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Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel Achievement Guide

Guide By: Scotty, H0p3sfalL, & Whateverman
There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4.5/10
-Offline: 46/46 (1000)
-Online: 0/46
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: None (Mission select)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, 2 achievements ('Look mom, I made it!' and 'Just a scratch')
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Army of TWO: The Devil's Cartel! The third installment of the franchise, see's you take control of different characters this time around, abandoning Rios and Salem, in favor of 'Alpha' and 'Bravo'.

The achievements are relatively straight forward and you will likely obtain a majority without going too far out of your way. There is only 1 achievement where you will need to be online, which is 'TWO heads', (Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner), as the other achievements for Co-Op related activities can be earned with the AI partner. Although it would be a good idea to attempt these with an actual partner as you can then control the situation.

Step 1 - Campaign, Casual/Co-Op
Your first step, naturally, would be to play through the campaign. You can choose to do this with a friend, over Xbox LIVE, but you don't need to as you can earn all of the achievements on your own. The majority of the secret achievements are story related and are thus unmissable, so you will unlock them as you complete missions or the game.

While you play through the campaign for the first time, you should be conscious of the miscellaneous achievements that you can earn along the way. It is recommended that you attempt as many of the miscellaneous achievements on your casual playthrough as possible, to minimize the difficulty in obtaining them.

Step 2 - Campaign, Insane
After you have completed the game once, you can then begin the process again, but on Insane difficulty. The achievement you earn for doing this, will likely be the most difficult in the game, so take your time and play with a friend, if you feel that would make the playthrough more manageable.

You can only play on Insane difficulty after you have completed the game at least once on a lower difficulty.

Step 3 - Miscellaneous/ Clean up
After you have finished the game on Insane difficulty, the achievements you will likely have left will be, to purchase all of the purchasable items and possibly some of the 'Kill x enemies' achievements. You will get money for completing missions, so finding a well paying, but short mission, will be the more efficient way of amassing enough money to purchase everything.

As for the 'Kill x enemies' achievements, you can find an area, with a heavy enemy presence and attempt these there for the best chances of obtaining them.

So, although not very easy, the achievements are straight forward. You can complete everything with a friend as your Co-Op partner, if you so choose, but you only really need a human controlled AI for 1 achievement.

[x360a would like to thank Scotty for this Roadmap]

Sir, yes sir!20
Level up to Rank 5   (3) 

See 'Blood, Sweat and Guns'.

Keep it up!30
Level up to Rank 15   (1) 

See 'Blood, Sweat and Guns'.

Blood, Sweat and Guns50
Level up to Rank 25   (3) 

XP in this game comes in the form of money. You need to earn certain amounts of money to level up.

You earn money by killing enemies and completing objectives and missions. You will get more money for killing enemies in more skillful ways. You will get $10, just for a standard kill, but you will get $100 for backstabbing an enemy. Just keep killing enemies and you will likely play through the game more than once for all of the achievements, so you can set this one to the back of your mind as you earn the rest and it will unlock, in time.

My Baby10
Fully customize a weapon with 6 customizable parts or more   (7) 

To customize a weapon, you must go into your armory and choose the weapon you want to customize by pressing on it. Then you can customize 8 different parts of it, but you only need to do 6 for this achievement. You can change parts that are free, or that remove a part of the weapon and it will still count as a customized part.

The quickest and cheapest way to do this is to use the M4 and change;

Stock, Standard to Folded Standard - Free
Magazine, Standard to Extended - $3,500
Sight, Handle to None - Free
Under Mount, None to Foregrip - $2,500
Side Mount, None to Rail Magazine - $3,500
Barrel, Standard to Assault - $2,000

Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by you)   (5) 

To gain Overkill, you must kill enemies, until your Overkill meter on the left side of the screen fills up. When it is full, press to activate it and you will become invincible for a short time, your bullets will become explosive and you won't need to reload. You will gain more Aggro towards your Overkill meter by using loader and more powerful guns, like the shotgun. You must kill 200 enemies while in Overkill, that you have triggered, to unlock this achievement. Kills during Overkill that your partner has triggered, whether human or AI, will not count towards this.

