Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Achievements

Strong Closer

Take the lead 10 seconds before the end of the session and go on to win (Multiplayer Only).  

You cannot be in first place when there is 10 seconds remaining on the timer. It has to be the last 10 seconds of the game and not just the end of a round. When not in 1st place, take the lead in the last 10 seconds. This is hard to do legit, but with a high enough kill combo you may be able to get it with luck. Instead do it in a private match with a friend. Stay on the rooftops to avoid getting sucked into crowds thus earning blend points. You can do this with just 2 players in a Manhunt game.

Note: This achievement can be earned in private matches.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by In Touch
Thursday, November 25, 2010 @ 08:18:01 AM

I totally did got this in game, didn't unlock though. :(

Comment #2 by NightIMIare x360a
Friday, November 26, 2010 @ 05:39:42 PM

Same here. Did it again on the next game and then it unlocked. It might be a bit glitchy...
Msg me if help is needed. Bring at least 1 other player.

Comment #3 by BigJohn9397
Friday, November 26, 2010 @ 07:45:34 PM

@Nightmare I might have to take you up on that, but I don't have any other friends who have ACB yet... But can I still get some help with this one?

Comment #4 by NightIMIare x360a
Saturday, November 27, 2010 @ 09:25:13 AM

Yea sure

Comment #5 by I C U P GREEN
Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 09:57:26 AM

@Nightmare Can you help me out with this one also?

Comment #6 by Sid Viper
Sunday, November 28, 2010 @ 07:16:58 PM

It totally didn't give me the achievement either I took the lead like around 8 seconds or less and no achievement...

Comment #7 by Haseo DGX
Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 08:49:47 AM

I'm gonna need help with this one, too.

Comment #8 by NightIMIare x360a
Monday, November 29, 2010 @ 04:44:47 PM

If help is needed msg me. I need about 4 more bonuses fo abstergo achievement. So i f you scratch my back , I will scratch urs.

Comment #9 by RAGE OF VENUX
Tuesday, November 30, 2010 @ 05:25:06 PM

I need help on this achievent Add Me! My gamertag is my name

Comment #10 by DHc FiReHawK
Thursday, December 02, 2010 @ 02:55:41 PM

I killed someone the last second. Became first (equal score), but no achievement :(. I hate that.

Comment #11 by Bekinnetik
Saturday, December 04, 2010 @ 04:09:20 AM

I need help for this achievement... ! help me. i will help u back.

Comment #12 by Blackjoker107
Monday, December 06, 2010 @ 12:24:54 AM

Okay, here's what I did with a couple of friends who needed this. During a session, you must NOT take the lead throughout the session. Until the last 10 seconds of a session, that is when you take the lead.

Comment #13 by solarfear
Monday, December 06, 2010 @ 03:03:23 AM

I need this one down to help with eney others send me a friend req no kids only mature gamers only

Comment #14 by Bekinnetik
Wednesday, December 08, 2010 @ 02:45:00 AM

And it had to be right 10 seconds. not more or less...!
Does it unlock in private match ?

Comment #15 by Capitan Luke
Thursday, December 09, 2010 @ 01:32:18 PM

I'd like help with this one too if anyone is still around. Any maybe one other Online achievement too, Role Models. No req. from kids either please

Comment #16 by drwho1802
Friday, December 10, 2010 @ 07:39:52 PM

id like help too please il help any else as well

Comment #17 by lazai
Monday, December 13, 2010 @ 11:07:36 AM

i need some help with this one aswell add arkane04

Comment #18 by Sigma 3815
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 12:23:26 AM

Can I get help with this one too? add me Sigma 3815

Comment #19 by solarfear
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 02:54:15 AM

Any body who has put their work in send me a friend req and well get some achievements done

Comment #20 by PhoenixTemplar
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 05:41:37 AM

Did this with 12 seconds to go...just missed it, dammit! Going to try a few more times, then it'll be time to boost for it, I think.

