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Hidden Treasure

Found all secret collectibles   
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Comment #1 by xXPACMANXx
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 12:55:15 PM

I cant take credit for this but I do think it will help others to have this good info for the Hidden Treasure. Kind regards & Salutations to fumanchu & bhangboy for the following.

1. In the first level when you get to the corridor where is air an leak. There are the two rooms (from air valve), the first one is open and there you find an armor. The second is locked (after turn of valve), but if you are escaping to safety after air leak, there will be a huge explosion on the one side of this room and you can go in to find first Secret.

2. Secret is not far into the level, just after you pass the room with 2 electric wires above you and the 1 minute battle. you will walk over what looks like 3 ventilation pipes, there is a platfrom to the left near some fire and credits. from this pl

Comment #2 by xXPACMANXx
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 12:57:53 PM

from this platfrom is a small tunnel where you can shoot some gas tanks. after shooting the gas tanks go back to the room with 2 electric wires above you and a new tunnel is open. go to the end of the tunnel and find the secret.

3. Secret you actually see this secret just before you use the platform lift console to set the detenations charges and blow up a structure to raise the water level. but you cannot get it until the very end of the level just before you enter the lift. at the end of the level there is a room with loads of larve and larve eggs. go up the platform and shoot some gas tanks to gain acess to the dislodge point. after dislodging some gas tanks onto the floor go back down and shoot these to get the key. the room is through some water with walkways either side red in c

Comment #3 by xXPACMANXx
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 12:59:25 PM

red in colour. there is a 10 minute timer but you can totally ignore this, i have been at least 5 minutes over this timer and nothing happened.

4. There is a room (middle of the level where is Override console, wreck corridor, where you find the card, through the main-way) there is a visible Secret. I was wrong , no card is needed when you want to get a 4. Secret Not far from the door is override console, if you use it ,the door for the Secret will be open only for 6 seconds. You must hurry, but is not very hard to get in

5. After the first battle with Alien Queen there you will find two ways. One is main-way(right if you dont change camera angle after battle) and second is the way to secret (there is elevator ,i think

I know there isnt a lot of feedback to help people on this t

Comment #4 by FaSCoRP
Saturday, September 24, 2011 @ 11:01:16 PM

Thanks, I will take care of them after finishing the campaing, not sure what I´ve collected or not

Comment #5 by andreimarra
Saturday, February 04, 2012 @ 09:43:23 AM

really thx.... its a great tip...!!!

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