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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 16 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 16/16 (200/200)
- Online: 0/16 (0/200)
- Approximate amount of time to 10003-6 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Career mode.)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 7 or 8.


Asphalt 5 is a unique racing game that boasts fairly good graphics and a wide variety of racing events. You can choose from one of 30 cars to race across 12 unique locations, from Aspen to Athens. The game offers a meaty Career Mode (where you will be earning most of the achievements) and also a Quick Race mode. Currently the game is listed at $2.99 in the Marketplace.

NOTE: You can check your progress towards all achievements under the "Achievements" tab of the main menu.

General tips

- At any given time, you will have around 3 or 4 new events available to race in. If you are having trouble with one, skip it and come back to it later with a better car. 

- Always upgrade your current car fully. There is plenty of cash in this game, no need to conserve it. 

- You do not need to purchase each new car you unlock from the Garage. You will probably need to buy about every third or fourth car, however, to make the events easier. 

- Always take shortcuts! They are a huge advantage, as the CPU cannot take them. 

- Concentrate on not hitting walls as they slow you down significantly. 

- For the Cop Chase (Elimination) events, always try to eliminate a car at the very start of the race. If you do not, just restart. The hardest Cop Chase event IMO (since you do not actually have to complete the one in New York) is the one in San Francisco, only because there are only a few places in the stage where a elimination is easy, mostly due to the lack of long stretches of walls on the street edges. Also, it is good to keep going after the same car you eliminate right at the start. That way you spend less time chasing, and more time actually eliminating.

- Your main focus of the competitive events should be boosting between boost power ups. They are placed such that you can continuously have the first level of boost active if pick them all up. 

- For Cash Attack events, it is easiest just to complete one lap causing as much destruction as possible. At some point on the second lap you will lose your wanted level (police will stop following you) if you are careful. You can then earn the rest of the cash just by drifting in a circle, as there is no time limit. See the "Japanese Soul" achievement for drifting tips. Once you reach the required amount of cash, finish your current lap to complete the event. 

- For the drifting events, just find a wide spot in the road during your first lap and drift in a circle until you get the required score. Then finish your current lap to complete the event.

Step 1: Play Career Mode:
Play through Career Mode. Most of the achievements will unlock along the way to reaching level 49 to unlock all the cars, which will be the last achievement. You will have a bit of a grind to get there after completing all events in Career Mode.

Step 2: Mop-up:
Complete whatever miscellaneous achievements you may have remaining. There should be very few left. 

This completion is straightforward. All achievements can be earned in Career Mode, and only a few will require some additional thought. Some of the events can be frustrating (mostly just the Cop Chase events), but overall, the game is not too challenging. There are several control options and camera angles. I urge you to find the combination that you are most comfortable with. Following some of the tips below and this guide, you should have no problem completing this game in less than 6 hours. 

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Win 1 event in career mode.   

Just win any Career Mode event. Winning just requires that you are awarded a trophy, so for races you just need to come in the top three.

Discover 1 shortcut.   

You just need to take one shortcut. Each level has "secret" paths that only you can take that will definitely help you in this game. They can be spotted on the map as the slightly thinner paths when the road splits.

Eliminate 5 opponent vehicles.   

This achievement will come with natural progression, as you must eliminate more than 5 enemies to get through Career Mode. It is cumulative and can be done across multiple events. To eliminate an opponent, you basically must drive up next to them and slam them sideways into a wall. You get cash for this and they are out of action for a good ten seconds. The game cuts to a special camera when you get a successful elimination.

Japenese Soul5
Get 1,000 points from a single drift.   

You need to get a total score of 1,000 points from a single drift. When you start a drift, the score will show as it accumulates. This achievement is fairly difficult to obtain in normal gameplay. ISAAC1982 has come up with an effective method to get this achievement, which can be found HERE. It takes a little practice, but this is the best method.

