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Reach 100% synchronization in the Frontier.  

Sequence 1: Awaken

  • Kill 5 Bluecoats at the church while remaining undetected.
    Make sure you do not use any weapons to kill the guards. When you jump off the tree, run past your mother into the hay cart to the right. Jump in and kill the first guard using Next run all the way to the left of the cemetery and kill the guard right next to the broken wall. There will be two people in front of you now. Wait until the bluecoat patrolling goes behind the building and kill him. To go to the left corner of the building and whistle to get the bluecoat who is crouching to walk over to you. Kill him. Go back to the haycart and kill the guy by the bushes on the other side of the wall. If you kill the guy by the bushes, make sure the patrolling bluecoat is on the other side of the building. Kill the one standing then wait for the patrolling one to come back around and turn his back to you. Walk up and kill him. The challenge should be complete and there will be no timer. You are now free to kill everyone else and continue the sequence without stealth.
  • Prevent any Bluecoat reinforcements from reaching Concord.
    When you are manning the cannon, make sure you do not worry about the people shooting at you. Only worry about those on the main road. Just lead your shots a little bit (anticipate a second delay before the shot hits) and you should be able to complete this no problem. After you hit the first shot, enemies will be in fields and on the roof of the building to the east. You have time to kill the bluecoats on the rooftop before the next wave comes. If you time your shots correctly you can also take out the men on the ground while taking out a wave of enemies. You do not need to worry about the foot soldiers shooting at you however.
  • Do not permit any Bluecoat runners to light a fuse
    The runners carry torches and are marked with larger circles on your minimap. You don't have to worry about the other bluecoats. There's only about 6 that may attack you. Just run at the runners with your Tomahawk or if they get too far away use your bow and arrow.

Sequence 2: Warn the Village

  • None.

Sequence 3: Sky World Journey

  • Don't touch any rocks during slides.
    Tad tricky because it's hard to see anything. You have to slide down a hill 3 times and the notification about the objective will appear before you go down each. None of them are too hard to slide down. Just steer with the right stick and you should be able to do it.
  • Kill the Elk without alerting it.
    Press and cloak. Then walk up to the elk and hit .

Sequence 4: One-Man Wolf Pack

  • Kill 2 bluecoats with a single arrow
    Walk around until you find two bluecoats standing side by side. Hold down then fire to make the shot more powerful. Hopefully you will kill them both. Easiest spot I found was as soon as the challenge pops. There will be two bluecoats running up a hill. Follow them until they reach the top. They will be walking single file and you have a perfect opportunity to kill them both.
  • Kill the runner by calling the Wolf Pack
    Hit as soon as the challenge appears and the enemy is highlighted to kill him with your wolves.

Sequence 5: Path of Revenge

  • Use no stalking bushes during the eavesdrop.
    Do not even touch the shrubs and plants in the area. Instead jump into the pile of hay. When the soldiers move, hit to become invisible and jump out of the hay and move to the haycart. Stay there until they move and then turn invisible again. This time go jump into the well. If done correctly you should have successfully eavesdropped on the soldiers by the time you reach the well.

Sequence 6: Justice Served

  • Free the bear without killing or alerting the guards.
    After you chase Benedict Arnold, there will be a bear in a cage. Use your Wolf Cloak and and walk over to the cage. Hold to open the cage and then leave the circle.
  • Stay undetected in the fort.
    Use your Wolf Cloak and you can basically walk straight up to Benedict Arnold and stab him. Use the bushes to regain health if it gets low. You don't technically have to kill any of the bluecoats.

The best way to do these challenges is to ride a horse between the two towns in the middle. There is a set place for a wolf attack and several starving citizens spawns. Convoys spawn less commonly but they do appear. You can always reload the area if you don't find a second convoy after a while.

Attack 5 Convoys
Convoys are randomly spawning. You can find them by the moving red square. You will have to kill about 10 bluecoats and then open the cages for it to count. The most common locations for them to spawn are in towns.

Help 5 Starving Civillians
There will be an indicator on the map. You just need to walk up to the person and press .

