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Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.     

In order to unlock "Nightmare" difficulty, you need to have beaten the game once. Nightmare mode means enemies are stronger - they take more hits (4 rather than 2) - and supplies are rather more limited than normal. Not massively difficult, just make sure every shot counts, you use flares to help subvert danger but only when absolutely necessary. Dodge a lot, keep on your toes and you'll be alright. A good tactic is to just run... run, run and run a bit more. Supply drops are always worth going after, but don't bother saving this playthrough to do your collectibles because frankly, there aren't enough supplies. A good tip is to use the stun-torch-move - where you briefly catch them with your boosted flashlight - to make sure the Taken never get too close.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by Dead Giveaway
Monday, May 31, 2010 @ 07:40:34 AM

How much difference is there between Normal & Nightmare? Is it just more Damage Given/Taken from the enemies or is there more enemies?

Comment #2 by Webb
Friday, June 04, 2010 @ 02:17:49 PM

@#1 - Same amount of enemies; they do more damage; they take more bullets; and there are less supplies lying around.

Comment #3 by pined5551
Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 03:01:53 PM

Its exactly double normal mode, enemies that previously took 2 shots now take 4, same goes for the amount of rounds needed for all other enemies. It also takes about twice as long to remove the darkness shields.

Comment #4 by pined5551
Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 11:05:52 AM

Also, i think the amount of supplies lying is the same, its just seems like less as your using twice as much.

Comment #5 by YazKaron
Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 10:29:00 AM

I was shocked when I first tried to burn away the darkness from a "standard" taken.
I felt more like 400% then 200% of normal. I quitted and started a game on hard mode now.

Comment #6 by OllyKiriyama
Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 05:36:38 AM

Found this hard in several places but was quite easy most of the time.

Comment #7 by Syberpro
Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 07:38:10 PM

damnn i don't feel like doing the game again =/

Comment #8 by Norwegian 420
Thursday, January 06, 2011 @ 04:04:55 PM

No way i'm doning this. Game wasnt that good.

Comment #9 by VincentteMebel
Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 10:40:40 AM

The game was ok, but I'm not going thru it all again!

Comment #10 by Peck4
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 05:35:13 PM

It wasn't even so hard on nightmare. Took me about the same time as on normal.
Go and try it! You might be surprised

Comment #11 by northmonkeys
Friday, February 04, 2011 @ 08:40:16 AM

I completed the game in hard mode and found all the pages. Nightmare mode I just ran past the enemy a lot of the time. Not that difficult when you have completed it once.

Comment #12 by Peck4
Saturday, February 05, 2011 @ 08:18:03 PM

I even got all nightmare pages. They were on quite obvious places.

Comment #13 by Shinnizle
Thursday, February 17, 2011 @ 09:39:02 PM

Do the difficulty achievements stack up? If you play on Normal, unlock Nightmare, then play Nightmare, do you unlock all 3 difficulty achievements?

Comment #14 by Peck4
Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 04:32:03 AM

When you have played on Normal, opened Normal-Achievement and then changed
difficulty to Nightmare you will open Hard-Achievement and
Nightmare-Achievement after you have completed the game on Nightmare

Comment #15 by Cotrix
Sunday, February 27, 2011 @ 12:49:48 AM

this was a great game but im not very happy with the ending!! does nightmare mode have more?

Comment #16 by difiore87
Wednesday, March 02, 2011 @ 10:58:39 AM

Hmm not sure if playing through this one again is worth it...

Comment #17 by Leaf King
Wednesday, March 02, 2011 @ 12:06:50 PM

It's helpful to know that you can shoot a Taken anywhere on its body for the same amount of damage. Whether it's in his face or on his hand, he'll take the same amount of shots to go down. When you play through Hard really concentrating on headshots, going through nightmare with this knowledge is almost a joke.

Comment #18 by dthurk
Monday, March 07, 2011 @ 08:49:53 PM

I agree that it is not difficult but it is without a doubt frustrating because Alan Wake is very out of shape and can only run for very short burst

Comment #19 by Weirdo guy
Tuesday, March 08, 2011 @ 05:57:54 PM

I'm half way through ep 5 on Nightmare without much trouble so far and getting the NM specific manuscripts. You can die an unlimited amout of times so its just trial and error on the tougher spots. Alot of time you can just runaway from taken, the ambush senerios seem to be the only battles your forced to do but the supplies still seem decently placed around those areas. Overall not too hard compared to other games highest difficulties.

