and add to.

Friday March 7th 2008:

In Control

Welcome to the very first, very official, one and only, IGN-hosted developer blog for Tom Clancy's EndWar! My name is Li C. Kuo (aka QuidProKuo on the official EndWar forums) and I'm the Community Developer for EndWar. It's my job to keep gamers like you keyed in to the goings-on of this revolutionary new strategy game.

What is EndWar? Where have you been? EndWar is a one of a kind strategy game and is a brand new addition to the Tom Clancy franchise. Here's a little bit about the game:

Experience World War Three in your living room. Tom Clancy’s EndWar™ is a brand new real-time strategy wargame that’s unlike any other. Created from the ground up for next-generation gaming consoles, this wargame puts you in control of three different armies waging a world-wide war in the year 2020. As expected from any game with the name “Tom Clancy” in the title, EndWar’s vehicles, weaponry, and technology are based on real-world military research – giving you authentic access to the technology of tomorrow’s wars.

You Are in Control

This is paired with a chillingly relevant storyline that pits superpower against superpower in all-out war, with you in command. You'll take control of the US-led Joint Strike Force, the European Enforcer Corps, and the Russian Spetznaz Guard Brigades, in both a single-player campaign and online against your friends in the persistent-world Theater of War mode. EndWar goes beyond other wargames by letting you use your own voice to control your units, for strategy at the speed of thought.

Putting You in the Battle.
Instead of the traditional top-down/isometric view, EndWar uses a unique third-person camera that puts you in the heart of the battle. Thousands of units can be engaged at a time in fully destructible 3D battlefields. Flanking, cover, suppression, and all the basics of combat are taken into account as you battle your way across Europe and the United States.

Key Features
-A new Tom Clancy franchise
-An RTS game unlike any other
-Built “from the ground up” to be a console game
-Revolutionary voice command system
-Set in the year 2020
-Features near-future weaponry based on real-world research being done today
-Persistent-world online multiplayer battles
-40 battlefields set in Europe and the United States
-Fully destructible environments
-Massive battles with more than 1000 units

Sound interesting? You can find out more by checking out You can also check out this blog as we'll be posting anything and everything EndWar-related. We'll have posts straight from the development team, sneak peeks at concept art, and commentary about the game itself. Basically, if it has something to do with EndWar, we'll be talking about it right here.

To get this blog kicked off, here's an introduction and short interview with Michael de Plater, Creative Director for EndWar. Enjoy!

Li C. Kuo aka QuidProKuo
Community Developer
Ubisoft Shanghai
March 7th 2008 - Q and A session with:

Michael de Plater, Creative Director, Ubisoft Shanghai

March 17th 2008 - Game Developer's Conference (little news):

March 20th 2008 - Q & A with:

Ben Houge, Audio Director, Ubisoft Shanghai

March 31st 2008- Porting to the PS3

Confirmed in an interview with Guillaume Brunier, produced of the PS3 version. Scheduled for simulatenous release with the x360 version

April 3rd 2008 - Q & A with:

Audrey Leprince
Ubisoft Shanghai

April 11th 2008 - UPDATE

Scrapped and replaced with:

This is the AH-80 Blackfoot helicopter for the Joint Strike Force. Uses an advanced Canard Rotory/Wing (CR/W) to fit in with the futuristic setting of End-War

Scrapped and replaced with:

This is the PAH-6 Cheetah used by the European Federation Enforcer Corps. Has mounted rocket turret pods. Designed as a mix of all european attack helicopters in operation.

Micrsoft Speech recognition: I was trying to say "stop listening" - apparently I said:

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i cant wait for this game to come out... its gonna be really, really awesome.

*edit* the hard part will be if someone else plays on your 360, they will need to change the voice unless they sound exactly like you. for example, if i play and then my girlfriend plays, she will need to reset all the voice commands to her voice
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