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Age of Empires Online Achievement Guide

Guide By: Shiftie
There are 55 achievements with a total of 1455 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 0/55 (0/1455)
- Online: 55/55 (1455/1455) (online only/required game)
- Approximate amount of time to 1455 : 100+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Level 1-40 3 times, 20-40 once.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, "I'm Special"
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Age of Empires Online is the first social, online multiplayer/coop/competitive real time strategy game released to the masses. At launch, players can explore the vast empires of two of history's greatest civilizations: the Greeks and the Egyptians, while also assisting nearby civilizations such as Troy, Nubia, and with the launch day booster pack, Crete.

Playthrough 1-4: Any Civilization:
In general, I would recommend leveling your Civilizations in unison, you can level some of them as a free account if need be until you can afford to upgrade, which will unlock all achievements retroactively (thanks RayJay90 for confirming). You need to level the Celts, Egypt, and Greece from 1 to 40 for their respective leveling achievements, and Persia from 20 to 40 for it's leveling achievements. Each civilization also has it's own achievements dedicated to some of it's unique quests, some of which also give you blueprints to a building that will grant you yet another achievement. As long as you do your civilization's main quest line as you level, none of the achievements in this game are missable (also make sure you don't get rid of any blueprints for the achievement buildings).
Playthrough 2: Other civilization to 40:
Now just play through the other civilization, yet again as a PREMIUM account, for their half of the achievement points. Of course you can level your civilizations in unison, which may actually be better for players planning for the long-term. At the very least, creating some workshops in your 2nd city while you level your first civilization is handy.
Defense of Crete:
The Crete booster pack can be done by both civilizations, with much of the content being available to any level player. A vast majority of the content simply involves surviving a set amount of waves of enemies to protect Crete and yield the Wonder blueprints and the materials required for constructing them.
Skirmish Booster Pack:
Purchase of the Skirmish Booster Pack opens up the full Skirmish Hall in Cyprus. The Skirmish mode is basically a create your own scenario found in traditional real time strategy games, and the associated achievements require you to beat all of the selectable enemy generals, play on every map, win 1 on 4, and use all of the various skirmish settings in at least one match.
[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this Roadmap]

Build the Sphinx in your Capital City.   (11) 

The blueprint is obtained from a random chest, not able to be purchased from another player, however.

The required materials are:

5 Concrete Blocks
4 Bitumen Glue
3 Giza Limestone

Tomb Dweller40
Build the Tomb in your Capital City.   (1) 

The blueprints for this are received randomly from a treasure chest in a quest or as a quest reward, no longer tradeable.

The required materials are:

5 Concrete Blocks
4 Gemstones
2 Giza Limestone

Build the Library in your Capital City.  (5) 

To do this you must construct the rare treasure chest drop, Library of Pergamum, in your Capital City. This is not tradeable anymore.

The required materials are:

5 Concrete Blocks
4 Vellum Strips
3 Delphi Limestone

This. Is. Spartaaaaaaaaaan!40
Build the Spartan Academy in your Capital City.   (5) 

A random chest drop, which is not tradeable any longer.

The required materials are:

5 Ebony Planks
4 Precision Tools
3 Mosaic Tiles

Hold Me10
Complete any Co-op quest.  (7) 

To do this, start a co-op game through the quest screen, invite someone to your group (friend, stranger, whoever) via either the chat box or your friends list and then simply complete the level. Note that only the HOST will get credit for this.

Also note that you will get this as long as you host one of the co-op only quests required for achievements, such as the chain of co-op quests for "You Complete Me" and the uber hard co-op recommended "The Elite Meet in Crete". But, in general, it's often quicker to finish a level with a friend if you have one on hand, otherwise it may take longer than the quest takes to just find a partner.

Visit any player’s capital city.  (19) 

Either go through your friends list or right click on any name in the chat box. Click "View Empire" and then "Visit" in the chat box. Easy as that.

I'm Special30
Complete any Elite quest.   (3) 

You can first start doing Elite quests around level 3-4, the Elite box must be checked in order to make the quest Elite, and that only works for the few quests that are Elite. I highly recommend bringing a partner along for this one, maybe get "Hold Me" out of the way as well. Elite is a pretty ridiculous increase in enemy strength and I have yet to see a reasonable quest to solo on Elite (granted I've only tried a couple of times).