Attack 5 Packs of Wolves
You can't just kill any wolves. There will be an indicator to show you where the wolves are attacking the citizen. There will be 3 wolves each time. There is however a rare chance that you will also have to protect the civilian from bluecoats.

Find the Lucid Memory Artifact
There are three artifacts in total.

  • In a burnt out tavern on your way to the first missions.
  • On the top of fort you are at during Mission 5.
  • When you finish the game you will be in a U shaped town. It is along the river to the right of this town (top of the map, mid right).
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User Comments
Comment #1 by The Red Russian
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 06:23:35 PM

I wonder what this means?

Comment #2 by BiggD
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 06:31:00 PM

Probably some new missions in the Frontier that we'll be tasked to 100%.

Don't quote me, I could me wrong. Just my assumption.

Comment #3 by muziklord
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 07:05:00 PM

probably just do every optional objectives because there's not much of addition (ex. feathers) as I heard

Comment #4 by yearsinthemaking05
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 08:13:13 PM

I'm sure it's 100% sync on all missions, side-quests, and gather all collectibles if any. As if the retail version wasn't bad enough, they continue to torture us with more 100% sync achievements...

Comment #5 by Saracin
Monday, January 28, 2013 @ 09:11:12 PM

I'm gonna assume its both doing everything from the core game and anything new in the DLC related to the Frontier based on it being worth 40 points.

Comment #6 by Hybridchld
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 03:25:27 AM

Given this is set in an alternative timeline its probably an all new alternative version of the frontier with new missions and a new hunting map... yay ¬_¬

Comment #7 by inmate00187
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 07:19:36 AM

Sarcasm 101: I am sooooo looking forward to running around chasing rabbits and beavers again!

Comment #8 by baddkar
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 11:16:23 AM

#5 is probably right. It seems like the one from ACB where the DLC gave you the 100% sync achievement when there wasn't one in the retail game.

Comment #9 by Jaskier
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 11:52:28 AM

@8 - but there is an achievement in the main game (worth 50 points) for filling the DNA bar which boils down to getting 100% completion.

Comment #10 by AMoDo94
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 01:57:56 PM

50 looks better than 40!

Comment #11 by The Red Russian
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 @ 03:55:19 PM

Yeah, there's already an achievement for completing all progress tracker grid entries... AKA 100-percenting the game... since I got that, they must be adding new collectible/mission content (naturally, it is a DLC after all) – but the wording of this achievement is strange.

Comment #12 by Cr8zGamer
Saturday, February 02, 2013 @ 07:41:48 PM

#8 the achievement requirement said Frontier nothing on the core game whats so ever

when ACB, "il Principe" said both 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance

So stating that, everything will be in the Frontier since that the main focus (maybe some will be in cities)

Comment #13 by The Cipriani
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 @ 08:28:27 PM

oh joy ... more DLC :/

Comment #14 by SloMoo
Friday, February 15, 2013 @ 12:44:27 AM

@ #7 thats way to funny!

I finally finished all of the achievements in the main game yesterday. I'm not feeling up to more collection crap right now, but since I purchase the seasons pass i'll have to slog through whatever BS they throw at us in the dlc. can't wait!

Comment #15 by Dragonhunter990
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 03:55:11 PM

I just got it. Basically just 100% sync "The Infamy". This includes the 6 main memories, 15 citizen missions:

- attack convoys and free the captives (5x)
- feed hungry citizens (5x)
- save a citizen attacked by wolfs (5x)

and 1 extra mission.

Since "The Infamy" was in the Frontier, and "The Betrayal" is going to be in Boston, I think "The Betrayal" will have an achievement to reach 100% sync in Boston, and "The Redemption" will have an achievement to reach 100% sync in New York.
Just a guess, could be wrong.

Comment #16 by Lieber
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 07:07:52 PM

@15 You are completely right.

Comment #17 by bad johnny law
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 07:40:53 PM

Anybody have the locations of the "Citizens attacked by wolves"? I've got everything except 2 of those.