The 200 kills are cumulative, so you don't need to kill 200 in a single Overkill. Single Overkill just means an Overkill that has been triggered by a singular person, as opposed to a double Overkill, explained in the description for 'Double Trouble'.

500 targets killed while in cover   (1) 

To enter cover, you must look at a wall, waist height objects or vehicles and press to duck behind it. From here you can press to peek out of cover and shoot, but you will still be classed as being in cover. Kill 500 enemies from these positions and the achievement is yours.

Double Trouble50
200 targets killed in double Overkill   (20) 

For a description on how to gain Overkill and what it means, refer to the description for 'Overkiller', above.

Double Overkill, is when you and your partner both activate Overkill at the same time. You will know when this has happened, as it will appear on-screen informing you. To perform a double Overkill, wait until you both have the ability ready to use then activate it at the same time. If you are playing with a human partner, you both need to press at the same time to activate double Overkill, but if you are playing with an AI partner, you need to press for your own Overkill and for your partners overkill.

After you have killed 200 enemies in double Overkill, this achievement will unlock. The kills, again, are cumulative.

200 targets killed in single Overkill (Triggered by your partner)   (6) 

For a description on how to gain Overkill and what it means, refer to the description for 'Overkiller', above.

To unlock this achievement, you need to kill 200 enemies while in Overkill that your partner has triggered. If you are playing with a human partner, have them press when they have Overkill ready to activate and then proceed to kill as many enemies as you can. If you are playing with an AI partner, you can let them activate it on their own, or you can activate it yourself by pressing on the d-pad. You will know when it is ready to activate, as the map of the d-pad in the bottom left of the screen, will have the :down: button flashing orange. Repeat either of these until the achievement unlocks.

These kills are also cumulative.

Let ‘er Rip20
100 targets killed using either an MMG or an MGL   (1) 

An MMG is a Mounted Machine Gun and an MGL is a Mounted Grenade Launcher. You will find these throughout the missions and you will recognize them as they cannot be moved from their position and you will likely have killed an enemy already using it, where you would have had to flank them to kill them, due to the amount of armor covering the front of them.

To enter them, press and hold and you will have control of it. Kill 100 enemies using either of these weapons, or a combination of both and the achievement will unlock.

Kills from the helicopter mounted mini-gun, during the mission 'Narco Hell', also count towards this.

*Note. You can find a place with either the MMG or MGL and get as many kills as you can until the scene ends, then reload the checkpoint and repeat the process, until you unlock the achievement.

Destroyed 500 objects   (1) 

Anything that you can destroy by shooting or blowing it up, is classed as an object. These will be crates, explosive barrels, cars and even walls. This will likely unlock in time, just by progressing through the game, but there is no harm in shooting any and all destroy-able objects as you go, if you want to speed this up. Destroy 500 and the achievement is yours.

Armed to the Teeth25
Buy All Guns   (1) 

To unlock this achievement, you must unlock and purchase all of the guns in the game. They are not readily available from the start, you need to attain certain ranks to unlock them, with Rank 20 being the highest you need to have unlocked them all. There are a total of 30 guns that you need to purchase. You will need to purchase all of the primary weapons and all of the side-arms. You don't need to buy all of the secondaries, as they are just the primary weapons that you will have already purchased. Buy them all and the achievement is yours.