Comment #21 by Atheist ELITE
Wednesday, December 15, 2010 @ 05:04:34 PM

ya i hate this i have got it like 3 times and still nothing

Comment #22 by SonnyDart
Friday, December 17, 2010 @ 04:06:07 AM

Dammit! It's only fortune

Comment #23 by Shoot em all up
Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 10:40:32 AM

Add me, "Shoot em all up," I own this game. So anytime anyone wants to get the multiplayer achievements im down.

Comment #24 by Techno Flood
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 @ 06:03:33 PM

if anyone wants to help me get this add my gamer-tag "Techno_Flood" if you help me out I'll be more than happy to help you get any ACB achievements you need!

Comment #25 by KellieGoesRawr
Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 08:51:38 AM

Hey guys, I've posted on another achievement topic too, but if anybody is willing to help me out, I still need this one (I got close, but I took the lead 13 seconds before the end unfortunately,) Role Model, and Abstergo Employee of the Month. My gamertag is the same as my username here. Thanks ever so much in advance :)

Comment #26 by Dav figo
Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 12:14:05 PM

if you don't understand, use a translator ;)
secondo me è l'obiettivo più difficile... si può ottenere in ricercato o ricercato avanzato, non caccia all'uomo o allenza... o almeno io non conosco nessuno che l'abbia sbloccato in questi due...

Comment #27 by Kryllic Knight
Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 09:36:45 PM

i got the achevement without even trying my first mullti match i got it and then was like "holy crap that was awsome"

Comment #28 by Dav figo
Tuesday, December 28, 2010 @ 12:49:57 PM

ok scherzavo, l'ho sbloccato oggi in allenza ^^

Comment #29 by tommygun1707
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 @ 07:19:30 AM

i need these online ones for 1000G and all we need is 6 people in a private match, so add me up and we can get it :D

Comment #30 by UNI7 187
Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 06:26:53 AM

i need to get "role model" and "abstergo employee of the month." so hit me up on xbox. GT: UNI7 187.

Comment #31 by KASAB1AN
Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 11:35:51 AM


Comment #32 by KASAB1AN
Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 11:37:08 AM

:p i still need all these so if anyone wants to get together and get em all done add me

Comment #33 by ThaPauly
Friday, December 31, 2010 @ 06:07:54 PM

Just got this one by pure luck. Smokebomb stun + Escape for 300 with 6 seconds left. :D Funny thing, the achievement popped as soon as I took the lead. Not complaining, just saying.

Comment #34 by NSK iSh0tZzz
Monday, January 03, 2011 @ 09:16:32 AM

dose anyone want to do the multiplayer achevments together if so add me

Comment #35 by WiLDe DuFF05
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 08:07:58 PM

HELP HELP HELP HELP everytime i almost get this one and fail i get the urge to roundhouse kick my xbox. SO PLEASE JUST HELP ME GET THIS ONE OUT OF THE WAY.Also we can work together on role model and employee of the month.

Comment #36 by Slye85
Friday, January 07, 2011 @ 08:49:44 PM

I also need most of the online achievements. im also a beast at COD. feel free to add me so we can get these done

Comment #37 by tpwilliams514
Sunday, January 09, 2011 @ 04:12:07 PM

I would love to find a group of people to help me with these multiplayer achievements. If anyone is willing to help my gamertag is Travis514. I would love to 100% this game.

Comment #38 by vamaj
Sunday, January 09, 2011 @ 11:37:50 PM

id be down to do some achieves hit me up also

GT: v4maj

Comment #39 by NotoriousFatGuy
Friday, January 14, 2011 @ 09:14:32 PM

Would like to get the multiplayer achievements out of the way. Could use some
help please.

Gamertag: NotoriousFatGuy

Comment #40 by Richie Downs
Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 04:03:01 PM

I know im abit late to this post and ive joined hopefully to find help and help others if you wish too (up to you) add me and i would be most welcome to find players who need this achivement and others

Comment #41 by ShadowX760
Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 11:52:50 PM

Ill help with this.... send me a message

Comment #42 by apa86ut
Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 02:14:22 PM

Looking for help with all multiplayer achievements in this game. Send a message if you would be able to help out.

