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Second The Best

Complete all secondary objectives in Campaign Mode  

Awarded for completing all secondary objectives. They are as follows:

Mission - The Sky is Burning 
Objective - Destroy all artillery units.

Head left at the start, and you will see artillery groups on the bridges behind the wave of vehicles. Destroy them

Mission - Holidays in Hell
Objective - Use FLIR to search for and tag survivors in the water around the catamaran

When the catamaran blows up, stay for a while until you recieve your secondary objective. Switch to FLIR by hitting  twice and you should see 3 survivors. Tap  with the cursor over them. Tag all three for this one.

Mission - A Diamond in the Rough
Objective - Laser designate targets for an airstrike

When you begin head through the canyon until you receive the objective to destroy the pirate base. Switch to your Hellfire missiles and use you targeting system to lock six units in total by holding the A button until a chevron appears over the target.Once the sixth target has been locked you will hear radio chatter about the airstrike and a sequence of UAV's launching missiles. This secondary objective is now yours!

Mission - City on Fire
Objective - Don't let the enemy vehicles approach to the bridges

When you get to the city and start firing, focus on the convoys to the south and south-east. Use your Hellfires on the tanks and heavy vehicles, before moving on to the west then the south. If you are quick enough the enemies won't reach the bridges and you will get this one.

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US November 16, 2010

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