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Made Hand Ronin

Complete a Ronin Straight Flush.  

For all the "Complete a XXXX Straight Flush" achievements what is needed is for starters is a Ninja Ninja Body-Part Poker Challenge. In many levels you will see Ninja Ninja sitting in a corner or some where nearby during a battle, to start the challenge basically all you need to do is run up to him and it will begin. From here you will only have between 40-90 seconds before the challenge time runs out, the time is displayed by Ninja Ninja's cigarette burning away in the lower left corner of the screen.

So on with the important stuff, so for all these Achievements what is required is that you Cut off a Head of the Enemy, the Hand of the enemy, and the leg of the enemy, not on all one baddie though, spread out over three enemy's, and needs to be done using Perfect Slices, a Horizontal will work for the head, and Vertical will work for the Hand and Leg. FYI "a perfect slice is done by entering focus mode with and holding or until you see the light shimmer of the top of the Blade. So for Example, for the "Ronin Straight Flush" achievement a good spot to get this is during the 'The Lowdown East Pass" mission where after lowering parts of the statue you will return to the first area and Ninja Ninja is sitting up above you on the wooden platform, and you are rushed at by a ton of Ronin enemies, now the easiest way to guarantee a head slice on these guys is to Parry an attack then after blocked attack hit , and then use the button to chop of his head, if done that way the perfect slice isn’t needed for the Head, but is for the other two body parts. Now on a different Ronin enemy use the Perfect Slice Vertical attack + (Hold then release) to attempt to get the Hand then the Leg, I have mixed up the order of the body parts and still got the achievement, but at very least for all these achievements you need to Chop the Head, Hand, and Leg for that type of enemy.

Also FYI to all the Parry then , trick only works on a few of the enemy types not all, For sure on the Ronin and Android, but the Ninjas and Samurai rarely every let it occur…

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Comment #1 by Xxking heartsxX
Thursday, May 08, 2014 @ 01:01:31 AM

Too Easy

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Namco Bandai


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