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Golden Axe: Beast Riders
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Battler's Blade and A+ ranking tips and strategies

Tips for getting all of the Battler Blade and A+ level achievements. Make sure you have the BB equipped as it will be the best way to get an A+:

-If you have the BB (Battler's Blade) equipped, the thrown version of the Golden Axe kills in one hit, as well as slicing completely through enemies and killing anything behind them. Magicians are particularly good for using this against them. They will not fire their spells if you are far enough away, however your axe can hit them. Another great thing is you can kill beasts when you see a rider in the distance coming for you.

-Always go after and kill the skeletons that throw shields, magicians/sorcerors/conjurors, and beasts first if there are groups of enemies on the screen. These enemies will be able to kill you much more
quickly and efficiently from a distance if they are not dealt with before normal warriors.

-Beast attacks always give you a titan percentage, as does reflecting magic and shields back at the enemies, and doing a Brutal Counter. For shorter levels, make sure you get up your percentage to increase the amount of loot you receive from chests and fallen enemies because the level will likely not give you enough to garner an A+ ranking normally.

-Keshtun and skeleton warriors can quickly and easily be dealt with if you use a Brutal Counter on one. If you see a Keshtun leap backwards, be ready to press quick attack after it lands when you orange evade him. You will grab his feet and swing the creature around killing all other keshtun and hurting/killing other enemies. The same thing can be done with skeletons when you see them jump and twirl at you, hit the orange evade and then hit quick attack when they land causing the same damage
to others.

-Pikeman only have two attacks: a charge and a swinging motion with their pike. Both can be evaded with orange evade. They never, ever use the blue parry.

-Never go after any health pots, green gnomes, or rune circles unless you are riding on a beast that is injured. Its pointless because you have just one hit for a death.

-Play the level normally without thinking about the time limit for receiving the X2 bonus. Most of the levels give you ample time to complete the level. More than likely, you will have played the level many times and will be faster than you would be if it was just your first time playing too.

-To get an A+ rating on the Firstborn twin, make sure you get some titan percent bonus before you beat the twin. There are two waves of warriors that come out after his 2nd and third knockdown. I simply hit strong attack, then slightly after quick attack to get the flaming sword effect. This will give you titan bonus in this stage. Don't forget to get the tribute inside the chests after you defeat the twin. They are on both sides of the fortress doorway where the warriors come out of.

-To beat the first level thats just a tutorial basically and get an A+, make sure you have the BB. Do a brutal counter to all three of the grubbers that come at you first. Hit strong attack after you orange evade them to cut their heads off. Each will give you titan percent bonus. Now, try and do a brutal counter to each of the first 10 tutorial warriors. They will NOT kill you in one hit, so dont worry. When they swing and its orange, hit orange evade, then push both strong and quick attacks together to break their arms and kick them, giving you titan bonus. You don't have to kill all of them this way, but the more the merrier. The last 3 warriors after the tutorial WILL kill you in one hit, so just dispatch them quickly without worrying about brutal counters. Exit level and you should get it.

-Make sure that if you have the BB and are on a beast, that the beast has lots of energy. If it dies, you die. The beast can actually be hit, lose energy and not cause you to die. Just as long as Tyris doesnt get hit by anyone you'll be ok.

-Krommath's are very handy when using the BB. They are just about invulnerable, as are you, when they are using their fast charge and when they are rearing up to slam the ground. These attacks give you lots of windows of invulnerability and take out lots of enemies as well.

-The only enemy that can block the BB are warriors who carry shields.

-I don't normally use the Lynth or Abrax beyond opening a door with them or using them for anything other than attacking. Once that obstacle is completed, i will usually kill the beast. They are too apt to falling into the enemies hands, and the Lynth especially is bad when this happens as it is fast and can pounce at you, plus it can shoot the lightning at you which is hard to avoid a lot of times. On foot, Tyris can kill an enemy in one hit, whereas these two beast take multiple hits to kill one enemy plus they are left wide open for an attack from surrounding enemies when you have just attacked.