Look at you!25
Buy All Outfits   (6) 

There are a total of 19 outfits, 2 of which, Alpha and Bravo, will already be unlocked. You will need to attain certain ranks to unlock the outfits and complete the game on Insane difficulty, before you are able to purchase them. Below is a list of the outfits, which includes the rank it unlocks and the amount it costs;

Alpha - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, Free
Bravo - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, Free
Contractor - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, $3,000
Skull Candy - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, $3,000
Commando - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, $3,000
Chillin' - Rank, Starting Outfit - Cost, $3,000
Roadie - Rank, 5 - Cost, $3,000
Sport - Rank, 7 - Cost, $3,000
Extractor - Rank, 9 - Cost, $3,000
Heavy Gunner - Rank, 11 - Cost, $3,000
Operative- Rank, 13 - Cost, $3,000
Spec Ops - Rank, 15 - Cost, $3,000
Elite - Rank, 17 - Cost, $3,000
Biker - Rank, 19 - Cost, $3,000
Salem - Rank, 21 & Complete the game - Cost, $20,000
Rios - Rank, 23 & Complete the game - Cost, $20,000
Executive Rios - Rank, 24 & Complete the game - Cost, $25,000
Meat Shield - Rank, 25 & Complete the game - Cost, $10,000
Inmate - Complete Insane difficulty - Cost, $50,000

Total cost, $161,000

Look mom, I made it!100
Complete the game on Insane      (42) 

To unlock this achievement, you will need to beat the game on Insane difficulty. You must finish the game at least once on another difficulty, before Insane is unlocked. You can do this alone, with the AI or you can do it with a human partner, it is up to you. After finishing the final mission on Insane, the achievement will unlock.

You will keep your rank and all of your purchases from your first playthrough and these will all help as you try to beat the game on insane.

General tips for surviving Insane

  • Take your time. Do not rush through any part of the game, as you will only be killed quicker.
  • Make use of mid-long range weapons and try to avoid CQC as you will die very quickly being shot so close.
  • Play the game on Casual/Medium a few times to learn the levels so you are comfortable with where you are going and what you are doing.
  • Rank up as high as you can before tackling Insane, so that you have plenty of money to purchase any weapons and attachments that you may need.
  • If possible, make good use of the AI, as they have a lot more health than you, but do not let them do everything as they can still be wounded and you will likely die trying to revive them in combat.
  • Consider doing this with a human partner, as you can co-ordinate your attacks better.
  • Make good use of the cover system. You should always be in cover while in a firefight.
  • Be smart with your use of Overkill. Try to save it for when you are pinned down, or when you need to revive your partner. Don't waste it, using it just because you want easy kills, you may regret it when you need it.
Deep Pockets100
Buy all Weapons, Tattoos, Masks and Outfits   (19) 

This will likely be the final achievement that you will unlock as you will need to do multiple playthroughs to earn enough money to purchase everything. As well as the 30 guns and 19 outfits detailed above, you will need to purchase 22 tattoos and 56 masks.

19 of the tattoos are readily unlocked from the beginning, but you will need to attain a certain rank to unlock some of them, before you can purchase them. You will need to reach at least rank 23 to unlock the rank specific ones. The final 3 tattoos that you will need to unlock and purchase are all unlocked after you have completed the game on any difficulty. Each tattoo costs $1,500.

38 of the masks will already be unlocked from the beginning, but as always, you will need to reach a certain rank to unlock some of them. You will need to reach the maximum rank of 25 to have unlocked them all. Besides these there are 17 that you will unlock for completing the game on any difficulty and 1 final mask that is unlocked for completing the game on Insane difficulty.

After you have purchased every single purchasable item, you will unlock this achievement. If you happen to have bought the Overkill Edition of the game, you will have access to 'Contracts Mode' where you can earn a lot of money in a short time. The video below details this method;

Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

Army Of TWO™75
Perform 250 Flank, Surprise and/or Tag Team kills   (1) 

To perform any of these kills, you need to kill enemies who are not directly shooting at you. A Flank kill is when you kill someone from the side, who your partner is currently engaging. A Surprise kill is when you kill someone who is un-aware of your presence. A Tag Team kill is when you and your partner both cause damage to an enemy at the same time, to kill them.

You will know when you have successfully performed any of these kills as they appear on screen, after you have killed an enemy in one of these ways. To unlock this achievement, you must kill 250 enemies in any of these manners. These will accumulate over time as you play through the campaign. This will likely unlock without you realizing it, sometime towards the end of your first playthrough.

