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Old 04-25-2010, 08:06 AM   #91
SnowSakura's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Tennessee
Posts: 149

Gamertag: SnowSakura
Looking to boost message snowsakura

[Thanks to SetsunaFSeiei
for the sig]
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Old 04-29-2010, 04:56 PM   #92
Will Daniels
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Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: US of A
Posts: 305

Gamertag: tdcobra99
I was surprised to see a good number of legit ranked matches up in the last few days of playing. I guess it may be because people are excited about LP2.
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Old 04-30-2010, 01:33 AM   #93
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Ontario
Posts: 14

Gamertag: Prytherus
I have this game but only have 5 gamerscore in it. If anyone thinks they can help me out with some achievments in this game, message me on live and i'll be sure to repay the favor somehow.
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Old 05-02-2010, 01:47 AM   #94
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 4

does anyone want to boost Titles/Medals?

I need these-
Handgun X3
Revolver X3
Flamelauncher X3
Energy Gun X3
Plasma Gun X3
Melee X3
VS Weapon X3


Point snatcher
Egg Bandit

My gamertag is N1H1 VIRUS, if you want to boost your things with me send me a Friends Request and a message saying who you are.

Last edited by Brutalitarianism; 05-02-2010 at 01:48 AM. Reason: didnt give my gamertag info
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Old 05-03-2010, 02:50 PM   #95
PureTechniquex's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Bristol, England
Posts: 2,190

Gamertag: SK Diabolic

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I am looking for a dedicated booster, who is willing to get the 5000 kills and 500 matches done, i am willing to put in 2-3 hours per day, i have done all the single-player achievements, just need the rest of the multiplayer to get the 1k.

My gamertag is: Fear Intentions

I am on GMT time zone in the UK by the way.
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Old 05-07-2010, 11:26 AM   #96
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Scotland, U.K.
Posts: 39

Gamertag: lifebringer23
need someone for boosting, only need 2 more titles and medals and wouldnt mind having a bash at the 5000 kills and the matchs. message me if ur interested
If you want to play a game just ask me.
Gamertag: lifebringer23
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Old 05-22-2010, 07:55 PM   #97
Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: PA
Posts: 212

if anyone wants to boost level 100 and medals and titles add me. my name has 3 "Ls"
Looking to boost:
Arcade games i played.

Legit 100 in gears of war 2.

Waiting for halo reach beta-going for 5 star in halo3 over the summer.
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Old 06-09-2010, 08:56 PM   #98
SteffanDavies's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 97

Gamertag: SteffanDavies
I need to boost kills, level up (53 right now), play on all maps, and will help with anything you need
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Octavian @ RevLeft

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Old 06-20-2010, 01:24 AM   #99
Blind SinX
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 1

Gamertag: Blind SinX
Im also looking to boost! whenever Im on vacations
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Old 06-22-2010, 04:34 PM   #100
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 15

Gamertag: cancermatt2
Boosting Kills, Games

Looking to boost total kills, games played and games won. Shoot me a message and let's work out a time to do it. Maybe we can find a few players to boost and make it quick as well!

GT: cancermatt2
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Old 07-11-2010, 12:52 PM   #101
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 204

Gamertag: Explodius
Currently looking to boost everything.

GT: Explodius
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Old 07-27-2010, 04:09 PM   #102
UGDJ 837
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 32

Gamertag: UGDJ 837

Looking to boost everything so hit me up anytime you free GT: UGDJ 837
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Old 07-27-2010, 04:17 PM   #103
tictacsnake88's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Greenville, OH
Posts: 45

Gamertag: tictacsnake88
I need all the achievements that can possibly be boosted on this game I bought it and didn't know it was pretty much all online achievements won't be able to play until after 12 am and going through gears of war 2's campaign tonight
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Old 08-09-2010, 10:38 PM   #104
thereefernander's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Grand Rapids
Posts: 1,513

Gamertag: thereefernander

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Looking to boost all online, send me a message if you got a party going or you just want to boost also.
Signature created by Audacious.

