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Artifact Checklist

So that I could more easily track what I needed still, I compiled this list of artifacts from the detailed walkthrough found at

I marked the hidden artifacts (that are tied to achievements) with an asterix.

1-3: Double Trouble
Before running through the catacomb, look to the left to see a wall emitting white light. Bash it open and shoot the glowing green coffin to find the Diary of Ileana. (1/2)
The Eye of Krom artifact can only be reached after completing level 3. After leaving the catacombs and beating off the werewolves, head north up the stairs and lock onto the tomb to the right. One shot of grenade ammo into the door will blow it up and automatically award the artifact. (2/2*)
2-2: Singing Gates
Next to the robot, there is a glowing purple object. Walk near it to pick up the Curious Card. (1/4)
2-3: Crimson Snow
Continue up the dirt road and jump up to the top of the mountain. Look to the north to pick up the glowing purple object called the Cicada Stone. (2/4)
2-4: Whispering Cliffs
Be sure to use a finishing grapple on the boss. Grab with RT, dodge the counter with Y and finish him with B. Hellboy will get an artifact when he takes the Black Oni Sword. (3/4)
Before entering the temple, follow the river to the upper, far right to pick up the Ancient Coin. It's on the riverbank near some trees. (4/4*)
3-1: Reunion
Go to the dead end and bash open the small door on the left side of the street. It's marked by a red symbol. Inside is a talking skeleton and the Watchman's Journal. (1/3*)
3-3: Root of Evil
There is an artifact that pops up when picking up the candle. You can't miss it (Witch Candle). (2/3)
3-5: Ding Dong
You may have seen it in the cutscene. It's near the entrance and has to be picked up during the first portion of the fight. If you are out of Release ammo, use the witch's projectiles to blow up the gate around the artifact (Priest's Journal). (3/3)
4-1: The Catacombs
Just to the right, there is a collection of four red roots. You can't pass through here until you receive the Ignite ammo later in the level. Shoot the red roots with the Ignite ammo and pick up the Pilot's Goggles. (1/3*)
Pick up the large hammer and bash the red egg sack on the left to get the Frog Egg artifact. (2/3)
4-2: Interlopers
There is an Old Sword locked away in a gate off to the extreme left of the cavern (first floor). The gate can only be opened by tossing three enemies into the giant metal pit in the center of the large room. (3/3)
5-1: Lost and Found
After destroying the blue tentacles, walk back to the tunnel with the orange crystals, go to the end and hang a right. The Alien Artifact sits at the end of this tunnel. (1/4*)
5-3: The Fallen
Travel to the end of the path and wait for the undead carrying the large grenade launchers to appear. Turn around and look behind a green tent to find the Archaeological Journal. (2/4)
5-4: Underground
Pick up the Alien Emblem to the left of Hellboy's starting position. Just climb up the stairs and it will be at the end of the walkway. (3/4)
5-5: Crystal Prison
The monster freaks out and sends Hellboy flying out of the cavern and back into the desert. Up at the top, Hellboy receives an artifact: the Alien Weapon. (4/4)
6-1: Barbed Shoreline
Cross over to the opposite side again, but take a right over the sub to find the Black Oni Mask at the end of a narrow walkway. (1/4)
6-2: Von Klempt's Kitchen
As Hellboy enters the following storage room, the Frog Worm Specimen will be sitting behind the crates. (2/4)
In the next room, the artifact is a bit hidden. Run through the debris on the right side of the room to find the Green Gas Tank. (3/4)
6-4: The Bridge
Walk down the hallway into Von Klempt's study. Look to the left and destroy his desk to get Von Klempt's Diary. (4/4*)
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This is so much easier to red then the actual walkthough! Thanks a lot for this.
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I was thinking about getting the game now i will nice job
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