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Army of Two
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Jul 13, 2011 EA Shutting Down a Bunch of Old Servers From Next Month
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May 30, 2008 Army of Two Updated to 1250 With Veteran Pack
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Apr 24, 2008 Army of Two SSC Challenge DLC: Info and Achievements

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great guide thx alot!
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Originally Posted by Matt Jo View Post

2. Mission 8 Complete
You must beat this mission on Professional for the achievement. The mission is called "Miami Alternate Ending" and is not terribly hard if done with a partner in online co-op. Mission 8 is not terribly hard until the end where you face off against Dalton. To defeat him make sure your both packing stingers. It should take about 4 rockets to knock him off the catwalk as long as each one was locked on. To easily pull this off make sure once the cutscene ends you run out side of the vault and shoot the stingers from outside the vault door, Dalton will keep circling around so take your time and wait until he walks into your line of sight. Once he is knocked down a cutscene will start. After it ends run imeediatley to one of the little bunkers, they are where all those electrical units are and they are lower down and provide great cover. WATCH OUT for a guy on the second floor who will be firing rockets at you, try to take him out quickly. As for Dalton turn on your GPS to see where he is, try chucking grenades at him and shoot him when he occasionally pops out of cover, try to keep moving around though from "bunker" to "bunker". What my friend and I did was eventually he got into 2X Damage mode and I was in Stealth mode, we were both close to Dalton so he started firing on Dalton with 2X Damage and I ran over in Stealth and started firing into his head. I suggest using the gun with the most damage which is the PKM, as your primary weapon. Anyways once your stealth/2X damage mode is done you should have Dalton down to literally no health if not dead, if this is the case just keep shooting him once the mode ends, and he should die. He died for my friend and I literally once my stealth mode was done.
This is a good plan but what me and my friend FatalBig Sobe did was ounce we finally face dalton we ran into the vault and took cover at the doors because for some reason all of daltons nades couldnt hit us unless we stood directly in front of the door. Sobe is the bettr sniper so he shot at dalton while i drew aggro to give him betr accuracy. The only thing to worry about is the rpg fellow who can be easily killed he will be hiding on the upper platform behind cover to the right. Then he drew aggro and i snuck around to kill dalton. It did take about 3 hours only because we didnt know what to do, figuring out what to do, and because it was on professional. I hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by BigEasy View Post
I bought the Pack 8 on ranked multiplayer. No achievement wth anyone else have this problem??

Edit: i just played again and did it and it unlocked this time :P
I tried getting this for a couple of friends and they didnt get it we believe it is because you have to download the veteran pack fully and then go for it
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Thank you.
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There not even hard to do solo I did them all solo but aI got no membership so no Online one for me

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Thanks for the tips everyone this should work.
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after trying many methods listed here to kill Dalton in less that 40 seconds and none of them working, I said fuck it and we both just grapped our fully upgraded AK-47s and he fell before getting to the corner. prob 10 secs. Then he went around the right, and I went around the left and we finished unloading on him from both sides, still with our AKs. worked like a charm.

The problem with the rocket launcher is that the only one with enough ammo takes about 15 minutes to reload the damn thing. And the problem with the snipers is that too often, he would duck down for too long, wasting valuable seconds and there are lots of obstacle in your way. So it's really hard to get an open shot.

I'm not saying those methods don't work. I'm sure they do. But once we switched to the "AK only" method we got it on the first try.
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Old 06-18-2011, 10:51 AM   #68
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is anyone intrested in kill dalton in less tahn 40 sec ?? Please msg me on live GT Reksio Gdynia
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Thanks for the DLC guide. Very helpful.

~ Rafdog89
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