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Old 08-15-2010, 11:52 PM   #105
Fuu Phoenix
Fuu Phoenix's Avatar
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 160

Gamertag: Fuu Phoenix
ok, need 9 more levels to hit 100, 449 kills for the 5k kills, 113 wins and 273 matches to be played. happy to help out with badges and medals.
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Old 08-29-2010, 08:23 PM   #106
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 2

Gamertag: voradortc
Hey guys and gals... I just started playing this game so if anyone want's to boost this game to 1000 I'll help out... just send me a message gt: voradortc
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Old 10-06-2010, 07:10 PM   #107
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 11

Ill be more than happy to boost. Just add me - Goblowsoup
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Old 10-22-2010, 02:07 PM   #108
Mr.Brightside021's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 154

Gamertag: TheUn4gvnKnight
Looking for people to trade achievements for this game. Send a FR and a Message.
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GT "TheUn4gvnKnight"

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Old 10-28-2010, 03:40 PM   #109
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Los Angeles
Posts: 15

Gamertag: cancermatt2
Seems all my booster friends have lost interest in this terrible game. I have too but am willing to grind out thwe wins and total kills cheevos. Msg. Me on live if interested in boosting. I know a setup for fastest kills per game and saving time in the long run.
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Old 11-04-2010, 10:22 AM   #110
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 11

looking for people to do online achievements, add me my gametarg is: OrSo1988
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Old 12-02-2010, 01:26 AM   #111
DangerousK's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 74

Gamertag: Seija Kessen
I'm up for doing some of the online achievements. Not really interested in going for the 5000 kills one, but just some of the less time consuming stuff. Gamertag: DavidKSNK
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Old 12-04-2010, 07:49 PM   #112
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 17

Gamertag: sh3ld0n15
Need Online Achievements if you are interested message me on Xbox Live
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Old 12-11-2010, 02:38 PM   #113
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 137

Gamertag: Nck90
I have the PC version... the 5k kills will take sometime but I'm hoping to find a group of good boosters to play
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Old 12-30-2010, 01:41 PM   #114
Dead Soulja
Dead Soulja's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 240

Gamertag: Dead Soulja96
Looking to boost the 5K kills, which is my last achievement.

Let me know if interested, GT: Dead Soulja96

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Old 01-28-2011, 08:23 PM   #115
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 16

Gamertag: N1ghtSGanjaH420
I'm willing to boost anything possible in this game as I only have 30/1000 lol. Hit me up on xbl GT N1ghtSGanjaH420. I'm willing to boost anything and help anyone, I DONT JUDGE lol hope to get this game done with.
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Old 02-08-2011, 03:58 AM   #116
Join Date: Dec 2010
Posts: 7

Gamertag: MrVoila
Trying to play some multi-player to see what it's like and hopefully get some achievements, but no one is ever on! When are the best times to find other people on multi-player? I'm in the US Central Standard Time.
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Old 02-27-2011, 07:45 PM   #117
J Lo
J Lo's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Melrose, NJ
Posts: 1,609

Gamertag: VictimOfDesire

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I've had this game for years, but haven't opened it. Looking for a group to do the online achievements with. Message me on Xbox and we'll figure out a date and time...
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Old 03-04-2011, 06:47 PM   #118
XY Gameboi4Ever
XY Gameboi4Ever's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: Pflugerville, TX
Posts: 169

Gamertag: XY Gameboi4Ever
I finally unlocked all my offline achievements for this game. Now all those online ones await. I'm surprised I'm not the only one still needing achievements for this game. I though everyone would have moved on to Lost Planet 2 already.

I'm not gonna lie. LP2 looks awesome. I bet is fun. But this game, Colonies Edition or not, has put me through some trouble I am not looking to do again willingly. I just want to get as close to 1000g in this game as I can. Let's do this!
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Old 03-09-2011, 12:27 AM   #119
Colllecionador's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 122

Gamertag: colllecionador
I'm up for boosting Matches/Wins/XP and eventually Kills.

GT: colllecionador
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Old 04-19-2011, 01:27 AM   #120
Achiever TM
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Toronto Canada
Posts: 1,914

Gamertag: Achiever TM

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how many players are needed to start a ranked match?
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