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Missior Mattchu
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Still The Best Survival Horror Game Available on Xbox 360?

Hey guys, just a small attempt to get a conversation going on the somewhat quiet boards around here.

I recently got Dead Space 3, but haven't played it yet, decided I would take a break from achievement hunting, and re-enjoy the Dead Space trilogy.

Anyone who's played all the games definitely knows the series has taken a huge turn for action ala Resident Evil, and to an extent, Silent Hill. I still forgot just HOW many changes were made. I love all the small, tense details, issac's heartbeat, erratic breathing, very tight corridors, more ambient, flickering lighting, less jump scares, and a liiitttle more focus on psychological ones. Especially the parts where you just hear ambient noises, and at one point... A creepy song.

This game, I still think is a near perfect blend of survival horror, and action.

What does everyone think? Best survival horror game on the 360, or do you guys have your own picks?
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Old 02-25-2013, 12:48 AM   #2
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I'm actually not a huge survival horror fan, but this game grabbed my attention from day 1 when it was announced way back when. I never was a Resident Evil or Silent Hill kind of guy, but the idea of being stuck on a derelict space ship with space zombies definitely piqued my interest. I loved playing Dead Space 1, and I loved 2 and am loving 3 so far, but 1 definitely had the biggest survival horror aspect to it. I guess it would have gotten old if it had stayed exactly the same the whole way through, but I do miss some of the finer qualities Dead Space 1 had compared to the other 2. I think I miss power nodes the most though. I still can't understand why they changed that in 3, to be honest. All in all it's a great series and I can't complain since it's given me so much entertainment value over the years.

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The first 2/3 of the first Condemned is the best survival horror on 360.
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Originally Posted by DOOKH8R View Post
The first 2/3 of the first Condemned is the best survival horror on 360.
I say everything apart from the last level. Still think the house is one of the best parts of the game. Being forced to walk close to walls in a dark, rotten house, not being able to fully see all of your surroundings was just horror. Nothing beats the mall, though ;P

But Dead Space is still one of my favorites, even though it has a little bit of backtracking. Playing it with a good headset or sound system is one of the greatest experiences on this console. I just wish they made the weapons weaker. It takes away from the horror, if you are able to cut everything to easily.

That's why I still prefer RE4. I know a lot of people hate that you can't shoot AND move but it is a design choice that makes fights more unnerving. You have to think about when to shoot and where to stand. The camera also zooms in to lower your field of vision, which makes it harder to see oncoming enemies from the side. Again, without the ability to move while shooting you're constantly fearing an enemy to come close and so you have to wager if it's worth to stand still or move and retreat to another location. This is what makes the fights in RE4 so much better than Dead Space. It also has zero backtracking, varied locations and nearly every room is a level in itself packed with different obstacles.

Don't get me wrong. I love the first Dead Space (and to a certain degree the second one) but Resident Evil 4 is just my favorite game of all time and I have analyzed it to death ;P

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I became a huge horror fan because of Dead Space, I played horror games before but I wasn't really a big fan yet. I had no expectations at all when I bought this game and it blew me away, this is definately the best horror game on the 360 yeah, I've played alot of them since then and none compare to this one...

I can't wait for the evil within to come though, looks promising
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One Winged Joker
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I think I've tried almost all survival horror or "survival horror" games of this generation, and Dead Space (the first one) is definitely the best one for me. That was one hell of a summer indeed.

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Dawn of the Final Day
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The original dead space had a perfect combination or horror and survival. I found it really difficult to survive on many levels of impossible difficulty.

Originally Posted by Capn Doug View Post
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Spiral 462
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This is my favorite survival/horror so far, I love it :-) Haven't played DS 2 or 3 yet though, so I'm hoping they're just as food. We'll see...

Huge thanks to Slaughter. for the Sig and the Avatar!!
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Originally Posted by L0cke89 View Post
That's why I still prefer RE4.
Yep, I also prefer RE4.
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Dead Space or Condemned 1. Just depends if you want the space and alien setting or not.
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Fragarach Luin
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Dead Space 1 blew me away because it was an EA-developed game that wasn't a steaming turd. Dead Space 2 blew me away because it was nearly flawless.

Dead Space 2 is better. Cry about it.
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