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Angry Birds Seasons Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 (4/10 without video guides).
- Offline: 20/20 (200/200)
- Online: 0/20 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 20012-16 hours (16+ hours without video guides).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Level select).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (see below).
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 8 ONLY.


Angry Birds Seasons is just like every other Angry Birds game on the market. You use a slingshot to fire the birds across the level with the goal of defeating the well-fortified pigs. The game does differentiate itself from the others by having unique worlds and levels that revolve around the many holidays of the year. The game plays and feels the same as the other versions, and there is no unique bird types. There is more than 400 levels to play, split across 15 holiday-themed worlds. Currently the game is listed at $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 1: Finish each level of 9 worlds:
Play through and finish all of the levels in each of the 9 worlds that have an achievement tied to them. In total, this means completing only 230 levels (out of 400+). The levels are a tad more challenging then previous games, so using video guides will come in quite handy. 

Step 2: Mop-up smashing achievements:
After finishing Step 1, mop-up any of the smashing achievements you have left, which are those that require you to smash a given number of pigs or objects. Most of the objects are only found in specific worlds. See the guide for the best levels to grind these out on.

Angry Birds Seasons is just shy of Angry Birds Star Wars for the easiest/shortest Angry Birds to complete. You only have to finish roughly half of the game's levels to earn all of the achievements. Most of the cumulative ones for smashing objects will come naturally, and the grinding is only minor.

GLITCHY ACHIEVEMENT WARNING: Some of the achievements are a tad glitchy to unlock. If one does not unlock when you expect it to, simply exit the game and relaunch it from the Games Hub. If an achievement should have unlocked, it will pop as soon as you reach the Main Menu. This behavior has been observed to occur with both some completion achievements and the smashing achievements. This method has worked for everyone so none of the achievements are glitched (unobtainable).


[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Pig Popper10
Smash 300 pigs 

This will likely be your first achievement and should not be a concern, as you will destroy thousands of pigs along the path to earning the rest of the achievements. All pigs in all playthroughs and restarts of all levels count towards this achievement.

Haunted Ham10
Finish Trick or Treat 

See "Merry Happy!"

Pumpkin Smasher10
Smash 300 pumpkins 

Pumpkins are found in both the Ham'o'ween and Trick or Treat worlds. You will likely destroy more than 300 before finishing those two worlds. A good level to grind these on is Trick or Treat Level 1-8. There is a large cluster of 10 pumpkins that can be destroyed with a single, well-placed bird. Pause and restart the level as soon as you take out the cluster.

Holiday Spirit10
Finish all Season's Greedings levels 

See "Merry Happy!"

The Grinch10
Smash 1000 presents 

Presents are only found in the Season's Greedings, Winter Wonderham (not required for any achievements), and Wreck the Halls worlds. You will definitely need to grind these after finishing the worlds. The best level to grind these on is Season's Greedings Level 1-25. One well-placed shot can take out all 8 of the presents clustered in the middle of the level. Pause and restart the level as soon as the last present is smashed.

All's Fair in Love and War10
Finish Hogs and Kisses 

See "Merry Happy!"

Chocolate Lover10
Break 300 chocolate boxes 

Chocolate boxes look like white hearts with a red ribbon around them and are only found in the Hogs and Kisses world. You will likely not destroy more than 300 before finishing the world. A good level to grind these on is Level 1-4. There are three boxes right in front of the launcher that can be taken out with a single shot. Pause and restart the level as soon as all three of the boxes explode.

It's all Hunky Dory!10
Finish Go Green, Get Lucky 

See "Merry Happy!"

Leprechaun's Secret10
Break 300 pots of gold 

Pots of gold look like large black kettles with coins in them and are ONLY found in the Go Green Get Lucky world. You will likely not have this achievement upon finishing the world. Boost your remaining pots of gold on Level 1-9. This level has 4 pots to destroy and some good birds to do it with. You can destroy all four pots in three shots or less usually. Pause and restart the level as soon as the final pot is smashed.

