Amped 3

Amped 3 Achievements

Supreme Snow God

Earn a Gold Medal for ALL challenges and media callouts.  

Very consuming and annoying achievement at times. You must get a gold medal on every challenge on every moutain for this achievement.

Note * The Impress the Bystander challenges count towards this achievement, even the ones on mountains and locations where you do not get an achievement.

There are 240 challenges in all that need golds for this achievement.

This can take anyone, in the region of 10-15 hours depending on skill


If you are strugglin with grinding media call out challenges, go in to create mode, add an object you can grind to start it early, to achieve more points.

Kitty Cleanup - It is important on these to memorise the route if needs be. Simply follow the route and work out where and when you need to turn, jump, get a rail, etc. After a while, once you have worked out the route, you should pick these up.

Magic Cirles - These in my opinion are the hardest ones to do. I firstly worked out the route and then when to leave the jumps/grinds and when to trick. Then I added in the moves. After a few attempts I got them.

MY BIGGEST TIP - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE STYLE FEATURE - You get significantly more points by holding the left analogue stick halfway instead of all the way in the middle of tricks and taking advantage of the style bonus, than you do attempting to spin round fifty times like a catherine wheel.

Beware - I have heard of people not receiving either the Lesser or Supreme Snow God achievements if they were to receive them at the same time. If needs be, leave one bronze till the end and go back and get gold on that.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by CursedCryptLord
Saturday, March 05, 2011 @ 11:31:11 AM

WTF it says unlocked in the game but i don't get the achievment.

Comment #2 by JackFeelsNerves
Thursday, March 17, 2011 @ 06:13:44 AM

Make sure you 'stoke' the required people on ALL mountains - it counts towards gold medals. You can check how many you have by looking at Rider Info on the pause menu.

Comment #3 by Live4joy
Saturday, April 02, 2011 @ 06:41:50 PM

Ding! Got this achievement just now. As an indication for other players my 'time in game' (under My stats) is 13:56

Comment #4 by JoeMorrissy
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 07:52:22 AM

Man this takes ages!

Comment #5 by GuniGugu99
Thursday, May 05, 2011 @ 10:09:44 AM

do i have to do the coop ones to ? becouse i have 236 medals , i checked all mountains and it seems that i have all of them except fot coop ones. i dont want to get 2 controller :P

Comment #6 by BluWolve
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 07:30:02 AM

make sure you have "stoked" the required amount of people on every single mountain.

Comment #7 by BluWolve
Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 06:16:05 AM

hooray, I have finally got this cheevo, crappy scratched preowned disc and all! haha! If anyone needs any help pm me and i can hopefully give you some tips.

Comment #8 by sUbLiMe11h0bO
Thursday, February 16, 2012 @ 04:43:48 PM

this achievement is fucking ridiculous.. but this was the first xbox game I bought. & i'm feeling nostalgic... so...

Comment #9 by OllieRG
Saturday, December 08, 2012 @ 12:46:49 AM

Most people say this game is awful but I really enjoy it, completed it many times!

Comment #10 by TraumaticChain6
Sunday, May 24, 2015 @ 08:46:27 AM

This one is a frustrating but a oh so satisfying achievement. Kitty cleanups are the worst. My advice is keep practicing and it will come. For the magic circles you can sometimes add an extra object. Succes for anyone who is going to attempt this. It's not hard but it takes some time.

Comment #11 by Poses7184
Saturday, July 11, 2015 @ 07:39:46 PM

Any advice on how to beat the kitty cleanup in utah

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