The easiest method to accomplish this early and solo that I've seen is to do any of the Trade For quests (Delphi Limestone, Mosaic Tile, etc.) and just get to age 2 and amass a small caravan of... caravans using the Market and send them to the checkpoints 1 by 1. The only map where this might be a little difficult is the setup where you're in the corner surrounded by cliffs with a checkpoint right at the entrance to your little area if there is a large number of enemies there. Although, in general very simple.

It should be noted that you can save a quest and finish it at a higher level, and there are also several repeatable quests you get early on that can be easily done on Elite at higher levels. An example would be that I regularly do the Greek challenge "Keep Them Under Our Wings" on Elite as it can easily done by just setting up and walking away for the 10min duration, giving me time to take a break from the game or something while getting free xp and the upgraded Elite loot (which still kinda sucks at the higher levels but it requires no effort).

Fear the Gear15
Equip your first piece of gear.  (2) 

Easy. Once you get any piece of equipment and a Gear Hall in your Capital City, open up your inventory by clicking the bag next to your mini-map. From there, find the gear you wish to equip and equip it to the proper unit/building for 15 easy points. Without even knowing the achievements, you'll get this no problem.

Sphere of Influence25
Complete a quest accepted from any other player's Ambassador.  (5) 

Around level 3-5 you'll receive a quest from your capital to visit another player's Ambassador and finish their quest. Once you receive that quest, simply head to a friend's city, or right click on anyone in the chat box and hit "View Empire" and then "Visit" in the bottom left hand corner of the box. Once you're in their Capital you should see the blue "!" on the map/screen. Accept and complete the quest for the achievement.

DLC: Defense of Crete Booster Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 150
Warned You About the Sun25
Build the Hubris of Icarus in your Capital City.  (2) 

See 'Gifts of Minos.'

The required materials are:

60 Cypress Wood
60 Minoan Tools
60 Knossos Marble

Bullish Sentiment25
Build the Shrine of the Bound Minotaur in your Capital City.  

See 'Gifts of Minos.'

The required materials are:

100 Cypress Wood
100 Minoan Tools
100 Knossos Marble

Temple Fit for a King25
Build the Temple of Minos in your Capital City.  

See 'Gifts of Minos.'

The required materials are:

40 Cypress Wood
40 Minoan Tools
40 Knossos Marble

Gifts of Minos35
Build all three Crete Wonders in your Capital City.  

The blueprints for these 3 wonders can be attained through finishing the 3 variations of the Crete "Horde Mode", Cretins on the Coast! You will need to do each wave setting at least once for this as the 10, 20 and 30 wave settings each have one of the Wonders as a reward. ie. Completing Cretins on the Coast! with 10 waves will allow you to choose the Temple of Minos as your reward. Be sure you select each blueprint as your quest reward the first time around, especially if you don't plan on repeating that wave size.

In my experience, the first map, Sea of Crete, is the easiest to get each of them on as there is only one pathway to your Wonder and it starts off with a few towers along it. Load it up with more towers, stack infantry and archers on it (I never used cavalry) and make sure you max out your population with about 1/3 villagers doing work and the rest military standing guard. I'd start off with 1 barracks and 1 archery range and move to 2 of each around wave 15/16 and 3 of each around 24~. The biggest issues are the siege weapons, primarily the catapult (and also Ballistas, when they appear), they pop up in the 10th wave and become really common after around wave 15 (hence the 2nd barracks/archery range). A bit of practice and focus will net you the three schematics easily... then you just have to go back in and farm for the materials.

Minoan Defense40
Complete "The Elite Meet in Crete".  (3) 

Once you reach level 35 with either civilization this special Horde Quest will be unlocked for you. To start it, talk to King Minos in Crete. The quest consists of 40 waves of enemies on a set map which consists of about 3 tiers. Each tier has gold/wood/stone that you can gather as well as some gold and stone hidden by some trees, more or less rewarding people who keep that tier long enough to chop the wood back to them as there are 2-5 that you can reach on either side. The quest starts with a Minoan wall and some towers set up to help with you early defense, although they won't last very long without immediate action on your part. Luckily, you start out with quite a bit of resources (~1k each).