Comment #20 by juniorsega
Tuesday, March 15, 2011 @ 10:30:32 PM

this game is so underrated, i agree i did not like this game at first but its grown on me the story is really intersting, i even got the extra DLC episode..anyways if ur old enough to pay attention to story rather than just wanting some random shooting (killing zombies for no reason)youd be surprised..they even hinted on a sequel, although im pretty sure wont happen due to sales.

Comment #21 by Tapsa93
Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 07:39:28 AM

I played it through with normal difficoulty, and didnt want to play it again in
about 5months, then one day i picked it up and startted it on nightmare. Nothing too hard there, enemies take way more bullets and they do more dmg + you get less supplies. All and all, it wasnt so hard since you can kite almost everything with the flashlight and just skip the enemies by running for the safe heavens...

Comment #22 by spidertactics
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 @ 03:19:28 PM

This wasn't too hard. A couple of strategies...either just run ahead to the next checkpoint to avoid fights...use Sarah (Sheriff) and/or Barry to do most of the fighting if you can (as they don't die), and skip ahead while they're fighting if you can. Use retreat as a strategy if it applies...walk back to the last light to kill birds, reset bad guys, go back for supplies, use cover for flying objects, etc. Don't forget you can skip some cutscenes by hitting B to speed up this second playthrough.

Comment #23 by MrJolly22
Thursday, May 26, 2011 @ 02:59:44 AM

I'm working on this one right now and the best advice I have is to run away to the lights often and try to use them to kill the taken. They are all super hard to take down with flashlight and guns so you are better off avoiding them as well as you can.

Comment #24 by Fridginald
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 @ 01:33:01 PM

Nightmare difficulty is of little challenge. Just bypass all others and go
straight for it.

Comment #25 by gheddox
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 11:17:03 AM

It was horrible. There's actually not much advise to give. In my opinion this game
isn't too enjoyable. At first I really liked the unique gameplay, but now I think
the combat system just sucks terribly.

Comment #26 by SixFootGinger
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 11:16:49 AM

Does this stack with Hard Boiled Water when you complete it on Nightmare?

Comment #27 by Casper Jazz
Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 05:02:25 AM

@26: "Hard Boiled Water" :D

Comment #28 by FoxViper1
Friday, July 15, 2011 @ 08:46:54 AM

@25 i liked it but i guess i can adapt to new things you cant.

Comment #29 by Majkeeboy
Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 03:12:21 AM

Are the difficulty level achievements stackable? Reading #14 it seems like you have to play it 2 times, one on normal and one on nightmare, correct?

Comment #30 by LimitingSleet3
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 10:14:58 PM

#29 Yup they stack. Today I'm playing it on NM so,,,,, wish me luck

Comment #31 by FakedAlloy
Sunday, July 24, 2011 @ 03:19:58 PM

Just about finished Nightmare,last chapter nearing the Tornado,it was a litle difficult,and yes it tookaround 4 bullets for the normaltaken and about 1000 headshots for the fat dudes,they just seemed to not want to die,played the game on n ormalwhich was fun,if I beat this enind it had better give me the achievment for Hard as playing this 3 times is just toooo much

Comment #32 by ALaPigeon
Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 10:43:24 AM

@31 the difficulty appears to stack so you should get hard and nightmare. im about togo for nightmare! game was pretty good, just finished it on normal and then swept up the few random achivements lying around, wish me luck- this is the 1st game im going for 1000Gs for :)

Comment #33 by xMIKEYGLASSESx
Sunday, August 07, 2011 @ 08:25:02 AM

I just got back onto this after leaving it alone for ages. I can see why I left it alone for so long. Still, I'll battle through it.

Comment #34 by xI l1m1tl3ss Ix
Tuesday, September 06, 2011 @ 08:22:57 PM


Comment #35 by Katarn84
Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 10:20:22 AM

Slowly working on this.
It would be easier if Mr. Wake din't have the stamina of a 120-years-old crack addict... I don't know about you, but with a shadows-dripping hulk with a chainsaw on my heels I think I'd run straight as fast as I can for more than just 10 meters before collapsing breathless on the ground...

Comment #36 by SLY JD
Thursday, September 15, 2011 @ 11:16:05 AM

I've only got the last level to go. A good tactic if being chased is to run, looking backwards and flash the torch to stun enemies. You can stun them ever 5 secs or so. If they get too close, just hit them with the shotgun or drop a flare. Then just keep running 'til next safe zone :D

Comment #37 by ToelyToes
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 @ 05:51:22 AM

Pretty Easy to Finish this one! i took just like 5 Hours and i was done xD But that was on Rush mode! :P

Comment #38 by Marc Pilkington
Saturday, October 01, 2011 @ 06:37:05 PM

Am I the only one who has actually played through it on normal, hard, and nightmare seperately? I love this game! Quite surprised I'm still enjoying going through it as much as I am, not to mention how fast I'm going on nightmare!