-I will usually use the Krommath because of the reasons stated before. The Mirigore is not real great other than it takes out beasts without as much danger to you on foot (if you are in rage mode).

-Make sure that you know if you are running and hit an attack button, Tyris will be vulnerable longer after you do it. That could be bad if you miss your target or if surrounded. A good idea is to run, but let off the run button right before you hit the attack button. You will still be running when you attack, but you won't do the animation of a normal running attack, thus leaving you open.

-I do however think the strong running lunge is a great attack when a demon dog is coming at you. If you do it before it gets to you, it will run right into your blade and die. One hit kills demon dogs and demon wings. There is no need to use the throwable golden axe on them if you have the BB.

I will offer more help later when i get a chance, including the strategies I used to defeat each level.
I hope this helps some people out there.

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wow so much help and no one commenting. everyone gives up on this game way to quick and refuse to learn the moves.
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Finally I finished the game and got 1000. Here is same tips which may be useful for anyone who will try to beat this game anyway:

First of all, I played on brutal difficulty and used bb almost in all levels, but i didn't even try to evade/parry, because I'm really poor at this, especially without orange/blue colors I just run & hit mobs from one to another.

Level 5.4 (where you have to gather three pieces of golden axe)

I played this level on expert and I got only two multipliers in the end - dismemberments and no damage, final tribute 335440, I suggest doing middle part (where you fight with mages summoning skeletons) last, because is it quite easy to earn loot there (just left one mage and kill skeletons until you get enough loot, don't worry about time).

Fiend's Path

I did all parts of FP on brutal with bb.

FP-1 It's possible to get all multipliers even without this ridiculous fight after you push mage on the spike. Just kill them both, take gold and follow the level as you would normally do until part with mirigore (hit 3 times 'gold' gnome just before that). You can't kill the beast, deal with green demons (I just run around them in distance and wait until they attack, then get to them as fast as possible and one hit), then go through the gate, but take it slowly because there is a bomb path just behind it. Destroy two chest and go farther on the left side of bombs, at the end of this path you have to deal with 3 green demons, I kill them on foot. When I get A+ I had 12900 loot, and I didn't even destroy last two chest, beacuse I kill Mirigore by accident.

FP-2 I think the key to this level is to have a beast before part with sacrificing bridge. If you run just after the level starts to the point more or less before statues you should be able to pass behind lynx+demons party and they won't attack you. Kill them with ga, but get one lynx at least (you have to deal with one green). Destroy chests, left lynx, deal with statues then take beast and left it somewhere near gate to last part. Go on foot upstairs. Watch out for bomb gnomes all the way you get there. Try to stay in place where they spawn and kill them as fast as possible. Then push the button and go to the last part on lynx. Move all the time, go around the hole and try to push them on spikes. Demons with axes you have to hit with A, but they are slower than lynx, so try to get some space then turn back to them run and hit A.

FP-3 I think the hardest part is where you have to fight with green demons, but there is a trick that make this part super easy . After bomb gnomes and befor showing demons jump on the edge of the bridge, go a bit further untill they show then turn back and run and jump on the little pillar in the corner of the bridge. Kill demons with golden axe. Here is some pics where you should be to deal with them (but pay attention not to come closer to the edge of the pillar because they can sometimes hit you, when you throw ga you move a bit).

I did it on brutal with bb and got only x4 at the end. I didn't even try to evade/parry, just run to him after his attack, did 2-3 hits and get back, wait for his attack and repeat. If you get some titan bonus destroy chest.

(sorry for poor photo quality)
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Nice tips guys! I am currently at 815G. Have done all boss fights and eventually Trial 5 haha. Just the hard part now to go, all of the longer levels with no checkpoints and one hit to die. Not looking forward to it but I have completed Perfect Dark Zero & F.E.A.R so I am used to hard games.
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Thanks, the green demons on F'sP 3rd level are pissing me off real good.
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Trial an error
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