Starting resources or not, this quest is ridiculously hard. However, it rewards you with over 150k xp, 20 Minoan materials of your choice or any of the 3 Wonders, and a large number of tokens every 6 days.

Good luck, and bring a friend if you can... after talking to the 2nd group to clear the quest overall so far, it seems that doing it solo IS impossible (really not hard to believe at all).

DLC: Pro Persian Civilization
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 135
Persian Immortal25
Achieve level 25 with pro Persian content.  

See "Persian Great King."

Persian General30
Achieve level 30 with pro Persian content.  

See "Persian Great King."

Persian Great King50
Achieve level 40 with pro Persian content.  

Reach level 40 with your Persian army by gaining enough experience points, which is acquired from quests, skirmishes, and crete.

Relief Valve15
Complete "Under Pressure" with the Pro Persian Civilization.  (2) 

After completing Gaumata's Gambit for Darius in your home city, this will be one of the next complete able quests. In order to succeed, you must reaching 200 population (and a bonus for 100 of that being villagers). 

The quest can be done at the starting level (20) as long as you prepare yourself quickly upon entering the quest by walling a vertical rectangle around your city. It is important that you wall from the Southern tree line on the SE and SW side of the side, up the sides and a ways North of your capital building. In the mean time, create a large number of villagers and queue up age 2 at the end of the queue, and send those villagers to the farthest rock harvest point within line of sight of your town (there should be two just NE of your town, if there aren't you may want to consider restarting until there are), have some villagers collecting the gold point to the West, and send villagers down to South to start harvesting the tree lines. Upgrade your walls immediately as well, defense is absolutely key for this quest as you will be constantly under attack, primarily from the East and North, with a few attacking from the West every now and then, so walls and later a couple of fortresses defend you without the population losses suffered by using soldiers. If possible, put up buffer walls as well, however saving stone for 3 more town centers, and about 3 Fortress (North OR East first, then one on the West after those 2 are up). The use of Town Centers to help defend the walls is smart as well, I put my first one along the West wall and pretty much pacified any major damage that could have come against my wall. 

Be sure to constantly pump out villagers from every town center you own until you are about to cap your optional quest, and then build around 4 barracks, and have the first one research the skill that lowers recruitment time. At this point you will probably be sub-10min with your walls hopefully still standing and your last fortress up or about to be coming up. Continue to pump out villagers, and now begin to fill the barracks queues as well until you have won the battle. Once you learn to handle the attacks from the N/E, the quest is relatively simple.

Complete "Gate of All Nations" with the Pro Persian Civilization.  

Also received from Darius after completing Gaumata's Gambit.
In order to succeed in this quest, you must complete a wonder in the designated area (just North of your town) within 25min. Once again you will come under pretty much constant attack until then.

Start off by walling up to and around the area you need to build the wonder at. This should help keep the enemies at bay while you gain resources for yourself. They will attack your wall from the East and West primarily, but eventually siege vehicles will start coming down from the North. By then, you should have a pretty large defense around your base and also be nearing the golden age, if not already saving up for the wonder. You have all the resources you need in your starting area so the key of the quest is to primarily survive until you can afford to make the wonder, and then launch out of your town with all of your soldiers leading the way for all of your villagers to rush the wonder, and get a wall up around the villagers working on your wall. Hopefully by this point you have a lot of villagers to make this process relatively quick and easy, as it won't be very safe and will most likely be your only shot.

DLC: ANY Premium Civilization
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 6 Points: 230
Pyramid Power40
Build the Large Pyramid, Large Step Pyramid, and Small Step Pyramid in your Capital City.  (2) 

The Large Pyramid blueprint can be obtained by completing the "Quell the Masses!" (King Narmer) quest chain in your city.

The Large Step Pyramid is acquired as a reward for the quest "Vizier's Doom" quest, which is also an achievement, so see the breakdown for the quest there.