Comment #43 by IanAHD
Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 04:32:07 PM

ahhh no way I took the lead at 6 seconds left and no achievement :(

Comment #44 by WolfKoyote
Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 08:31:57 AM

hi guys, can anyone help me to get this achievement?

add me: WolfKoyote

Comment #45 by A Lil turtle
Saturday, January 22, 2011 @ 08:29:55 PM

i need help with this someone please

Add: A Lil turtle

Comment #46 by Kryogenyc
Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 09:56:24 AM

I need help here too, so ill be adding the last two guys in this list today see
you there

Comment #47 by Cheecheroo
Monday, January 24, 2011 @ 07:13:41 PM

Anybody Fancy helping me??? / Need help??? Add: Cheecheroo

Comment #48 by RAINES69
Sunday, January 30, 2011 @ 08:04:47 PM

I need help too please haha I was pissed till I read the forum, any help would be great, maybe a group of us could get together. GT: RAINES69

Comment #49 by shauneboy
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 @ 01:20:02 PM

Someone want to help me out? GT Shauneboy12

Comment #50 by II S t 3 n Y II
Saturday, February 05, 2011 @ 03:04:18 PM

need to people to get this achievement, ill help you get it aswell add me on xbl -
o i S T e n Y x

Comment #51 by Emblem566
Monday, February 07, 2011 @ 06:07:43 PM

This achievement was really hard to get. Almost didn't get it.

Comment #52 by pr1nyc1
Thursday, February 10, 2011 @ 11:30:04 PM

This is BS

Comment #53 by pr1nyc1
Thursday, February 10, 2011 @ 11:31:19 PM

This is BS, i took the lead with 2 seconds left on the clock in Alliance mode and nothing. Im pissed

Comment #54 by abo
Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 12:44:59 PM

can any 1 plzzzzz help

Comment #55 by Vargas 924
Sunday, February 13, 2011 @ 02:37:55 PM

add me, need help getting this, i always finish in second place

Comment #56 by RemkoX360
Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 11:48:56 AM

this achievement has the potential of being bugged.
happend a couple of times, that in team mode, a couple seconds before the end, we took 1st place, and then nothing...

maybe it unlocks after some conditions?
for now, getting it the honost way aint working

Comment #57 by Nitro898
Thursday, February 17, 2011 @ 10:12:03 AM

This one is a pain to do solo

Comment #58 by Norwegian 420
Thursday, February 17, 2011 @ 03:28:33 PM

Lets make a list of people willing to do this and help others in a session. copy the list and add your gamer tag to the list.

1. Norwegian 420

Comment #59 by Rampage925
Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 01:30:21 PM

Who ever needs help seed me a message! Rampage925

Comment #60 by xXxTDeeMxXx
Tuesday, March 01, 2011 @ 10:39:13 AM

Im down with achievement boosting just send me an invitation..... Please... thank you

Comment #61 by RCone138
Tuesday, March 01, 2011 @ 01:32:15 PM

I'm up for some boosting for the last 3 i need. just send an invite please and i'll join

Comment #62 by gypsydman818
Sunday, March 06, 2011 @ 11:46:23 PM

if anyone wants to boost or just play ACB online add me :)

XBL: gypsydman818

Comment #63 by zoogersilver
Friday, March 11, 2011 @ 11:54:29 AM

im up for boosting GT:CKFATBOI189

Comment #64 by Battletick
Monday, March 14, 2011 @ 07:18:58 PM

I took first with 9 seconds to go, then someone killed me and took first at
literally the last second.

Comment #65 by wayneknox85
Saturday, March 19, 2011 @ 05:17:29 AM

If there are people still trying to get this my gamertag is XxGAMER SC0RExX please add me.. I need another 4 people

Comment #66 by Teh Mors
Sunday, March 20, 2011 @ 07:10:47 PM

having trouble with this one.

