Alien Breed: Evolution

Alien Breed: Evolution Achievements

Against the Odds

Complete single player levels 1-5 on Elite difficulty    
Here is a short list about your friends and enemies in Alien Breed as well as general information how to play on Elite at the end.

Simple doors are one of your best friends. If you face a large group, retreat and wait for them to pass and you have a high chance of killing aliens with one shot from the shot cannon if you wait around the corner of the door. Ranged attacks won't hit you if the door is closed, so use them to your advantage.

Frag Grenades:
A real underrated item. You can control the throwing distance by holding . If you throw it short be prepared to be damaged as well. If you are in a narrow corridor and a horde advances, throw a Frag and watch the fireworks as several aliens are eliminated.

Sentry Guns:
They can only be placed in specific spots in Mission 1, 2, and 3. Once actived they kill everything alien around them. Be careful as friendly fire damages you, but if you want to conserve ammo it is good to retreat and let the Guns do the work. However, once you enter Mission 5, destroy every sentry gun you see because once the turbines are activated, you are the primary target for the guns.

You have infinite ammo for this weapon, so if you encounter larva, switch weapons to conserve ammo. If you have to destroy Gas tanks or sentry guns use the Blaster then as well.

Assault Rifle:
Don't try and act like Jon Wayne and go triggerhappy. Fire controlled short burst to conserve ammo and use it as main weapon with long corridors or rooms which are larger.

Shot Cannon:
On Rookie you can kill everything except the Moss Creature with one hit, on Elite you need to be quite close and aim carefully. This is best used in small rooms or ambushing aliens behind doors.

Short range, but quite devastating. However, if several aliens are on the same tile and you hit them with the flamethrower, it seems that you don't hit all at the same time.

Laser Rifle:
A great weapon but you only find ~1000 rounds of ammo in the entire game. Shots bounce off walls and deal great damage compared to the Assault Rifle. If you run into a large ambush in Mission 5, this weapon is a good choice.

You fire a linear shot which kills everything in its path. Due to low fire rate this weapon may be handy, but other weapons are preferred.

and here are your enemies:

It really hurts to walk through flames and you suffer damage for about 3-4 seconds after you've been burned.

Small, quite fast over distance and if they explode near you it hurts. You can prevent them from exploding if they get in your torchlight, but be quick to kill them. They are only dangerous if they are mixed in large assaults and rush in from behind.

Standard enemy. They have a distinctive sound as they walk towards you and only can attack if they can reach you. They can take several hits with the Assault Rifle and 1-2 from the Shot Cannon.

The first variant of the Mauler you will frequently encounter in Mission 2 and from there on out. They are green and unleash a distinctive howling roar before they charge you or where you've stood as they roared. They can be dangerous in dark rooms as you can't see which type it is and the distance they can leap is quite large. However, you can interrupt them if you hit them with a weapon. The Assault Rifle preferred for long-medium distances and shot cannon if you can lure them to a corner or door.

The last variant of the Mauler. They are gray-black with red parts. They spit acid spikes that are really damaging. I recommend taking them out first if you have a clear line of sight. Once you have to fend off melee attackers, you won't have the time to foresee the shots and dodge them accordingly. Lure them to a door and kill them with a clean hit from the shot cannon.

They look different with four solid legs and a quite flat body with a glowing abdomen. If you let them they heal the other aliens, but can also attack with claws. Fortunately they can't take much damage and are a high priority target.

Boney Shield:
A variant of the healer which can deploy the front legs as a shield that can't be penetrated by bullets. In general they are not really dangerous, but annoying as they can block your movement and bullets meant for the other aliens. Frag Grenades are great to deal with them once they play turtle.

Stunner: They appear the first time in Mission 3. They are not really dangerous, but can stun you, so that you are really vulnerable for a few seconds. Use a shotgun or flamethrower to kill them quickly.

Charger: A larger version of a Mauler and the first "boss" in the game. Just run away as told and clear the rooms after entering the doors and finally it will die in a cut scene.

Moss Creature:
The final "boss" in this game. First it will spawn larva, then stun you. Once you recover brown liquid will spread over the floor so look for a spot that won't be covered and wait until the rest explodes. Now dodge the green spikes it shoots and once the head rests on the ground use your shot cannon to deal damage. Repeat this 5-6 times and you are done.

General Information:
While exploring new areas the first time, proceed slowly and don't panic if you trigger the ambushes. During the first missions you should move back and shoot controlled bursts. Sometimes ammo can a bit low, but as a general rule before you fight large waves of enemies you find enough ammo.

If you reach an intersection, always sidetrack and explore the areas you don't have to go yet. Often you find ammo or health kits and you can kill a part of the aliens you would have to face with additional groups once you have to actually to do something there.

Be careful before you activate switches or loot lockers or corpses. The aliens are triggered by stepping on areas and are time-based. Example: you have to deactivate the Capacitor. You are standing next to the control panel. About three seconds after you reached the panel, two aliens will break through the wall behind you. It doesn't matter if you activated the panel or not. Take your time and wait for something to ambush you if you have to use a control panel to advance.

Get used to the different weapons, how long you need to reload and how often to press and to get the weapon you want. After you finish a fight, reload the weapons you used as it as annoying and painful to reload the shotgun with five Maulers around you.
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User Comments
Comment #1 by E vee dub
Sunday, April 03, 2011 @ 04:22:11 PM

This game wasn't too hard.

I'd give it a 4/10 difficulty. You can do it.

"Alien Breed Episode 1" 200/200G for "E vee dub".

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