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All That Stood Are Gone


There are three bosses in this level and they are the Empty Seven. The bosses’s locations and order are (from left, middle to right) Brother 6, Brother 3 and the rest of the Empty Seven.

Left side:
Brother Six is incredibly easy due to him not having his rocket launcher or flamethrower and he moves pretty slow. He swings his staff around a lot, so make sure you’re not to close to him, the only time you can really attack him is when he slams his stick on the ground vertically and stay’s stationary for a second or two.

Middle: Brother 3
You don’t really fight him, as soon as the level begins he runs away and you’re left to fight off a couple of waves of ninjas. Just remember to parry their attacks and use in focus horizontal slashes to wipe out crowds of them. They’ll be jumping around all over the place so be careful not to get surrounded by them. After defeating all of the ninjas, you completed the middle section.

Right Side: Rest of the Empty Seven
You fight the rest of the empty seven at the same time in this fight. They’re above you on a ledge and one of the brothers shoots at you with his hand gun. You have to use in focus to reflect the bullets back at him. If you’re having trouble reflecting bullets refer to the “I am rubber” achievement. Every time you do this one of the brothers will fall to the ground on fire and start rushing at you, don’t attack him. The only thing you need to do is lure him to the center to his death by standing in the center of the level.

Afterwards he’ll shoot multiple bullets at you, just block all of them. Only try to reflect a bullet back at him when it shows the comic strip where it shows when he’s about to shoot. When they all fall ,just do the same that you did to take care of the first brother.

After defeating all three of them, androids will fill the room you’re in and you have to fight them off.

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Comment #1 by dready
Thursday, November 19, 2015 @ 06:48:46 PM

I thnk this game is really bad shame afros awesome

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Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai


US January 27, 2009
Europe March 13, 2009

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