Comment #67 by RebelRaider3
Monday, March 21, 2011 @ 04:17:42 PM

I could really use some help here. If you're willing or need help also add me
Rebel Raider3. Leave me a message too so i know that its this game you want to do.

Comment #68 by Ushgarak
Sunday, April 10, 2011 @ 01:46:48 AM

If anybody is still willing to help out with this or
the other tough multiplayer achievement for this game, I
would be willing to help them out in any way that I could
for any other achievement.
Just add me and message me, we'll work something out.
GT - UnequalRaccoon

Comment #69 by ProDragRuyu
Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 12:53:37 PM

Add me on Xbox Live so we can help each other to get certain achievements:


ty ;)

Comment #70 by DeBilliegoat
Tuesday, April 19, 2011 @ 02:38:36 AM

Same, Add me! Im just starting up ACB and would love to knock these out

GT is DeBilliegoat

Comment #71 by slayer2121
Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 02:38:28 AM

Hey DeBilliegoat and ProDragRuyu. I sent you both friend requests. I'm hoping that you guys/gals, can help me out with these achievements. I only need eight more of the online achievements plus the one for getting 100% synch with the entire game. Let me know if you can, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Comment #72 by DiStOrT 1nVeRsE
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 03:37:26 PM

I'm gonna need help with this if anyone wants to be so kind as to message me.

Comment #73 by KrisKros
Tuesday, May 03, 2011 @ 02:58:35 PM

I need this and a few other multiplayer achievements, add me and we could get all the achievements that both you and i need.

Gamertag is: AquaAmoeba

Comment #74 by xuxa29
Sunday, May 08, 2011 @ 11:53:49 AM

I have taken the lead 3 secs before the end then a guy killed me right after and took the lead and won the achievement over me, it got me VERY pissed off. Now i was about to get it and my internet conection disconected ¬¬. This game is cool but this achievement is pretty frustrating so add me for this as well. GT: Miojo666

Comment #75 by AlonsoGonzo
Saturday, May 14, 2011 @ 08:30:08 PM

add me: AlonsoGonzo

Comment #76 by chemicalali490
Sunday, May 22, 2011 @ 06:15:13 PM

when I'm gonna get my game back from the moron that i lend it to I am going to be boosting achievements: Role model, Stron closer and abstergo employe of the month... when i get my game back i'll message HERE, after thet feel free to message me on my gamertag (only mature players, NO KIDS)

Comment #77 by Dylan101
Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 10:10:37 PM

I'm ready to boost this right now. Add me; xDeath Race. I'm from Australia so remember the time zones

Comment #78 by Lemon7777
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 02:40:51 AM

I need help with most of the multiplayer achievements so add me if you could help
GT; Lemon7777

Comment #79 by ellie94
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 04:00:42 AM

i need help with some of the multi player achievements so add
me if you can help. GT: III Ellie III

Comment #80 by Rubkl66
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 02:11:04 PM

can someone help me with this?

Comment #81 by xi KJS
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 09:32:10 PM

I'll help people boost for this, seems like a real crappy one to get. Drop me a message.

Comment #82 by nhburton
Saturday, June 04, 2011 @ 12:53:46 PM

I got onto the Multiplayer a few days ago and just cant for the life of me
manage to get this been so close so many times and deliberately trying to not
kill until the final 10 seconds is too frustrating.
If anyone wants to farm this with me in a private manhunt game drop me a message.

Comment #83 by zoogersilver
Saturday, June 04, 2011 @ 01:06:20 PM

help boost

Comment #84 by ImGoodAtCrying
Monday, June 06, 2011 @ 10:27:34 PM

Need help, add me if you want to do it

Comment #85 by SheikTijl
Thursday, June 09, 2011 @ 02:54:10 PM

I'm up for boosting all the multiplayer achievements. Add me dudes!

Comment #86 by ACDC LIVE
Saturday, June 11, 2011 @ 09:54:14 PM

Does it work in all modes or is it just wanted?

Comment #87 by MattAmo777
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 09:36:17 AM

can you do these in private matches?

