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If I Can Make It There

Reach 100% synchronization in New York.  

In order to reach 100% synchronization in New York, you will have to complete a total of 8 Sequences, 4 Side Missions, and recover 3 Lucid Memory Artifacts. Here's the breakdown of each requirement:

Sequence 1: Dark Waters

  • Successfully brace when attacked (5 times).
    There is no timer during this part of the Sequence, so it is suggested to complete the constraint before destroying any of the four vessels. Set your mast to half sail and head right towards the enemy ships. Right before they fire their cannons at you, a red beacon in the water will show the direction of their cannon fire. Quickly tap to have you and your crew brace from the incoming attack. Once Connor safely evades five attacks, proceed to destroy all four ships. Remember to use your cannons () for the three larger ships, and your swivel gun () for the one small ship.
  • Do not hit any rocks in the minefield.
    Make sure to heed Faulkner's warning and not shoot at any of the mines, otherwise it will blow your cover. With this in mind, begin sailing towards the right of the minefield. You can clear the first line of mines easily by taking this route. Continue onward towards the left, and be careful with the rogue winds. You'll be sailing down a narrow strip of water with rocks on your right and mines on your left. Just as you're about to clear the minefield, another rogue wind will hit your ship so be careful not to hit the rocks on your right. Once you exit this narrow strip of water, the constraint is completed.
  • Destroy 80% of Washington's armada in the upper bay.
    This constraint is fairly straightforward, just destroy every ship you see in the immediate area ahead of you. Begin by following Faulkner's command of shooting the mines to destroy the smaller ships right in front of the Aquila. After dealing with them, you will be attacked by about half a dozen ships and a Man-of-War. Use your different cannon shots wisely to tackle each type of ship and be sure to use the waves and your evades to dodge incoming fire. A small cutscene will occur as soon as you complete the constraint.

Sequence 2: Sky World Journey

  • Do not touch the ground.
    After removing the first spear from the bear spirit, you must use the Eagle Flight ability to travel across a couple of data-formed platforms to reach the second spear. After removing this spear, you will follow the same pattern to get to the third and fourth. Simply fly to each platform to reach each spear. Be sure not to walk off or run off the data-formed platforms or you will fail the constraint.
  • Do not take damage from Washington's guards.
    This is extremely simple because the Bear Might ability has a large blast radius. Start running towards the figure of Washington and tap when you begin to get surrounded by the guards. You should be able to reach the tyrant without any trouble from the guards. When you reach Washington, follow the on screen command to use Bear Might on him.

Sequence 3: The Parting of the Blue Sea

  • Kill 50 Bluecoats.
    During this Sequence, be sure to use all of your supernatural powers to your advantage. The Wolf Pack ability will help take down up to three guards at once, but remember that it will take a while to recharge. Bear Might will prove to be extremely helpful for clearing out multiple enemies at once so try to group the guards together before executing the powerful attack. Just make sure to keep an eye on your health as Bear Might drains a significant amount of health. Lastly, use Eagle Flight to reach the Bluecoat snipers on the ledges above the fort before they take out your ally or kill you with their deadly accurate shots. The Sequence will end once you have opened the front gate so make sure you have completed this constraint before destroying the fourth gate.

Sequence 4: Feeding The Masses

  • Kill Fitzwilliams while remaining undetected.
    The easiest way to kill the target without getting noticed is to use a combination of your Wolf Cloak and Eagle Flight abilities. Use Eagle Flight to reach the top of the metal gate right in front of you. You will notice Fitzwilliams has a red marker above his person, which will allow you to track his movement from afar. He will usually pace back and forth between the larger building and the small roofed area in front of the gate. Once he enters the roofed area in front of you, drop down from the gate and quickly activate Wolf Cloak. From here, you can quickly sneak up to him and assassinate him without alerting any guards. Remember to have your hidden blades equip to prevent things from getting messy.
  • Do not let the cart's state dip below 50%
    Follow the steps detailed in the following constraint and you should be able to finish the Sequence with both constraints complete in one playthrough.
  • Perform 3 Double-Eagle Assassinations.
    Make sure your hidden blade is equip during this part of the Sequence or you may miss the opportunity to score the double assassinations on the guards. The first two enemies you encounter line up right next to each other down the street. Zoom in with to highlight either guard and tap to swoop in for the double assassination. Quickly turn your attention to the two snipers of the roofs above you before the damage the cart. After taking care of the snipers, another pair of guards will line up down the street. Use the same method as before to achieve your second double assassination. As soon as you eliminate this duo, there will be two more snipers on the building to your left, but this time they are grouped together. Quickly zoom in on them and use Eagle Flight to score your last Double-Eagle Assassination. After taking out this last pair of guards, the cart will be ambushed by two guards and a sniper southwest of your position. Quickly take out the nearest guard with an Eagle-Assassination. The second guard will hop on top of the cart so be ready to eliminate him as well. Once the two enemies on the ground are taken out, you can then Eagle-Assassinate the sniper on the roof. You will eventually come to stop and the cart driver will ask you to blow up the barrels that are blocking the road. Disregard his command for now as you get ambushed yet again by multiple ground troops. Most of them will come down the street from the north, while others will drop down from the rooftops. Take them out quickly with the weapon of your choosing and remember to use the Wolf Pack ability if it's available. After eliminating all the guards, destroy the barrels in the road and the proceed down the street safely.

