Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game Time

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Game Time Achievements

Golden Apple

Win $1,000,000 in Homeroom mode (local game only)  
First select new game, then homeroom, and press to change the difficulty to easy, medium, or hard. The achievements can be gotten on any difficulty, so it doesn't matter which one you us. Once selected, press to join, to select your character, then when you are all set hit .

If you have seen the TV show, the homeroom made is setup exactly like the TV show, however, if you have not seen it here is an overview on what to expect. You start out by customizing your character or picking one of the preset characters, however, it does not give you any type of advantage if you pick the male or the female.

You will start off by choosing a 5th grader to help you with your first two questions. This is important as if you look at the bottom of the kids desk it will show their strongest subjects. The best strategy is to match them up with the categories on the game board. This will help you later on if you need them. However, REMEMBER, you only get the child for two questions then you have to pick a new one. You CANNOT pick the same child twice. The child's strengths seem to change per game, therefore, you have to keep an eye out on who is strong with what subjects. If you forget, you can always press before picking the category, and the child will repeat their strong subjects.

Once you choose a category from the ten on the board, you will be asked a question. There is no timer, and all the questions are multiple choice. If you are not sure, you can go and look it up on Google if you are just going for the achievement. The ten questions will have two from each grade, so that means that there are two questions from the 1st grade, two from 2nd grade, two from 3rd grade, two from 4th grade, two from 5th grade. You can answer these in any order, but it is recommend to go for the 5th grade questions first, as they are the hardest. If you are not sure on the question here are you are given these three options.

PEEK: This allows you to look at the students answer. Remember its not ALWAYS right, however, if you picked the child strength to match with the question then it is more likely to be right than a shot in the dark. You can decide to agree or disagree with the child.

COPY: This is similar to peek, however, this time you HAVE to take the child's answer.

SAVE: If you get the question wrong you have the opportunity to get saved. This feature will save you if the child you have picked has gotten the question right, but you have gotten it wrong.

Everything listed here can only be used once per game. If you are unsure of the question and none of the cheats have helped, you can drop out by hitting back, this will allow you to keep your money. If you do not drop out and get the question wrong you will go home with either $0 or $25,000 depending on how far you have progressed.

Once you get all ten questions correct you have two options:
1. Walk away with 500,000(you will not get the achievement)
2. Go for the million dollar question. You will get the achievement if you get this right. The difference between this question and the other questions is this question is a write in. You have to have the answer EXACTLY correct and spelled right or it will not count. If you are unsure of the exact spelling, consult Google to look up spellings or definitions of words. Once, you get this question right you will receive the achievement.

Refer to this thread HERE for $1,000,000 Q&A's if you are stuck.
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Comment #1 by Hoot Mckoy
Thursday, November 22, 2012 @ 10:00:30 AM

well that balls it up for me as im not smarter than a 4yr old

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