Comment #88 by patrickmma207
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 03:21:15 PM

I need help to boost most multiplayer achievements. patrickmma207 -will help anyone i can as well

Comment #89 by PolarBear89
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 07:54:00 PM


I need help to. Add my GT.

Comment #90 by PolarBear89
Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 11:47:29 AM

Got this one and "overachiever" today 100% legit. Life's good. :p

Comment #91 by WrongMagicGenie
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 @ 02:55:45 AM

I need help

Hit me up anytime
We can do al other multiplayer achievement in a private match.


Comment #92 by LegendaryMarvel
Friday, June 24, 2011 @ 05:51:30 PM

I've done this 3 times in matches. 1 ranked manhunt, 1 player match manhunt, 1 player match wanted. Still nothing. I was in the match from the very beginning too.

Comment #93 by Kyle Isaac
Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 03:21:02 AM

I'm workin' on this, as well as other ACB online cheevos; I have no one else to work them with. Please, hit me up if you are interested in helping me hump these out!

Comment #94 by Barker Guru
Saturday, June 25, 2011 @ 09:56:40 AM

need help with this achievement and some other of the multiplayer achievements. I would appreciate any help.

Just add me, my GT : Barker Guru

Comment #95 by c nar97
Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 07:12:07 AM

i up for som boosting if any 1 wants to add me
GT: c nar97

Comment #96 by Mark246
Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 02:06:31 AM

I'm up for anybody thats wants help doing all online multiplayer
achievements for this game. I also need help getting the online achievements
for this game if anyone is willing to help, just send me a message about this,
the name is HALLOWUSER.

Comment #97 by Mark246
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 @ 04:40:19 PM

I no longer need help with this achievement & im done doing it, so im not helping anybody
else with this achievement.

Comment #98 by ImPiixL
Wednesday, June 29, 2011 @ 11:51:28 AM

Can Anybody Help Me Boost 2 Achievements In This Game?

Comment #99 by Jake12137
Thursday, July 07, 2011 @ 05:19:35 AM

I suck at this game online, if anyone wants to do a meet up session to achievement hunt, my gamertag is: Jake CE

Comment #100 by rickylicious89
Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 01:43:16 PM

Feel free to add me aswell for online achives. I will stay and help
everyone when i have them to. Just fun to play:)

GT: rickylicious89

Comment #101 by ImPiixL
Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 07:28:33 PM

Dont Need This AnyMore

Comment #102 by Barker Guru
Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 04:05:57 AM

looking for a team of AC:Brotherhood Multiplayer achievement boosters. Will be doing all multiplayer achievements, but mostly focusing on 'Role Model' and 'Abstergo Employee of the Month' as they are the hardest to get on your own. I am also happy to do level boosting as I have not reached level 50 yet. Feel free to add me so we can get the achievements.
My GamerTag: Barker Guru

Comment #103 by PhilipLang
Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 04:12:48 PM

Looking for some one to help me get this achievement. I will also help you with it and other multiplayer achievements. if your interested send me a message or add me my gamertag is Philip Lang

Comment #104 by Fatal God
Monday, July 18, 2011 @ 07:23:54 PM

I'm looking for some help with the Multiplayer Achievements in Assassin Creed:Brotherhood. Please Msg me or Add my GT. Will help others who need achievements

Comment #105 by xaussiesniper
Wednesday, July 20, 2011 @ 08:07:04 AM

Realy easy just get a friend get equal scores and when there's ten seconds left kill him and 3...2....1... bleep bloop achievement

Comment #106 by jamesstq
Thursday, July 21, 2011 @ 04:07:07 AM

it's easy if you play with some friends

Comment #107 by MattNocon01
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 02:07:38 PM

Hey guys, if you are still up for boosting to level 50 add me. This would take me a while to do legit. I also need Employee of the Month and Strong Closer. Would be grateful if any people helped me get those three and in return I will help anyone boost for any of the other online achievements people still need. Cheers. My GT = MattNocon01

Comment #108 by Love01082008
Friday, July 22, 2011 @ 10:23:15 PM

-----PLEASE READ------

For this to unlock the guide is wrong/misleading. This is not take the lead within ten seconds, it is literally take the lead with 10 seconds on the clock.