The Small Step Pyramid blueprint is a rare treasure chest reward (I actually found mine on the last "Quell the Masses!" quest, so in reflection: check all of those maps after you win as the enemies will respawn)

The required materials are:

  • 5 Concrete Blocks
  • 4 Precision Tools
  • 3 Giza Limestone


Build the Trojan Horse in your Capital City.   

See the 'Conqueror' achievement.

GG Noob 50
Win a Ranked player vs. player game.  (17) 

Although you can do unranked matches almost right off the bat, you will need both a Premium civilization and that civilization at level 25 before you can venture into the Ranked Arena (also located in Sparta).

Do or Do Not…40
Complete "Left with No Choice" with premium content.  (1) 

Once you hit level 34, head back to Argos if you're not already there and you'll notice the gate guard has a new repeatable quest (Left with No Choice). Yet another quest where you have to decimate the followers of Autolycus and have their women bow at your feet. Make sure you have premium content with the civilization you're playing when you complete this quest (yet again, repeatable so just do it twice if you're not premium yet).

You should be well versed in the usual Argos map setup of multiple small-medium sized islands... usually all but one being occupied by the enemy. This quest is no different, thus I recommend starting off by walling along the edges of your wall. But, sadly, the wall mechanics (especially this map for some reason) are AWFUL in this game so putting walls right up against the coast can backfire. What seems to work best for this map, with the elite siege engines and many elite ships setting this apart from similar Argos quests, is to wall along the edges of your island except for one strip where you will leave a beach for them to land on. Sound stupid? Sure, the computer will think so until it sees all the towers you have watching that one beach. This is best done on the side of your island facing the edge of the map and place towers on the outermost edge of your island to destroy ships as they follow the coastline to the beach. Towers destroy ships, Elite or not, so funnel the ships and the landing parties as much as possible. Use this time to build your army and be sure to spread it out over multiple transports (more than you really need in my opinion) and take the enemy out island by island, then work on the boats after destroying the docks (unless your build is Navy oriented, then by all means take out the ships to clear a safe path, fire ships work great but I didn't have them).

As you prepare to clear out the islands, make sure your force is ready to deal with ballistas, which are the only real problem once you go on the assault (and an even bigger problem if they break your defenses).

The Cook is In the Kitchen40
Complete "Breaking Eggs to Make an Omelet" with premium content.  (2) 

As you progress through the game and start to finalize your questing in Argos (just before lvl 30), you will receive a Challenge quest chain with the first challenge being called "Suicidal Tendencies" which requires you to hold out for 15min. Each quest, as usual, requires you to survive for 5min longer per quest, with the final quest (Breaking Eggs) requiring you to survive for 30.

When you start out, you will have 6 paths to your base and area to your immediate south which you'll want for resources. You'll want to wall up the north, NW, NE, SW, S and SE entrances to your little valley area (you should have seen this map before in Homer Run, among other quests). I double walled each entrance from the very first quest, but it wasn't really necessary until about the 3rd. You won't even see any siege engines until the 25min one but initially, having 2 walls will help while your walls are still weak. Wall up the entrances and spam Villagers and single, then double, triple, etc. stack towers on each entrance (the northern most only really needs 1 tower until the 25min one as this was where the rams came from for me, but that's it otherwise), making sure to level up to Age 2 and 3 immediately, and then work toward Age 4 while maintaining your walls and towers. If you have a library (Greek), grab the +25% building health ASAP and be sure to stay on top of leveling up your walls first, and then your towers. If you are turtle specced, these quests should require no Military. If not, build your best units from around the halfway point onward, particularly for the later quests. The most important tip is to just stay cool, they will come in masses and I recommend just making another wall instead of repairing any damaged ones (same with towers).

If this method is not working for the last one (it didn't for me because I got rushed from 2 random sides at the very beginning of each early attempt), move back your southern walls to the treeline just to the South of your town center. Make sure your walls go on the OUTSIDE of the woods though, or else the bad guys will just walk on through and kill you. So basically, only 4 walls instead of 6.

And another strategy:

You Complete Me20
Complete "You Complete Me" with premium content.  (2) 

As you progress through the game and reach around lvl 25/halfway through the Argos quests, you will eventually be given a quest called "Live Together, Die Together" which is the start of a co-op only quest chain. Finish this chain of quests and the final quest, "You Complete Me", to grab this achievement.

