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Copy-Cat Killer


There are two boss fights in this chapter, one in the middle and one in the end, both are against an android samurai.

For the first fight, he basically mirrors anything you do, so don’t just start the fight hacking and slashing at him because he will counter and do twice as much damage to you. What you can do to avoid this is go into focus mode and use a side jump (press left or right and at the same time) to get behind him and use a horizontal in focus slash to damage him. Do this three or four times and the fight should be over.

For the second fight, it might be tricky to fight him. First of all, the fight will be taking place in the sky while you are free falling and android samurai is flying around attacking you. Your best strategy is to just use a in focus horizontal slash attack when he’s close to you. You can either try and fly towards him, which leaves you open to attacks, or you can wait for him to come close to you which takes a while sometimes.

Keep blocking when he’s not in range because he can fire missiles at you, when you start to hear him make robotic sounds, that means that he’s going to be firing a green laser at you. Block the laser to reflect it back at him and stun him temporarily. Whenever he crunches up and begins to light up in the center that means that he’s going to launch multiple missiles at you. Just block them or move backwards to avoid them.

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Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


US January 27, 2009
Europe March 13, 2009

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