1 vs 1 Manhunt private match
1st round have your friend kill you his/her score is X points, that round get close to his score by stunning him or standing in crowd.
2nd round, when the time goes down 13, 12, 11, 10 (kill), 9 (too late), 8 (too late), etc.

I did this today, you will get the achievement before the clock even runs out.

Comment #109 by codyknowsbest19
Saturday, July 23, 2011 @ 04:12:51 PM

yo how do you get it im always at first i need to be second to get it plz help my gamertag is my username at the left hand top.

Comment #110 by Duester x Adam
Monday, July 25, 2011 @ 03:38:11 AM

need help on most of the online achievements i am up for boosting msg me

Comment #111 by shondabest123
Monday, July 25, 2011 @ 03:51:21 PM

I just got it and I was first for most of the game then 40 secs at the end I went to second and then back to first then. I then went to second again with ten seconds and then then first in the last 5 seconds : )

Comment #112 by Johnnie Smooth
Monday, July 25, 2011 @ 11:11:10 PM

Looking to boost this achievement possibly others i have done this three times still no achievment would like the help if possible ?? Anyone Interested?

Comment #113 by Robertsno1
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 @ 04:11:32 PM

Damn it, took the lead on literally the last second of the game, no achievement.

Comment #114 by Hoodfigga85
Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 09:50:27 AM

If anyone still would like to boost the online achievements, I currently need "Strong Closer", "Download Complete", "Role Model", and "Abstergo Employee of the Month". I have a mic and I am on Eastern time. So message me/friend request me and i'll be happy to help anybody with ones they need as well. My gamertag is ReAperZer085

Comment #115 by PredStealth
Sunday, July 31, 2011 @ 02:37:52 AM

Hey Y'all. if anyone is looking for ACHVMNTS in this game hit me up.

GT: DE PredStealth

I need most of the MULTIPLAYER ones and will help with the ones I already got.

Comment #116 by DragonCrusaderV
Tuesday, August 02, 2011 @ 01:37:11 PM

@#114 and #115, i need help with strong closer, ahead of the curve(somehow each time there is 2 pursuer on me the game always ends), role model abstergo employee of the month, you up for it?
gamertag is: DragonCrusaderV

Comment #117 by HarmlessCRUNCH
Tuesday, August 09, 2011 @ 09:07:37 PM

Hi I'm looking for a boosting group for this, Abstergo employe of the month and Download complete.
Willing to help others as long as they help me too! I have no mic unfortunately.

Comment #118 by drkwatch
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 10:38:39 AM

would love to help people and get the online achieves together

Comment #119 by anthoni
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 12:11:07 PM

wow its not fun if your gonna basically cheat to get there -_-

Comment #120 by Morgrimmer
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 01:43:24 PM

hiya could someone help me boost this achievement please i havnt got a mic but if u just tell me what to do i can listen and follow orders, many thanks :)

Comment #121 by Soy Fenomenal
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 @ 03:16:24 PM

add me! i need multiplayer achievements!

Comment #122 by FaultedCrane101
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 @ 03:01:24 AM

how r u supposed to get this ahceivment its pretty hard for me i need help guyz thxs :)

Comment #123 by Bhelstraff
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 06:25:47 PM

Seeking to boost just about every multiplayer achievement, and would not be against level boosting. Gamertag is same as handle.

Comment #124 by Silent Alarm84
Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 10:39:48 AM

I need on this as well. Im up for helping out anyone as well. Need a couple of the achievements for the multiplayer

Comment #125 by Silent Alarm84
Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 10:41:04 AM

* I need this as well - I meant to say. Add me with comments ac

Comment #126 by xo AleRioN xo
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 @ 01:27:18 PM

Really need some help with most the multiplayer achievements, add me i'll always return the favour.

helped someone with this today, then when it was his turn to help me get it,
he left, was very annoyed.