You took the Aggro for 100 Flank kills   (1) 

To successfully take the Aggro for a kill you need to have the enemies attention aimed at you. To do this, you need to keep shooting at them and use load powerful weapons, like shotguns and LMGs. While you have the enemies attention, your partner needs to then kill any that are shooting at you and Flank kill them. You will know when you have performed one of these kills successfully, as the word 'Bait' will appear on-screen informing you that you were the bait for your partners kill. Do this 100 times for the achievement.

Perform 100 Headshots   (1) 

To unlock this achievement you need to kill 100 people with headshots. You should use an accurate weapon like an assault rifle, or sniper rifle and aim for the head as often as you can. After your 100th successful headshot, the achievement will unlock.

Blood Sport25
Perform 100 melee kills   (3) 

To melee kill an enemy, you need to be close to them and press . Doing this will cause you to kill your enemy with your knife, in a small animation. Sometimes, these enemies can fight back and you will need to mash repeatedly to overcome them. Any and all melee kills count towards this and after you have killed your 100th enemy with your knife, the achievement will unlock.

Just a scratch25
You didn’t go wounded once in a mission (medium, hard or insane)    (16) 

To unlock this achievement, you need to complete a full mission, without ever going into wounded state, while playing on at least Medium difficulty. Of course, this would be easiest done on Medium difficulty and you can reload any of the missions you have completed, that you find easiest and finish them on Medium without being wounded to unlock this achievement. If you do get wounded and need to be revived, then you must restart the entire mission again.

*Note, a good mission to obtain this is 'Last Resort' as it is only 2 chapters long, so if you do go wounded, there isn't too much to have to repeat.

Combo Master30
Perform a x10 Co-op Combo   (13) 

To unlock this achievement, you will need to perform Co-Op combos, until you have a x10 combo. This achievement is quite difficult, but the best places to obtain this are when you get to choose whether you operate a turret, either on the back of a truck while your partner drives, or in the helicopter, where your partner stays on the ground.

This is easiest unlocked during the mission 'Assault', when you are in the quarry. You should choose to operate the mounted mini-gun on the helicopter and shoot at every enemy you see, possibly using Overkill if you have it ready. The achievement should unlock after killing around 10 enemies here. If you do not unlock it, you can reload the checkpoint to try again.

Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

Melee all day!10
Perform a melee kill while you're in Overkill   (1) 

To get into Overkill, you will need to kill enemies until your Overkill meter on the right hand side fills up. Then you need to press and you will go into Overkill, where you will become invincible for a short time. While you're in this mode, you need to run up to an enemy and press and you will melee kill them, violently, unlocking the achievement.

Cover Hopper10
Perform 10 cover to cover transition in a row   (5) 

To get in cover, you need to look at an object, then press to stick to the object. While you are in cover, look at another object, or wall then press again to run from your current position to the new position, and get in cover. This is classed as 1 transition. to unlock this achievement, you must do this 10 times in a row. You will need to find to pieces of cover and transition between them, 10 times, back and forth, until the achievement unlocks.

This can be unlocked during the tutorial.

TWO heads10
Complete a mission (excluding New Blood) with a human partner   (10) 

To unlock this achievement, you must play any mission, besides the tutorial, with a human Co-Op partner. This does not require Xbox LIVE, as you can do it in split-screen with a second controller. If you do need to find someone to do this with please consult the Co-Op partner thread.

Secret Achievements
Let's do this10
Complete New Blood    (3) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Simply complete the first mission, in the training room.

Now what?10
Complete Cause and Effect    (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete Rally Point    (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed.

From bad to worse10
Complete Outside Contact    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Massacre in Paradise10
Complete Last Resort    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Forgive our sins10
Complete Salvation    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Behind enemies lines10
Complete Enemy Territory    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Drugs are for losers10
Complete Narco Hell    

Story related, cannot be missed.

