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How do you kill him? I keep shooting him and his spots turn colors but he always gets me. Any hints or trips?
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yea i was having trouble with him on hardcore just let him charge at u and get out the way he will miss u 70 percent of the time. and when he throws rhinos just make hills and direct the balls different ways and just keep shooting till he falls it takes a while and u will have to fight another one in that level
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Originally Posted by V0L0DYMR View Post
How do you kill him? I keep shooting him and his spots turn colors but he always gets me. Any hints or trips?
Make a small hill. Face him standing on the hill, but on the opposite side of that hill from where he is standing. When he comes running at you, he will obviously run up the hill on the side he is coming from and he'll end up jumping right over you, so you dont have to worry about him hitting you. Stay somewhat close because he will be more likely to stomp his foot instead of throwing those stupid balls. When he stomps his foot make sure you jump and it will not hurt you. The closer you are while you're shooting those spots the faster they will turn red. The less time you spend on him the more likely you are to beat him.

Eventually those spots will turn orange, and then red... at that point they explode. Once it "explodes" it still shows on his body as a red spot, just ignore it and go for the others that are still green or orange.

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Or you can just shoot the crap out of him with the shotgun real close, just keep moving round him and keep shooting
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I just beat the first Bolla and was having a bit of trouble doing it to start with until i checked out these tips. What i did find though was that if i kept close to it from the start it kept stomping the ground constantly and i in turn kept jumping constantly until i screwed up and got hit by the shockwave. So i used the hill trick to start with using the bulldog to take out the spot on it's lower front and then switched to the invader to blast it in the face and back - very effective.To get it in the back just wait til it charges then jump sideways and turn to face it at the same time, you get a couple of seconds to blast away until it turns round to attack you again.Rinse and repeat a couple more times and you'll be done with this pesky beast.

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