Starting the maps off with the corner spawn points with cliffs on 2 sides of you making a narrow entrance to the area you start in is the best bet for each quest as they can be pretty difficult to start out in. To get the map of preference just keep restarting the mission.

DLC: Premium Greek Civilization Pack
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 260
Green Thumb15
Complete "It’s The Final Farm Down" with premium Greek content.   (2) 

As you progress through the campaign you will come across the start of a quest chain in your Capital City, the quest giving NPC being a "Helice Merchant." He will ask you to make 10 farms in under 10 minutes. Easy, right? Sure, but you'll have to finish each progressive quest in this chain (which the games states several times that the chain is optional) until you reach the final quest, "It's the Final Farm Down," which requires you to create 10 farms in under 5 minutes.

For this difficult task, I simply recommend restarting the map constantly until you have a group of deer within site of your village. Send all of your villagers there and build a storehouse, have 2 of the villagers farm the deer and the rest chop wood. You'll need to progress to Age II in order to create farms so chop wood/cut deer until you have 200 wood/food and advance in the ages. Now continue doing both until you can afford 3 more villagers (buy them as you can afford them and have them chop wood).

Maybe you'll be lucky like me and get Seed-Master Agape, an Ambassador that will decrease the cost of your farms by 30%. HUGE help for this one (I got it doing the 10 wave Crete quest).

City Defender15
Complete "Defend Mycenae!" with premium Greek content.  

Once Agamemnon returns to Mycenae from Troy, he'll have some new quests for you. After finishing Big King, Big Ego you will unlock this quest.

The concept of this quest is pretty basic. Defend the city. The attackers will come from both the western and eastern roads with a couple of smaller groups coming down the middle every few minutes. What I did for this was I started off by building another tower between the two, along the NW wall, added a gate in front of both fortresses (well I did this later on, but starting off this way helps) and stacked on about a dozen villagers on the gold mines (2 in the SW of the city, one outside the east wall should be next, then the one up and to the left of the main gate).

For me, I was only in my teens so I didn't have any golden age stuff, thus I relied heavily on the super epic Somatophylax Veterans which are created by the fortresses (requires the purchase of an advisor from the Mycenae shop). I kept both fortresses busy pumping out Somatophylaxes (kept 2 full rows of production in the west fortress and one row in the east) to the turning point/intersection of the western and eastern roadways. For the western end, this would cause the units to move up once enemies approached, thus blocking off the roadway as they wedged themselves between the water and cliff. The eastern end is far more tame, consisting more so of archers that can be dealt with no problem. By about 8 or 9 minutes in I put a fortress just inside the front gate which turned out to be unnecessary outside of a few spots where my westside got wiped out. Using this method, none of my walls were even scratched... hopefully it all works out for you.

Complete "Horsing Around" with premium Greek content.  

Around the time you reach level 10, Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae, will appear in your city to give you quests. The very long, but also very fun (and sometimes very difficult) quest chain begins here. From the quest line in your city he'll move to Mycenae and ask for some more help in the last few quests which involve the kidnapping of Helen. From there it's off to Troy where you'll be swapping back and forth between quests from Agamemnon and Odysseus. Some of these can be very difficult solo, but in general there is usually one or two side routes on every map to sneak up behind the enemy, or around the enemy when necessary. Anyway, once that last chain of quests is done you will be tasked to lay siege on Troy itself, which will reward you with both the epic feeling of taking over a city, and the blueprints for the Trojan Horse (which requires no materials).

The Preacher15
Complete "Spread the Word" with premium Greek content.  

Continue through the quest chains in your town from the quest givers right next to your town center until you are sent back to Mycenae (this will be around the time Agamemmnon shows up in your city, around level 10~). Continue with the quests until you receive the blueprints for the Oracle of Delphi building. Once you have that you can take a break from the Mycenae quests and return to your city to building the Oracle. Once that is built a Priestess will pop up in front of it with another set of pretty easy quests. Continue through those and you will get the Spread the Word quest after 2 or 3 of her quests.