Comment #18 by Davgig OSOK
Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @ 07:49:43 PM

#17: there's not really a specific location, or at least there wasn't for me. Just run around in the fields and you should have them pop up. If you play the entire DLC without seeing enough, just go back in a sequence.

#15: extra mission = extra collectable.

Comment #19 by xX PredatorZ x
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 06:50:17 AM

Where can I find the convoys to attack???I found only two after completing everyting,but the convoys don't apear in the map,I just run around Concord and Lexington,but no convoy

Comment #20 by PluralAces
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 10:43:21 AM

@#19 just keep walking on an actual path, they will pop up eventually.

Comment #21 by PluralAces
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 10:44:43 AM

@15 you can go back and do all the side missions after the dlc is done as well

Comment #22 by HattonGaming
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 05:21:13 PM

All guides will be on my channel within the next 24 hours showing you how to get 100% sync on everything and how to get all the achievements.

My Youtube Channel: NiroGamingHD

I will have all the DLC AC3 uploaded showing in depth tutorials on how to gain 100% sync on missions and side missions with ease.

Comment #23 by Splinter4
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 12:34:33 AM

@ #22

A million thanks for those great guides. Very helpful.

Comment #24 by Splinter4
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 01:04:15 AM

Oh, and just in case anyone needs it... IGN actually has a good video for the "Lucid Memory Artifacts" locations.

Comment #25 by DR weasel
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 05:30:04 AM

Do we need chests as well because there's a lot of them.

Comment #26 by Dragonhunter990
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 10:23:15 AM

@25 No, you don't need them. I still got all of them, tough.

Comment #27 by Moshalisa
Friday, February 22, 2013 @ 10:44:11 AM

Pretty easy as 100% sync goes... Did all this dlc in about 3 hours. Just keep wandering around and everything you need will pop up eventually :)

Comment #28 by Infernal Satan
Monday, February 25, 2013 @ 06:37:03 PM

Tips for the eavesdropping mission: Kill other enemies, keep turning cloak on and off to replenish life bar, and jump into the well at the end.

Comment #29 by fluffycat
Monday, March 04, 2013 @ 01:55:31 AM

100 percent side and main misdions pretty easy

Comment #30 by HAHAROFLMAO
Saturday, March 09, 2013 @ 02:19:47 PM

Very easy 40G
Only Main Mission that could possibly give you trouble is the first mission where you have to use the cannon and prevent the fuse being ignited. I suggest going back to this mission when you have ammo for your gun so you can just shoot the runners if they're too far.

Comment #31 by jbarrett1981
Monday, April 15, 2013 @ 04:58:43 PM

Has anyone else had any issues with 'no bow'? I've gotten 100% on everythong execpt One-Man Wolf Pack because I have no bow to shoot. Its not visible on my back and when I select it on the weapons screen the circle in on the bottom of the screen showing the equipped weapon is pale blue and obviously will not work. Was I supposed to pick it up somewhere and missed it. Or did my just glitch up? Any advise will be much appreciated.

Comment #32 by shinobigarth
Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 01:58:46 AM

@30 the one with the runners was super easy, as soon as your mom announces them look on the map and make a bee line for them with a melee weapon out and just mash X to quick kill them then look for the next one. just dont stop running. it was the other ones from that memory im having a hard time with

Comment #33 by Dav figo
Thursday, July 25, 2013 @ 06:40:32 AM

I don't know if it even could be usefull, but if someone still need to save citizens, I've found a spot where the wolves spawn. It isn't marked on the map, but if you go exactly south-east from the big lake at north of the middle city (lexington? not sure), you will found'em between two trees ;)

Comment #34 by Jenrai
Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 10:37:52 AM

This is ****ed up. I've just hit one of the first two riders with a cannon shot... and I mean I hit him, literally, and he didn't fall off his horse but the bloke behind him did and he made it to reinforce Lexington. Bollocks achievement. Stupidly impossible.

Comment #35 by jbarrett1981
Sunday, November 09, 2014 @ 06:54:32 AM

Really???? After over a year no one else has had this isses??? -@#30

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