After playing through on hard, and also doing those two extremely annoying dlc achievements to not die, this seems a lot easier than I anticipated. I guess doing hard/other achievements helped me to prepare for this. Half way through episode 3 and I have had no major troubles so far. Died every now and then at parts but that's it. I look forward to completing my third playthrough and netting the last two achievements I need! It's gonna be another "well, everything's done :(" moment just like LA Noire...

Comment #39 by Marc Pilkington
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 @ 04:21:00 PM

Finally finished everything last night. I had one point near the end of episode 5 where I swore at the tv a bit...but after a couple of tries I managed it without too much hastle. However overall I didn't find it that bad really! Was a fun trip through Bright Falls once again and also getting those last manuscript pages. I don't know what this whole worry about supplies was for nightmare mode though, coz I always had tons of ammo/batteries! Maybe I was just good at preserving it but still I didn't really have to worry consciously about my ammo that much.

Alan Wake is now my 8th fully completed game. Had an absolute blast playing through it and it grew on me tremendously as I got to grips with it. Every achievement was so worth it and I'm really sad I'm done with it :( Maybe one day in t

Comment #40 by Marc Pilkington
Tuesday, October 04, 2011 @ 04:39:11 PM

*Maybe one day on a lazy afternoon I'll visit Bright Falls again just for the pure fun of it, but all in all I had enormous fun playing this and it saddens me that some people don't feel the same! Anyway, can't wait to hear more on this arcade game!

Comment #41 by DRichards
Saturday, November 26, 2011 @ 11:14:33 AM

No way could I do this - I had no problem falling asleep... Too much time to commit

Comment #42 by Will Pharaoh
Thursday, December 08, 2011 @ 01:09:31 AM

I was thinking about getting this, can I just start on this difficulty to save time or is it really that hard?

Comment #43 by Bum Commando
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 @ 01:53:14 AM

Wow im on chapter 5 on nightmare and its a piece of cake. Really not that difficult if you take your time and theres more than enough supplies to go off and explore.

Comment #44 by Master Jedi Kar
Friday, December 30, 2011 @ 02:19:02 PM

only part i found hard on this was chapter 6.

Comment #45 by ExiLeR
Monday, January 02, 2012 @ 07:17:05 PM

The bridge in episode 6 it's trickier but not hard... at all!! You can trigger the animation of the poltergeist objects and run backwards to hide in the back of the cars!! Then flashlight those bastards in a breeze!! The main difficult is not to fall into the holes, lol. 3 Flashbangs should "kill" the yellow machine then... Bridge done! :)

The "nightmare mode" it's not as hard as I thought!! Try to run as long as you can, use the stickers and the flashbangs and you should pass it quickly! Even the hardest parts are not as hard as you could think :)

Example: when you have to catch that elevator in the dam, you can hide in the railing next to the cliff and then, when the elevator's light is in sight, you can run into it and enter the elevator!! Or, immediately before, you can leave Bar

Comment #46 by ExiLeR
Monday, January 02, 2012 @ 07:19:45 PM

Or, immediately before, you can leave Barry and Sarah kill all the taken near that house, just by running into the previous section and waiting.

It's prety much, run, (def) run, (def) run... flash, flash... run to the next safe haven! :)

Comment #47 by Yalic
Sunday, January 08, 2012 @ 08:23:19 AM

i completed it on hard first playthrough but now i need to take a break^^

Comment #48 by ProDragRuyu
Sunday, February 05, 2012 @ 04:59:17 PM

Great.. So if the strategy is run. I will run without look behind.

Comment #49 by JASON1VOORHESE
Sunday, March 04, 2012 @ 06:43:32 PM

I finnally got this one last night. I plan on going after all the manuscript pages soon, I believe that I have only 19 pages left in the game to get.

Comment #50 by Petrie91
Thursday, April 12, 2012 @ 02:26:03 AM

My goodness that was so much easier than i thought it would be. Just run! catch your breath and run some more! without having to find collectibles i did this run through in half the time. now for the DLC :-)

Comment #51 by NvizoN
Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 01:59:21 AM

I just started chapter 6 and I'm cleaning up the nightmare manuscript pages as I go. Almost got the 1000. I refuse to count the DLC since I don't own it. My BIGGEST problem with Nightmare was the bridge with all the poltergeist items. That stupid crane kills me every time. Not sure the fuss about preserving ammo/low supplies. Right now I have maxed out Revolver, 5 flares, 3 flashbangs, ten batteries, and a lantern. My advice: Run. And learn how to properly dodge. That's how I did it.