Sequence 5: One Step At A Time

  • No Constraints to complete

Sequence 6: The Signal

  • Save at least 3 firing squad victims.
    When you approach the yellow marker, remain hidden on the rooftops. Equip your Eagle Flight or Bear Might and assassinate any of the guards below. The other guards in the area will take their attention off the firing squad victims and begin attacking you. Remember to also use your Wolf Pack to help clear out the area quicker. After taking out all the guards in this area, rescue the tied up victims and the constraint is complete.
  • Reach the tower using only chained Eagle Flights.
    This may be quite tricky and will require multiple tries. As soon as you regain control of Conner, use Eagle Flight to soar to the buildings above. You will need to hit right before you land on a building to chain your flight to your next location. Try to stay towards the left of the roof tops while chaining your flights in order to prevent any unnecessary detours. Once you near the tower, your last two flights should be to the flag pole on the fort's raised wall, and the platform on the stone tower. Once you land safely on the tower, the constraint is complete.
  • Kill 5 guards with one use of Bear Might.
    Allow the guards within the camp to spot you in order to get their full attention. Now proceed to lure 5 or more guards into combat and when they are all grouped together, use Bear Might to eliminate all of them at once. There are plenty of guards in the camp so if you do not get it right away on your first attempt, you'll have a few more opportunities to try again.

Sequence 7: Halls of Injustice

  • Do not kill any animals in Washington's zoo.
    As soon as you open up the way to the zoo room, you should focus on eliminating all the guards on the bridge. After cleaning up the Bluecoats, there will be three clues to search for in this area. The first clue will be in the bear's territory. When the bear has its back turned to you, drop down into its space and activate Wolf Cloak and Eagle Vision to locate the clue in the corner of his territory. Once you find the clue, tap to examine it. On the other side of the bridge, the other two clues, and a small bobcat, await your attention. Activate your Cloak and Vision again to locate the second clue in the back corner of this area. The last clue will be the metal door on the wall opposite the bridge. Once you examine the metal door, Connor will see a short flashback of his mother escaping the zoo. After viewing the flashback, enter through the metal gate and proceed into the temple.
  • Open the throne room door in under 1 minute.
    You'll have about a minute to open the throne room door. After dropping down from the floor above, eliminate all the guards in the hallway and approach the staircase on the opposite side of the room. The throne room door will be directly in front of you. However, in order to open it, you will need to shift your attention to the glowing puzzle at the bottom of the stairs. Simply twist the three layers of the metal puzzle so that when they align, the keyhole is revealed.

Sequence 8: Inevitable Confrontation

  • No Constraint to complete.

Attack Convoy:

  • For this Side Mission, you must attack a total of 3 convoys around the area of New York and set their captives free. While roaming around the city, you will get a notice on your screen that there is enemy convoy nearby. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards it. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

Help the Hungry:

  • For this Side Mission, you must feed a total of 6 civilians around New York. While roaming around the city, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who needs some food. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

Rescue Civilian:

  • For this Side Mission, you will need to save a total of 3 civilians before they are executed by Bluecoat guards. While roaming around New York, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who must be rescued. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

Wolf Rescue:

  • For this Side Mission, you must defend 3 civilians who are being attacked by a few Bluecoat guards. While roaming around New York, you will get a notice on your screen that there is civilian nearby who is in dire need of your help. Open up your map, and set a waypoint towards them. You can work on this during or after the storyline. There seems to be a set location near the top right area of the district that you can keep revisiting to complete this Side Mission (see picture below).

Lucid Memory Artifacts:

  • The Cape/Robe
    During Sequence 6, you will come to a point where you must topple the tower using your Bear Might ability. Before doing this, check out the camp to the north where you can find a few tents and wooden tables near a dozen of guards. After defeating all the guards, you can inspect the glowing cape/robes on a table nearby (pictured below, bottom-left of the map).
  • The Black Crate
    Towards the top right of the district, there will be a large white church. At the top of the church, you will find a black crate with a small object on resting on top. Tap to analyze the small object to see a picture of Desmond's final event of the main game (pictured below, top-right on the map).
  • The Gallows
    Towards the top left of Washington's Temple, you will find yourself among the burned downed houses of New York. In this general area, scout out the empty lot about two streets north of the temple and one street over to the west. Here, you will find the Gallows where Connor was hanged during Sequence 8 of the main game (pictured below, top-left of the map).