Hardboiled Egg10
Finish Easter Eggs 

See "Merry Happy!"

Bunny Hunter10
Pop 300 Piggy Bunnies 

Piggy Bunnies are the pigs wearing costume bunny ears on their heads and are only found in the Easter Eggs world. You may destroy more than 300 before finishing the world, but can finish up on Level 1-4. There are 7 bunnies mixed in the cluster of wood planks in the level. Just rapidly fire all 4 of your birds into reasonable locations. You should easily be able to get 5 of the bunnies, if not more with all your shots. As soon as your last shot settle and you are not going to get any more of the bunnies, pause and restart the level.

Oh, Those Summer Nights10
Finish all Summer Pignic' levels 

See "Merry Happy!"

Oops a Daisy10
Pick 300 flowers 

Flowers are only found in the Summer Pignic' world. Picking them simply means destroying them. There are many kinds if flowers but the only ones that count towards this achievement are the large ones that award you 3000 points for destroying them. They must be destroyed and not just knocked off their stems. You likely won't destroy more than 300 before finishing the world. A good level to grind these on is 1-15. There are two flowers that can easily be taken out with the first bird. Pause and restart the level as soon as you smash the two flowers. Level 1-12 is very similar and can also be used as efficiently.

Bright Side of the Moon10
Finish Moon Festival 

See "Merry Happy!"

Shut the Lights!10
Break 300 lanterns 

Lanterns are the red Japanese-style hanging lanterns and are only found in the Moon Festival world. You may or may not destroy more than 300 before finishing the world. A good level to grind these on is 1-11. There are six lanterns hanging in the middle which can be taken out with a single, arcing shot. A soon as the lanterns are destroyed pause and restart the level.

Finish Ham'o'ween 

See "Merry Happy!"

Lovely Bones10
Break 300 skeletons 

Skeletons are only found in the Ham'o'ween world. It takes far less than 300 complete skeletons to unlock this achievement, so it appears each bone section of the skeletons count. You may reach 300 before finishing the world. If not, a good level to grind on is 1-9. There is a single skeleton on the level which can be taken out with one simple shot. Pause and restart the level when the skeleton is smashed.

All Around the Globe10
Unlock Orange Bird 

This achievement simply unlocks by progressing to Level 1-4 in the Ham'o'ween world in which you are given access to and have a tutorial for the orange pumpkin bird.

Merry Happy!10
Finish Wreck the Halls 

These achievements are related to completing all the levels in 9 of the game's worlds. Completing a level simply means smashing all the pigs with the given amount of birds. You do not need to worry at all about earning any stars or high scores. The first level of each world is unlocked from the start (and in some cases, all the levels) and completing each level unlocks the next. In total, you will have to complete 230 levels. The other 6 worlds (150+ levels) are not required and can be ignored.

The levels in this game are a tad more challenging than in previous games. With that said, you could reduce the completion time by using video walkthroughs. Below are links to video walkthroughs for each world (thanks to Youtube users wicksuper, MahaloVideoGames, and AngryBirdsNest).

Moon Festival (30 levels)
Trick or Treat (45 levels)
Season's Greedings (25 levels)
Hogs and Kisses (15 levels)
Go Green Got Lucky (15 levels)
Easter Eggs (15 levels)
Summer Pignic' (30 levels)
Ham'o'ween (30 levels)
Wreck the Halls (25 levels)

Cookie Crumbler10
Break 300 Cookies 

Cookies are the brown and white objects that looks like cookies and are ONLY found on the Wreck The Halls world. The cookies can either be on their own or contained within a block of ice or snow. Don't be alarmed as smashing them yields no score bonus. You likely will not destroy more than 300 before finishing the world. A good level to grind these on is Level 1-8. There are five cookies encased in snow which can easily be smashed with three birds you get relatively quickly. Pause and restart the level as soon as all the cookies are smashed or you run out of birds.

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