Speed Demon10
Reach 407 KM/H or 250 MPH   

This will no doubt come with natural progression, but cannot be obtained until around Level 20, when you are able to purchase and tune a car to have a high enough top speed and boost level. Just try to not hit any walls and use lots of boost. By the end of Career Mode, you can practically cruise with any high-level car at over 250 MPH without even using boost. With boost, you can top out at 400+ MPH, earning this achievement with ease.

Urban Manace10
Destroy 200 track objects   

This achievement will come early through Career Mode, unless of course you are a super slow, cautious driver. Scattered around the tracks are objects which can be destroyed for cash. Each time you hit one, an "Urban Menace" notification pops up. Destroyable objects include such things as signs, cones, street lights, benches, chairs, etc. Though it does earn you money, destroying property does catch the attention of the police and they will chase you for it.

Pick up 100 power ups   

This will come early into Career Mode. Power ups litter the streets of all the events and appear as the out-of-place floating orbs. They include boost energy, money, and repair wrenches.

Win an event in 6 different locations   

You just need to win any single event on 6 of the games 12 event locations. You will get this towards the middle of Career Mode when you get your first win in San Francisco.

Traffic Jammer10
Crash 50 traffic cars   

You may or may not get this achievement by the time you complete Career Mode. The only cars that count towards this achievement are traffic cars, not ones taking part in the events. They also must be on your side of the road, going (slowly) in the same direction you are. When you hit one, the other car will get pushed out of the way and you will get a "Traffic Control" notification. Head-on collisions do not count. If you really try for this, you can get 10 or more per event.

Spend $1,000,000 on vehicles   

You need to spend a cumulative total of $1,000,000 on purchasing/upgrading vehicles. This will come with progression, as you likely wont be able to easily win events unless you keep buying better and better cars and upgrades.

Destroy 20 police vehicles   

This will likely come with completing the Career Mode. Destroying a police car simply means eliminating it. This is quite easy to obtain as the police will chase you a lot of the time and they tend to pull up slowly right beside you, making for an easy ram into the wall. If you use the method mentioned in the "Petrol Head" achievement, you will get this as your unattended car will destroy several police cars on its way to finishing the event, without you even playing. All events can have police cars, except Cop Chase events, in which you ARE the police.

Win $5,000,000   

See "Petrol Head."

Petrol Head20
Unlock all vehicles   

Vehicles unlock when you level up (by earning money). To unlock the last car, the Ferrari FXX, you must simply reach Level 49. Upon winning all Career Mode events, you will be around Level 30-35. A great method to boost these last 15-20 levels is use a tip discovered by ISAAC1982 which can be found HERE. This method allows you to level up rapidly, earning roughly $1,000,000 every 20 minutes. To reach Level 49 requires roughly $7-8 million cumulatively earned cash. If using the method above, I found it easiest just to set the phone down (with auto-accelerate enabled) and let your car automatically complete races. This overall is a bit slower than actually playing the levels, but requires only that your hit "Retry" after each event. I found the best and quickest event for this method to be the Athens Time Attack. If not playing, the level only takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete and you consistently earn $75,000. 

The "Millionaire" achievement will unlock between Level 40-43 during your grind as it only requires you to earn $5,000,000.

Unlock all girls   

There are 5 girls to unlock throughout the career mode, which you do simply by leveling up (earning money). The last one, Liz, unlocks at Level 30 and should always be picked thereafter to provide the maximum boost to your speed and money earned.

Unlock all tracks   

Tracks are unlocked simply by winning events. You need to win enough events to unlock just one event on the last track, which is New York. You do not need to complete any more new events once you unlock this achievement. IMO the Cop Chase event in New York is the hardest, and most frustrating event in the game. Luckily you do not have to complete it.

Unlock all achievements and get a special prize in the garage   

This achievement unlocks instantly when you unlock all 15 of the other ones. Your special prize is the Caterham CSR vehicle, which becomes available for purchase after unlocking this achievement.

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