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Love Lost

Complete "OKIKU'S STORY".   

During this level you are introduced to the androids. They’re incredibly easy to defeat by doing a parry then pressing to jump on them and chop off their heads by pressing or throwing them using the . Near the end of the level, where you’re underground with the reactor, you have to throw the androids at the reactor to destroy it. Just parry their attacks and then throw them with the in the direction towards the reactor.

Boss Fight - Brother 6
The last person that you fight in this level is brother 6, the big guy from the prelude. This time he’s fighting with a flamethrower. There are three separate parts to this boss fight, his attacks change every time there’s a cut scene where he’s hitting his flame thrower.

Part 1: When the fight begins he’ll only spray fire at you when you’re at a distance back and forth. Just run around and avoid the fire. When he stops, dash in and unleash a combo on the unguarded Brother 6. Another opportunity to attack him is when you’re hit with his flamethrower and knocked to the ground. He’ll star laughing and that also leaves him open to a full frontal attack. Repeat this until it gets to the cut scene.

Part 2: During this part of the fight he’ll start to use his flamethrower to shoot himself into the air causing a flame shock wave to happen underneath him. He only shoots one at a time, so when he shoots it, just jump above it and attack him when he lands. Keep doing this until it gets to the next cuts cene.

Part 3: This is the last part of the flamethrower boss fight. He does the same little flamethrower shock wave that he did before, but this time he sends three shock wave's instead of one. What you can do is avoid the first shock wave from a distance, and then when he shoots the second and third shock wave, move in closer, dodge them and then attack him. He also does another attack where he shoots short bursts of flames at you when you’re at a distance. Just attack him whenever he lands from his attack, has his back exposed or when he starts laughing at you because he knocked you on the ground.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Samfisher0093
Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 01:08:58 AM

i loved how hot the chick is from the tv series, to bad what happens though, i wont spoil it.

Comment #2 by wsills8
Saturday, June 02, 2012 @ 01:34:38 PM

Fav mission IMO

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