To easily complete 'Spread The Word" (very easy), just send your scout, villagers and your priest to the enemy town center and have the scout and villagers attack the town center to distract its arrows while you use the Priest to convert all of the enemy villagers in the town. This method will allow you to have the mission complete in around 3-5min, depending on how far away the enemy village is.

Greek Polemarch20
Achieve level 10 with premium Greek content.  (4) 

Simply get to level 10 in the premium Greek content.

Greek Strategos30
Achieve level 20 with premium Greek content.  

Simply get to level 20 in the premium Greek content. You will need 111,600 XP.

Greek King50
Achieve level 30 with premium Greek content.  

Simply get to level 30 in the premium Greek content. You will need 200,000 XP.

Greek God100
Achieve level 40 with premium Greek content.  (1) 

Simply get to level 40 in the premium Greek content. You will need 345,600 XP.

DLC: Premium Egyptian Civilization Pack
Price: $9.99 USD Achievements: 8 Points: 260
Raging Rusher15
Complete "Master of Faster!" with premium Egyptian content.  (1) 

At level 7, the NPC "King Narmer" will have a repeatable quest chain for you to complete. A dialog box should pop up saying that the quest isn't required for you to continue the story, etc.

The quest requires you to produce a Temple of Ra and 20 Spearmen in a set amount of time and each successive quest requires you to finish it quicker with the Master of Faster quest requiring you to finish the quest in 5 mins or less.

Some tips for the quest:

  • Start off with 2 of each, woodcutters and food gathers (gather from deer!) and 1 gold miner. For the early ones you shouldn't need more villagers, but in the last few I made as many as 6 (with generally up to 3 more of each, depending on the need).
  • Have your scout explore for treasure per usual, but also keep an eye out for goats, which you will want to claim and send to your food gathering storehouse for later (most important in the last 3 or so quests) and have your lone priestess focus on increasing your wood production.
  • Meanwhile, save up your materials for the temple first. Once you can complete the temple, do so and for the later quests create 1 priestess. Continue saving for the barracks.
  • If you created villagers, make sure you have 20 population slots, if not, have your soldiers attack a big treasure camp or something.
  • Once you can build the barracks (I highly recommend 2 for the last 3 quests), send your woodcutters there and priestess(es) to speed up both the construction and production of your units. Once they're built, send your villagers to whatever materials you need more of and keep the spearmen queues as full as possible. This can all be achieved without upgrading the villagers/resources, no equipment and no adviser, but becomes increasingly more dependent on the map layout you get.

It's not impossible, just a little bit harder.

Complete "The Ultimate Camel Gauntlet Test" with premium Egyptian content.  

Finish the Camel racing quest chain, whic, ends with the Ultimate Camel Gauntlet Test quest with Premium Egyptian content to finish this up. These quests start after you finish the 3 priests quest in Nubia where you must sneak the 3 priests to the Desert Trader, who will then be the quest giver for the Camel Gauntlet (just outside the gates of the Nubian Expedition). These quests require you to race through 5 checkpoints with progressively more camels (up to 5), progressively more must finish the race (up to 5) and then with a decreasing time limit as you continue through the quests. Eventually needing 5 camels to reach the end in 2 minutes.

To simply summarize, the race for the last quest only (really ALL of them are a cake walk), order all your camels to sprint to the boat on your map. Cross the river and send the boat down to the Southern end of the river where the road meets it again, while you have the camels hug the NE wall passed the first set of Spearmen and watch for the next set as it's very large. Either you can sneak to the end of the road and up to your boat before they reach the river, or wait and follow the path to the SE, around the trees, and then to the river. Cross the river on the boat again and either land N or S of the pathing Spearmen on the other side of the river. Unload your camels once they're clear and launch your camels straight to the end point. Doing these all in one sitting will make the last race a joke since every enemy follows the same path in each quest. Cake.

Lord of the Nile15
Complete "Fall of Nubia" with premium Egyptian content.  

Once you start getting quests from General Chafra in the Nubian Expedition, keep doing her quests until you reach the "Fall of Nubia" (after the quest "Wait for It").

