Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Achievements

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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All Medals50
All medals attained.     (13) 
Online Kills (200)50
Shoot down 200 total other player aircraft online.   (8) 
Battle Royale (100)40
Win 100 Battle Royale matches.   (12) 
Siege Battle (100)40
Win 100 Siege Battle matches.   
Team Battle (100)40
Win 100 Team Battle matches.   (1) 
CO-OP Stage 235
Clear Stage 2 of CO-OP Battle.   (2) 
10 Named Aircraft30
Destroy 10 Named Aircraft.    
1000 Enemies30
Destroy a total of 1000 enemies.   
All Aircraft30
Attain purchasing ability for all aircraft.     
All Operations30
Clear all operations.   
All Secrets30
Unlock all hidden contents.      (6) 
Battle Royale (50)30
Win 50 Battle Royale matches.   
Online Kills (100)30
Shoot down 100 total other player aircraft online.   
Siege Battle (50)30
Win 50 Siege Battle matches.   
Team Battle (50)30
Win 50 Team Battle matches.   
CO-OP Stage 125
Clear Stage 1 of CO-OP Battle.   (5) 
Allied Assault Record20
Attain complete Emmerian assault record.     
Battle Royale (30)20
Win 30 Battle Royale matches.   
Clear Campaign20
Clear Campaign Mode.    (1) 
Enemy Assault Record20
Attain complete Estovakian assault record.     
Mission 520
Ensure the success of allied ground forces Anea mainland landing.    
Mission 920
Destroy the heavy command cruiser Aigaion.    (3) 
Online Kills (50)20
Shoot down 50 total other player aircraft online.   
Siege Battle (30)20
Win 30 Siege Battle matches.   
Team Battle (30)20
Win 30 Team Battle matches.   
10 Frontline Landings10
Complete 10 total frontline landings.   (2) 
10 Operations10
Complete 10 operations.   
Aerial Defense10
Destroy 50 enemies using airborne allied support.   
All Colors10
Attain purchasing ability for all aircraft special colors.     (5) 
Battle Royale (10)10
Win 10 Battle Royale matches.   
Electronic Support System10
Destroy 100 enemies while receiving electronic support.   (3) 
Ground Defense10
Destroy 50 enemies using ground force allied support.   
Mission 110
Successfully retreat from the fallen capital Gracemeria.    
Mission 1010
Capture the Ragno Fortress.    
Mission 1110
Attain victory in the Moloch Desert invasion.    
Mission 210
Prevent the aerial bombardment of Vitoze.    
Mission 310
Attain victory at Sipli Field.    
Mission 410
Destroy Bartolomeo Fortress, and recapture Khesed Island.    
Mission 610
Rescue allied ground forces cornered in Silvat.    
Mission 710
Rescue allied forces amidst Aigaion attack.    
Mission 810
Capture the Cavallia Air Force Base, and establish an Aigaion attack point.    
Original Aircraft10
Attain purchasing ability for original aircraft.     (1) 
Siege Battle (10)10
Win 10 Siege Battle matches.  
Team Battle (10)10
Win 10 Team Battle matches.   
Secret Achievements
Mission 1320
Capital recaptured and liberated.    
Mission 1520
The Chandelier destroyed, and the war brought to a close.    
Pasternak Defeated20
Enemy Strigon squadron leader Ilya Pasternak defeated.    (2) 
Mission 1210
Weapons of mass destruction destroyed in transport.    
Mission 1410
Capital successfully defended from enemy cruise missile attack.    

Game Info
Project Aces


US October 23, 2007
Europe November 30, 2007
Japan November 01, 2007

ESRB: Teen
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