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User Comments
Comment #1 by halomike927
Tuesday, April 09, 2013 @ 01:53:04 PM

getting 100% in the first two parts of the mad king george dlc was not so bad, bring it on.

Comment #2 by sarge5766
Friday, April 12, 2013 @ 08:53:18 PM

i will never 100% this game. I TOTALLY HATE this eagle crap. it is so lame!!!!!! seriously.

Comment #3 by Langerz97
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 @ 12:00:32 PM

This shouldn't be very hard at all seeing as 100% in The Frontier and Boston was an easy job

Comment #4 by silverkngt101
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 @ 05:37:53 PM

Too easy, I expected more. Maybe it was just all the extra powers that made it easy.

Comment #5 by kcirtap88
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 12:58:26 AM

Agreed. Having all three powers definitely helped. I think this wa the quickest of all 3 chapters for me. I did struggle a bit with guarding the carriage. That last shooter kept holding me back a few times.

Comment #6 by DerDaddy104
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 06:41:12 PM

Pretty hard getting sinking 80% of Washington's Armada during the naval mission. Keep an eye on your ship's health. You need to sink enough ships before your health reaches roughly 25%

Comment #7 by darkmikasonfire
Wednesday, April 24, 2013 @ 08:31:53 PM

Thanks #6, I didn't get that one. I didn't know how it went about deciding when to end the fight it made me mad I was one shot away from having it I believe (only had 1 of the big guys and 2 small ones, the big one almost dead). Now I know how to go about this. woot, I'm going to try and kill all of them, shouldn't be too hard, wish the ship hull upgrades were kept from the main story :-/

Comment #8 by Jake317
Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 02:10:32 PM

Do the treasure chests count towards this, one of mine is glitched and wont open. I really hope I don't have to replay this for 1 stupid chest.

Comment #9 by mitcho2013
Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 07:54:30 PM

I can't find those Rescue Civilian missions!

Comment #10 by Pariwi816
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 02:52:19 AM

Treasures do not count towards this. Plus, it isn't a glitch that some stay on the map, it is like this so you can choose to have either the best club or the best sword, because when you open the chests, they give you them, and they're the ones that are "glitched". I chose washington's sword over the club...

Comment #11 by Service2k0
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 09:24:57 AM

@#9 there's one rescue civ mission in the south-east near the docks, directly opposite the fort on the map, there's a convoy next to it

Comment #12 by mitcho2013
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 02:37:11 PM

Where are the others?

Comment #13 by mitcho2013
Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 02:55:07 PM

I can't find the one at the dock

Comment #14 by Zauce Industries
Saturday, April 27, 2013 @ 08:14:26 PM

Missions -

Lucid memory -

Those should help. Other than that, only annoying part is defending civilians. Once you find one, just go away from them a bit and go back and it'll be there again.

Comment #15 by KilljoyIngle
Sunday, April 28, 2013 @ 10:00:31 AM

If you go west from the entrance of the pyramid, there's a rescue civilian on the dock. Once you've done it go away and come back 2 minutes later and it will respawn.

Comment #16 by CodSteaks
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 @ 09:22:18 AM

This is how I did most of them in Boston. Once you find a mission, just move away for a bit and keep coming back to the same spot.

Comment #17 by Jordan2433
Monday, May 06, 2013 @ 04:24:16 PM

I can't do the stupid food cart mission. I'm able to do the eagle assassinations (barely), but I can't keep the health above 50%. I'm highly disappointed with the optional objectives in Assassins Creed 3. They ruin the game.

Comment #18 by deevo420
Sunday, May 12, 2013 @ 12:50:53 PM

Anyone else experiencing a glitch in The Signal with optional quest of killing 5 people with one bear might. I looked it up and there is a known glitch. I have done this a bunch of times and it won't give it to me. Anyone know if there is a way to fix the glitch?

Comment #19 by R0KETM4N
Friday, July 05, 2013 @ 05:25:41 PM

#18 - having the same problem, it occurs when i'm replaying that mission. Haven't found a way around it yet ... very pissed off right now, anyone else?

Comment #20 by deevo420
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 @ 04:12:19 PM

Still have not figured out a way to make it work ????????????????????

Comment #21 by Prok
Wednesday, May 06, 2015 @ 05:47:43 AM

If anyone comes here still with The Signal Bear Might glitch, the problem seems to be that you have to interact or destroy the explosive barrels at the base of the tower first. Even though you can press Back and see the Optional Objective it isn't actually active until you interact with those barrels. Then it should pop up and be ready to do.

You have to do it before you fully destroy the tower though. Not too far down the edge of the river is a large pack of guards in an easy spot.

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