Comment #52 by franklinamorim
Sunday, June 17, 2012 @ 07:36:49 AM


Comment #53 by Saintsrowfanboy
Friday, June 22, 2012 @ 10:26:46 AM

cant you just replay the last episode on nightmere

Comment #54 by Bgrngod
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 10:59:01 AM

You can't play the last episode on Nightmare without playing the previous episode on Nightmare. And, you can't play that episode on Nightmare without playing the episode before it on Nightmare. Etc etc.

Comment #55 by Codpoke
Sunday, October 07, 2012 @ 02:08:25 PM

Nightmare mode isn't particularly difficult, a lot of the time you can just run past the enemies when you're too out numbered

Comment #56 by Neon Benjo
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 10:12:10 AM

I can't tell for sure, but they seem to take longer to have the darkness burned away..but other than that its just the amount of damage you take.. its easy i did this in 2 days along with some other of my friends.

Comment #57 by Adam2k4
Friday, November 02, 2012 @ 12:37:42 AM

Gotta get this game, looks awesome.

Comment #58 by OllieRG
Saturday, December 08, 2012 @ 12:51:29 AM

I don't like this game at all, but I have nearly completed it so might aswell finish.

Comment #59 by Katcv
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 @ 04:09:58 PM

One of my favorite achievements of ALL time. Had so much fun playing this, and I had some bad times....

Comment #60 by bystjerna
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 04:46:14 PM

Are you able to jump from chapter to chapter after you complete the difficulty? Already completed normal few years ago, but if I just run trough nightmare without picking up any collectible and then just jump from chapter to chapter and collect what i need after.

Comment #61 by Fragarach Luin
Saturday, July 27, 2013 @ 12:26:59 AM

I don't know why I'm nervous about playing on this difficulty. By all accounts, it's not terribly difficult at all. I raped necromorphs on Dead Space 2's Hardcore difficulty, I made Promethean Knights cry on Legendary in Halo 4, I beat all the campaigns in Left 4 Dead on Expert with no teammates but the AI, and I proved in Bioshock that I have Brass Balls. I have no doubt that Alan Wake's Nightmare difficulty will be quickly vanquished. But there's just a bit of trepidation, you know? When a game tells you it's going to be as hard as it gets. Ah well. I owe this game the playthrough after The Child of the Elder Gods. Rarely has a game made me feel such a badass.

Comment #62 by Fragarach Luin
Monday, July 29, 2013 @ 01:08:06 AM

Got it. Instead of taking the time to brag about how MLG I am and how it was soooooo easy (probably cuz o' dem skillz), I'll try to actually be helpful to people currently trying to beat it. It is hard. Running isn't a tip; there is literally not enough ammo and supplies to kill every enemy in the game. My first death was to Carl Stucky, because I put all my bullets into him, and that was that. Do not underestimate the hard parts. Also, don't be afraid to die a bit. It's better to know a part and figure out a way past it with maximum conservation of ammo than to expend ammo in a panic and count yourself skilled for getting to the next checkpoint in one try. For me, the biggest challenges weren't poltergeist areas, because those just take patience and defensive playing.

Comment #63 by Fragarach Luin
Monday, July 29, 2013 @ 01:15:13 AM

I had the most trouble with the sections early on when you have to depend on others (looking at you, kidnapper) to kill enemies for you, and worse, when you have to hold off Taken while waiting for an ally to perform an action. I liked Barry the first time I played. He's a loveable, sympathetic character. But after listening to that asshat clown around trying to find the key to let me out of the asylum garden, I can never hear his chucklefuck voice without silently but frantically trying to place my revolver against his forehead to finally consummate my rage. Parts of the game feel like the very worst of video game escort missions...but you're the useless dead weight.

Comment #64 by AxoN7
Monday, October 07, 2013 @ 10:07:39 AM


Comment #65 by BOURBON
Thursday, November 28, 2013 @ 08:23:45 PM


Comment #66 by Twisted Name
Friday, April 11, 2014 @ 12:41:27 AM

ive finished dark souls, wasnt to bad. can i do this?

Comment #67 by th3noj
Monday, June 09, 2014 @ 06:38:59 AM

I was a little worried when first starting this but second time round it was actually fun. No collectibles (apart from the nightmare manuscript pages) means you get to focus on the game itself. Hardest part was waiting for Barry to open the gate at the asylum, not sure why but that only took a few replays. Best advice is not to panic and use all your ammo, I was trying to conserve mine but ended each level with plenty in reserve. Now onto the DLC!

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