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Too Human
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Old 11-07-2011, 09:54 AM   #121
Good Man Adam
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Awesome build! Worked perfectly!
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Old 12-26-2011, 10:23 PM   #122
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I'd like to add something concerning level 50 equipment and runes for optimizing stats- I've just hit this level myself and have been doing some research in what the best equipment would be... perhaps my insights can prove useful to others, or maybe someone can give me some criticism on my track of thoughts here...

From what I can tell every piece of equipment comes with specific runes already set in them. This makes the Elite armors pretty much useless- the extra bits of defense aren't nearly as important as optimising your offensive powers, this Commando is build around not letting enemies come near to begin with. (if you're curious, you can see which runes they come set with here)

The next option then are the Aesir armor, of which there are three different kinds- Annihilation, The Killing Word and Master and Slave. Each have one rune set into it by default, +15% two-handed damage, +10% Battle Cry Damage and +15% Sentient Duration respectively, and three free slots. This makes the first set pretty much waste slots (Commando shouldn't rely on a 2-handed weapon enough to make the boost matter), and unless you use your Sentient Weapon a lot the runes of the The Killing Word are your best bet.
However, the Battle Cry Damage bonus caps at 25%, so everything over three pieces of this set will again waste valuable slots.

Next best option, for as far as I can tell, would be the Altruist set. It's armor at level 44, so it's defense stats aren't as good as those from the above. The redeeming factor here though, is that they have four free slots, and most of them can be found in set places.
Chestpiece - Obelisk in the last well in Hall of Heroes;
Helm- Found from an obelisk in the first well from the Ice Forest;
Legs- World Serpent, in the well that has two immobile Trolls in the room it's located in;
Gloves - Hellheim, last well of that level, as well as of the entire game;
Shoulders and Boots drop randomly.

Putting all this together, it would be the most beneficial to equip two pieces of the The Killing Word armor and the remaining four from the Altruist set. You could go for three Aesir equips for the extra defence and maxing Battle Cry Damage I suppose, but it seems more beneficial to go for an extra rune slot for other offensive abilities instead of the extra 5% to cap the former.
Since the Altruist Helm has less Armor then the rest of the set, I'd go for the Aesir variation there. Go for the three remaining set pieces from the Altruist set since they're easy to find, and then one of each for the remaining two, whichever you get first.
(Dstrukt, I'm not sure if you still scan this topic for posts since you stated you don't own the game anymore, but perhaps it would be a good idea to include holding onto these pieces of equipment "Levels 41-50" part of your guide.)
Note- I think the additional Battle Cry Damage bonus would be pretty sweet on this build, but if you don't you could always go for an entire Altruist set. Less Armor, but two more rune slots (I don't believe these will be needed though- more on this later).

Dstrukt notes that the Elite Slug Cannon, Egil's Cure for the Coward for Cyborg's, though having set runes in 'em, is better then other weapons due to the considerably higher fire power over other guns. I haven't tested this myself but I'll take his word for it d: As it turns out this gun has pretty decent Runes set in it anyway. More on this in a bit..
As for Melee weapon... I'm not too sure at this moment. I guess there should be something that has four free slots as well as some offensive power (there are a few occasions where a Fierce Attack will be better then endlessly shooting at an enemy in my experience), but I haven't invested too much time into finding a list of weapons yet, so perhaps someone can give some good suggestions on this.

So, for Rune slots, this armor setup should leave you with 22 free ones to fill up as you like, which leads me to this- Dstrukt lists these as priority ones: Slug Fire Rate, Slug Damage, Cannon Damage, Total Armor, Health, Increased Ammo, Cannon Range, Dexterity.
Assuming you use only the red Runes (and you should if you want to maximise as much as possible), you will need:
2x Slug Fire Rate (15% per rune, caps at 30%)
2x Slug Damage (15% per rune, caps at 30%)
2x Cannon Damage (15% per rune, caps at 30%)
9x Total Armor (10% per rune, caps at 90%)
2x Health (25% per rune, caps at 50%)
2x Increased Ammo (25% per rune, caps at 50%)
2x Cannon Range (10% per rune, caps at 20%)
1x Dexterity (50% per rune, caps at 50%)

Exactly 22! However... Egil's Cure for the Coward already has both a +10% Slug Fire Rate and +10% Cannon Damage in it. This means you could either replace two other runes from the above list for two to max these two bonuses, or leave them at 25% by adding only one of their respective runes, and gaining two slots.
Honestly, something that is missing from that list in my opinion is Improved Reload Speed (I've been knocked on my ass countless times during reloading...)- if you add two red runes of those, your reloading will be 40% faster (and capped at that). So my recommendation would be (all red):
1x Slug Fire Rate (25%, 5% under cap)
2x Slug Damage (30%, capped)
1x Cannon Damage (25%, 5% under cap)
2x Improved Reload Speed (40%, capped)
9x Total Armor (90%, capped)
2x Health (50%, capped)
2x Increased Ammo (50%, capped)
2x Cannon Range (20%, capped)
1x Dexterity (50%, capped)

If there is a weapon that has four free slots, I'm thinking something like Mastery: All Skills could be used to fill those up (caps at 4 runes), or perhaps Increades Ruin Damage (caps at 3 runes; 30%) for when you get swarmed, or Battle Cry Efficiency (caps at 2 runes; 50%) for longer duration of Battle Cries. Lots of possibilities if you do end up with four extra slots (:
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Old 02-07-2013, 03:42 PM   #123
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To the above poster. While your thoughts are appreciated one thing should be noted. The +1 to all skills is quite essential for every character in this build as having 2 of those and 2 completed red charms max all skills at 10, pushing them to 14, giving a massive passive bonus, as well as allowing you to put just 1 point into your ruiner and with the +4 to all skills caps that allowing you the max damage with minimum points. It also allows those skills that you sacrificed with 4-6 points to just move to the next part of the tree to cap at 8-10.

Your research while good is flawed. For a cyber commando using this method the aesir pieces are useless all around. Using this build your battle cry does not increase damage and therefore adding runes to increase battle cry damage are useless to this character. However battle cry efficiency increases the length of time that the battle cry remains active at any one time allowing you to use ruiners a bit more frequently for those times you are getting "knocked on your ass".

You are also forgetting that because this build doesn't have you doing much Melee combat and those enemies you would need to melee can be taken out from mid range with the fierce attack, which knocks them down, you can sacrifice a bit of weapon damage for one of the staffs, swords, or hammers that has 4 empty slots giving you a place to put more runes. My typical commando build has every stat dealing with guns and ammunition types capped as well as health, armor, skills, and battle cry (either efficiency or damage depending on if the battle cry is offensive or defensive). If the battle cry does not state that it increases damage then you should use the efficiency rune otherwise you are wasting a slot.

I have built unstoppable (god) armors for every character and class, except the bio engineer which I am currently working on and while I do use Aseir pieces in some builds I don't use them in most. The only aseir piece that is worth anything in this game are the ones for +10% battle cry damage (which is quite useful for the human commando). However the +15% 2 handed damage can be useful in certain builds but I find that the elite weapons combined with other runes is more than efficient to one hit kill any enemy. If built right you should have every single skill important to that character maxed out with one or 2 slots left over to add something that while being beneficial is not necessary to that character.

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