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Sniper Award (M24/M107)

Win 10 missions (4+ players in game) with an M24/M107 accuracy of 80% or higher (10+ shots fired).  
Refer to “Pistolier Award (M9).” Use the same settings, except make sure you choose the M24 or the M107 as your gun. You’ll notice you’ll have 10 bullets in your clip. Without reloading, shoot those 10 bullets at the various 20 targets you’ll have, and hit them with at least 8 of the bullets. As long as you aim carefully (a lot of times the enemies will stand still for you) you shouldn’t have a problem with this. Once you shoot at least 10 bullets, just kill off the rest of the enemies with your pistol and/or grenades. Make sure you win the mission or else it won’t count.

Tip: Try getting your soldier’s Marksmanship and Valor levels as high as possible when doing this to increase accuracy and reduce aim wobble.

Facts and tips:

- You MUST HAVE four or more players in games for EVERY multiplayer achievement, or else it won’t count.

- You can check your status on every single achievement by going to “Extras” on the main menu, then “Achievements.”

- I highly recommend playing through all of the Wargame missions first to unlock all of the weapons. It will make a lot of the online achievements easier if you’re using the better guns.

- If you’re the team leader, you can’t choose different kinds of weapons. To make someone else team leader, they need to press the button, and then you can change your weapons by pressing the button.
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US October 23, 2007

ESRB: Teen
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