War comes home10
Complete Assault    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Revenge is a bitch10
Complete Confrontation    

Story related, cannot be missed.

And now what?25
Complete the Campaign    (1) 

Story related, cannot be missed. Simply complete the campaign, on any difficulty.

David vs. Goliath10
Kill 10 Brutes in Physical Confrontation   (8) 

You will recognize Brutes, as they are clad in heavy armor and use shotguns or LMG's later into the game, while they slowly walk towards your position. To unlock this achievement, you will need to kill 10 of them with a melee attack. To do this, run up to them and press and you will start a confrontation, where you will have to mash fast to kill them.

Note: You can kill Brutes in melee without a confrontation by melee attacking them while in overkill. This will kill them instantly, without causing the confrontation and thus killing Brutes in this manner, will not count towards this achievement.

Party Pooper10
Kill 3 targets with 1 grenade   (4) 

To unlock this achievement, you need to kill 3 targets with just 1 grenade. A good place to do this is during the mission Salvation, after you reach the church and are discovered. Immediately upon gaining control after the cutscene, look left and 5 enemies will run out of a door and take position behind various pillars. Try to throw a grenade somewhere in the middle of them all and kill at least 3 to unlock this achievement.

Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

Kill 3 targets or more using an explosive object in any level   (9) 

To unlock this achievement, you need to kill at least 3 enemies by shooting an explosive barrel, that can be found during numerous missions. They are almost always red and are either barrels, or gas canisters. A good mission to attempt this is 'Narco Hell' as you are making your way through the drug labs. There are a lot of explosive barrels lying around, so try to allow enemies to congregate around one of them and blow it up.

Thanks to 'gomillerd' for the video.

Backstabbing Bastard10
Perform 50 Backstabs   (3) 

To unlock this achievement, you will need to backstab 50 enemies. To do this, you just need to melee them from behind, by either sneaking up on them, or flanking them. You will know it is a backstab kill, as it will appear on screen, informing you.

Art is not a crime10
Create your own Custom Mask   (2) 

See "Michelangelo".

Apply the maximum number of layers on a customized mask   (3) 

To customize a mask, you must go the the armory, found on the main menu, then go to customize operative, then custom masks.

You will need to apply 12 layers to your mask, then press to save it.

Demolition Derby10
Destroy 50 cars   (4) 

As simple as it sounds, just destroy any cars that you see during the campaign. You can destroy them however you want, with your guns, or explosives.

Money Shot10
Headshot a target while blind firing   (5) 

To blind fire, you just need to shoot from cover, without popping up and aiming, only pressing so that you shoot, blindly. A crosshair will appear on the screen when you are shooting and hitting a target, so you can still somewhat aim at the head or upper torso. This is of course, less accurate than aiming, but you only need 1 for the achievement.

And stay down10
Perform 10 melee kills on wounded targets   (2) 

You will know a target is wounded, if they are on the floor, crawling away. To melee them, you need to run up to them and press while they are still crawling, to kill them.

Fashion Police10
Perform 50 Hat Shots   (8) 

To unlock this achievement, you must shoot the hat off the head of an enemy. To do this, just aim for the head and if you are successful, you will see the hat fly off their head. You must do this 50 times to unlock the achievement.

Players simultaneously killed 2 unaware targets   (3) 

To unlock this achievement, you and your partner need to kill 2 targets at the same time, while the targets are unaware. To unlock this with the AI would be very difficult, but it is possible. It is recommended that you do this with a human partner, either in split-screen or online.

A good place to unlock this is during the mission 'Cause and Effect'. The first enemies you will come across, there will only be 2 of them, and they are looking away from your position. You need to line up a headshot on both targets and shoot at the same time, so that they both die instantly and have no chance to raise an alarm. Once they are both dead, the achievement will unlock.

First Blood10
Make your first kill as a rookie (in Cause and Effect mission)    (3) 

This achievement is earned, during the mission Cause and Effect and will unlock as you first encounter 2 patrolling guards that you will have to take out.

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