The entire chain, Fall of Nubia included, are all simple and straightforward. The Fall of Nubia is actually the only one that might really require any effort, although not a whole lot depending on your strategy. I started off by launching an immediate assault on my enemies with some Barracks units while my city built up and eventually got some back up from my allies around the time I was attacking the last Town Center (out of 4~). It's a big map with the enemy pretty spread out so the only real difficult part may be finding that one last guy you need to kill to finish the quest.

The Son's Destiny15
Complete "Vizier's Doom" with premium Egyptian content.  

In Nubia you will eventually get a quest called "Gold One Way" where you need to get gold for the Vizier. Finishing that quest will unlock Libya for questing. Upon arriving in Libya, begin doing quests for Prince Sesostris, it'll only be a couple until the Vizier's Doom. After escaping from Libya head to your capital for another quest from Sesostris, "The Supporting Cast", which is a quick run through quest where you need to stop off at 3 temples to recruit aid. Finally, the last quest will become available, "Vizier's Doom", which is very simple.

The main strategy of the quest is straightforward. Start off by walling up your village completely and use the resources to your NE/E to amass at least a medium sized army. Be wary of enemy attacks pretty early on with siege and elephants that will come straight down from the immediate north. Putting a Fortress on the cliff overlooking the northern wall of your base will help a lot with this. Build your favorite units, no real preference (elephants and priestesses of course) and once you have a decent sized force just push north. The main force consists mostly of camels, although you'll probably be encountering more towers and a couple of fortresses that will do more damage to you than the small army, the enemy should have (depending on how long you took to attack).

All in all, very straight forward and it will award you with both this achievement and potentially your last pyramid blueprint for the 'Pyramid Power' achievement.

Egyptian Prince20
Achieve level 10 with premium Egyptian content.   (2) 

Simply get to level 10 in the premium Egyptian content.

Egyptian General30
Achieve level 20 with premium Egyptian content.   

Simply get to level 20 in the premium Egyptian content.

Egyptian Pharaoh50
Achieve level 30 with premium Egyptian content.  

Simply get to level 30 in the premium Egyptian content.

Egyptian God100
Achieve level 40 with premium Egyptian content.   (1) 

Simply get to level 40 in the premium Egyptian content.

DLC: Skirmish Booster Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 4 Points: 45
Playing By The Rules10
Win a match of Skirmish with each victory condition against standard army or stronger opponents.  

As you finish the other Skirmish achievements, be sure to switch up the victory conditions when you start a new game, between Standard, Conquest and Wonder.

No Contest10
Defeat all of the heroes in the Skirmish Hall with premium Skirmish content.  
After purchasing premium Skirmish content , you must defeat all of the heroes in the Skirmish Hall in Skirmish battle. You can fight the heroes 4 at a time to make the whole take go quicker, while also getting "Army of Fun" the first game.
The heroes are as follows:
  • Odysseus
  • King Narmer
  • Village Elder
  • Darius 
  • King Minos 
  • General Batoshipip
  • King Agamemnon
  • General Ahapitep
Army of Fun15
Without adding allies to your Skirmish team, defeat a team of 4 standard army or stronger opponents.  

When selecting your Opponents in the Skirmish menu, they will come preset to Standard difficulty. Either leave them at standard, or increase their difficulty as you see fit, just make sure you don't add any allies to your team (left side of the hero select screen, and fill up the right side of the screen with any 4 heroes (or 4 different heroes to help with "No Contest.")

Bring Your Passport10
Win a match of Skirmish on every available map.  (3) 
There are a rather large number of maps to choose from when creating a game. After completing the criteria for "No Contest" and "Army of Fun," you can make things easier by lowering the map size to small, raise resources to high and very high starting resources, set the victory condition to standard, and give yorself one opponent at weak difficulty.
  • Oasis 
  • Coastal 
  • Black Forest
  • Equal Footing
  • Big Island 
  • Dueling Island 
  • Treasure Island
  • Sheltered Pass 
  • Mountain Crossing
  • King of the Hill 
  • Bandit Canyon
  • Arabia Woodland 
  • Maze Wetlands 
  • Fertile Valley
  • Gold Rush 
  • No Man's Land
  • Resource Valley 
  • Swamp Pass 
  • Highlands
DLC: Premium Celt Civilization
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 10 Points: 125
Celtic Tribalist5
Achieve level 10 with premium Celtic content.  (1) 

See "Celtic Vergobret."

