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The Past Laid to Rest

Complete "KUMA'S STORY".   

During the first two Kuma encounters, it will be fairly easy. They’re short battles between him and all you need to do is parry his attacks and counter back until the battle is over.

He will jump you a couple more times down the path, whenever it gets to a cut scene with him jumping out of somewhere, just block.

The third encounter with Kuma is a little bit harder than the first two. His attacks become a little bit harder to fend off and in focus attacks usually lead to Kuma countering them with his own attacks and getting behind you sometimes. Just try and follow what you did in the first two encounters, but with caution. He’s a little bit stronger now and father than the first two encounters so don’t wildly attack him because you’re open to attack then. Always remember to parry and block whenever possible.

Afterwards, he’ll run away to a wooden tower and you’ll have to follow him. In the wooden tower, he’ll burrow into the ground and pop up to attack you. Hide/lead him towards the support beams so when he pops out of the ground he’ll destroy them. After you destroyed a couple of the support beams in the room, he’ll pop out of the ground and go upstairs. Use the support beams in the room to help slow him down and attack him from behind. Use the parry when he attacks you to stun him and unleash combos when he’s stunned, but do not use in focus attacks on him. He can counter them by slashing past you and unleashing a devastating combo on your back which will take a good part of your health away.

The final fight is a little bit trickier than the others, there’s three stages to the fight.
The first two are fairly short, just use the parry technique to stun him and unleash some combos on him while he’s stunned. Throughout the fight he has an annoying dash attack that’s unblockable, look out for it while you’re fighting him.

The third stage of the fight (after you completely knock off his mask) is when he fights with only one sword. The best way to attack him and deal damage to him when his back is exposed. This is possible when he does his jumping slam, it leaves him open to attacks. Focus attacks should work on him when he has one sword, just don’t rely on it to much because he attacks fast.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by strivinglife
Sunday, January 13, 2013 @ 10:10:47 AM

Bleep. 3rd battle, x x x, slight pause and y y y, seemed to work, if you can't parry and picked this as your first fight to continue on over 7 months after you last played ...

Comment #2 by Taka Thunder
Monday, February 03, 2014 @ 05:55:27 PM

what worked for me, was just charging at him full speed (LS pressed down and forward) and swinging x. i seemed to avoid taking damage,

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Namco Bandai


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