Armored Core for Answer

Armored Core for Answer Achievements

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Chapter 120
Awarded for completing Chapter 1 
Chapter 220
Awarded for completing Chapter 2 
Chapter 320
Awarded for completing Chapter 3 
Ending 140
Awarded for completing story(1) 
AF Land Crab20
Awarded for defeating AF Land Crab (3) 
AF Soldios Orbit20
Awarded for defeating AF Soldios Orbit 
AF Stigro20
Awarded for defeating AF Stigro (3) 
AF Eclipse20
Awarded for defeating AF Eclipse 
AF Cabracan20
Awarded for defeating AF Cabracan (1) 
AF The Spilit of Motherwill20
Awarded for defeating AF The Spilit of Motherwill (2) 
AF Great Wall20
Awarded for defeating AF Great Wall 
AF Jet20
Awarded for defeating AF Jet 
AF Answerer20
Awarded for defeating AF Answerer (5) 
Normal Difficulty20
Awarded for completing all Normal Missions 
Hard Difficulty20
Awarded for completing all Hard Missions 
Mission Rank S30
Awarded for achieving Total Mission Rank S 
Mission Rank SS40
Awarded for achieving Total Mission Rank SS (1) 
Arena Rank 2020
Awarded for ranked in the top 20 
Arena Rank 1020
Awarded for ranked in the top 10 
Awarded for completing arena 
Class E20
Awarded for promoted to Class E 
Class C20
Awarded for promoted to Class C 
Class A30
Awarded for promoted to Class A 
Awarded for promoted to Ranker 
1000 wins20
Awarded for achieving 1000 wins (1) 
1000 kills20
Awarded for achieving 1000 kills 
2000 wins20
Awarded for achieving 2000 wins 
2000 kills20
Awarded for achieving 2000 kills 
3000 wins20
Awarded for achieving 3000 wins 
3000 kills20
Awarded for achieving 3000 kills 
4000 wins20
Awarded for achieving 4000 wins 
4000 kills20
Awarded for achieving 4000 kills 
5000 wins20
Awarded for achieving 5000 wins 
5000 kills20
Awarded for achieving 5000 kills 
7500 wins20
Awarded for achieving 7500 wins 
7500 kills20
Awarded for achieving 7500 kills 
10000 wins40
Awarded for achieving 10000 wins (1) 
10000 kills40
Awarded for achieving 10000 kills (5) 
Secret Achievements
Ending 240
Awarded for completing story(2) 
Ending 340
Awarded for completing story(3) (2) 
ORCA Arena30
Awarded for completing ORCA arena 

Game Info


US September 16, 2008
Japan March 19, 2008

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