Celtic Pagi10
Achieve level 20 with premium Celtic content.  

See "Celtic Vergobret."

Celtic Civitate20
Achieve level 30 with premium Celtic content.  

See "Celtic Vergobret."

Celtic Vergobret30
Achieve level 40 with premium Celtic content.  

Reach level the associated level by gaining experience points from main quests, skirmishes, and crete quests.

Complete "The Fate of All Traitors" with premium Celtic content.   

For this achievement you must complete the quest "The Fate of All Traitors," which tasks you with amassing a huge army to escort your general into battle. In order to do this, you can spread your city out along the Eastern bank of the river and continue gathering resources and building many buildings: fortresses along the river, all unit training buildings, and anything else you'll need to fortify your army for it's attack. Be sure to stay on top of building new houses, new town centers, and advancing in ages whenever you can to maximize the size and strength of your army. Once you feel comfortable with your army, send them into the enemy's city, taking out every barracks, archery, range, tower, etc. until they reach the enemies town center and take that out.

Oxubii Incident10
Complete "Objective: Oxubii" with premium Celtic content.  

For this achievement you must complete the quest "Objective: Oxubii," which tasks you with building up an army of siege units and taking out the enemy's wonder, while also helping your NPC ally out by sending them some gold.

At the start of the quest, focus on creating villagers and using them to advance your city through the ages, while also trickling out some soldiers to bolster your starting army a bit. Although the enemy doesn't attack very much in the beginning, you will need a fair defensive force, and more importantly a rather large assault army to finish the quest. Try and focus a bit more on gathering wood once you have a medium sized army so you can build the necessary siege unit(s). From that point, you can either have your army clear a path for your siege units, or just focus on building a large army to steamroll a path to the wonder and take it out themselves, without any major help from any siege engines, although a few ranged siege weapons will certainly help your advance.

Complete "The Sack of Delphi" with premium Celtic content.  

For this achievement you must complete the quest "The Sack of Delphi," which can be found in Tylis.
The basic idea is to build a large siege army and assault the enemy base, destroying the Temple of Delphi in the process. The biggest problems come with the fact that your allies can be useless, and the enemy will have many priests to convert your allies. In order to counteract the conversion of your teammates, and your own units, you'll want to plant a fortress near the temples in your first rush to clear out any priests that spawn, and allow you to regain any lost units and assault each building individually.

Sore Feet5
Build the Crossing the Alps statue in your Capital City.  (1) 

In order to gain the blueprints for the Crossing the Alps, you must finish "The Augur's Flight" quest line, which is a four part quest line of relatively short escort quests that involve leading Auggie across the Alps. A few things to note during these quests are that only Auggie needs to survive the quest, every once in a while you will pass a lone man surrounded by stones who is able to heal you (a Druid), who you should take advantage of if you need some healing. Auggie is also capable of healing his allies between Druids if necessary. Sometimes it's easier to just run passed some enemies, especially if you know you are close to a Druid and you are in need of healing. Other than that, be sure to use your allies to effectively distract the enemy while Auggie makes his way passed them.

Without a Thrace10
Build the Thracian Horseman statue in your Capital City.   

For this blueprint you will need to complete the "Threading the Thracian Needle" quest, which tasks you with escorting a caravan to an abandoned Town Center. Some main things to keep in mind are that you should keep a relatively slow and steady pace, it's not a rush level and can only kill you in the end, and if you need to stop to allow your units to heal up a bit, do it. Be sure to convert as many of your enemies as possible to bolster your ranks as you trek across the map, which means you need to keep your Augurs and Druids alive, although they also heal you so it's even more beneficial to keep them alive. Whenever you get the chance to sneak around a group of enemies, take it, because the best way to avoid losing units is to avoid combat as a whole. Don't allow your units to get spread out, and always make sure your caravan is close to your military units.

Not the Bees!15
Build the Wickerboar statue in your Capital City.   (4) 

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US August 16, 2011

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