Comment #127 by Shingi
Thursday, August 25, 2011 @ 10:56:25 AM

I would apreciate a little help at this and some others achievements and i'll
gladly help anyone in return.Gamertag=rinruki

Comment #128 by Moore124
Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 04:27:31 PM

Add me for this cheevo, also looking for others such as 'role model' and 'abstergo employee of the month'

:D :D :D GT - UkW I Tom I 14

Comment #129 by kaiyo penguin
Thursday, September 01, 2011 @ 08:04:19 PM

looking to boost this cheevo. only one i care about at the moment.
gamertag: kaiyo penguin

Comment #130 by ringham33170
Friday, September 02, 2011 @ 05:40:16 AM

Anyone fancy joining a group for doing these achievements?

Comment #131 by Ribenaberry1980
Saturday, September 03, 2011 @ 11:04:04 AM

Hi Ringham, I would love to join a group to get this one as well as abstergo employee and role model, message me - ribenaberry1980

Comment #132 by ugoman
Monday, September 05, 2011 @ 09:49:18 PM

Weird thing is that I went and took the lead 10 seconds before the game ended, but I also got the achievement before the game ended. It looked like I got the achievement for the kill. I wondered what would happen if someone got a kill after me and sent me back to second. :P

Comment #133 by RagMan85
Thursday, September 08, 2011 @ 02:38:22 PM

i need help with a few of the multiplayer ones too plz plz plz help me out

i need

1. Strong Closer
2. Role Model
3. Abstergo Employee of the Month
4. Ahead of the Curve

if u can help add me with the message "i'll help you fatboy" lol

Comment #134 by RagMan85
Friday, September 09, 2011 @ 02:52:46 PM

im online right NOW if anyone wants to help and get the achievos for multiplayer too

Comment #135 by RahiiirrCat13
Sunday, September 11, 2011 @ 10:29:08 PM

Found people who still need some. Add me and we can make plans to boost.

Comment #136 by RagMan85
Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 08:21:57 AM

right guys on the 12th of september at 7PM (GMT) there will be a boosting session held by me if you are interested in joining in for the achievos hit me up on xbox live 1 big live party with maybe 1-3 full lobbies of players all having a laugh

Comment #137 by RagMan85
Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 01:37:00 PM

party is online NOW join us for some major boosting!!

Comment #138 by crimeclown420
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 @ 12:59:54 PM

Want to boost... Add me

Comment #139 by suitedsmear
Sunday, September 18, 2011 @ 01:24:09 PM

looking to boost add me

Comment #140 by dagrest
Monday, September 19, 2011 @ 10:56:16 AM

Looking for boost teams and help with other tonight JVIN84 add me
or email

Comment #141 by JimboWizzle
Monday, September 26, 2011 @ 08:28:10 AM

i still need about 50% online chevos so any 1 having a online match any time from 4o'clock this week would be great just message me and ill be happy to join

Comment #142 by Jamzy
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 07:10:27 PM

Hey, just wanted to kno if any1 wanted to get the strong closer achievement together i kno how to do it, also if you could do needle in a hay stack if u could :)

My GaMerTag: ArticYeti

Add me ASAP :)

Comment #143 by Rescarolli
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 @ 12:39:02 PM

hey guys, if anyone willing to boost this achiev and othes, please add my GT: Eriuelton

Comment #144 by K1LLERAnish
Tuesday, November 01, 2011 @ 07:01:16 AM

I have to boost a few as well, add me

Comment #145 by Goodfella Simon
Wednesday, November 02, 2011 @ 06:34:32 PM

ive got few achievements to get on brotherhood any help will be most thankfully. ill help u out to with other games.

Comment #146 by Goodfella Simon
Wednesday, November 02, 2011 @ 06:35:53 PM

forgot to say gt is Goodfella Simon. :)

Comment #147 by Rescarolli
Thursday, November 03, 2011 @ 07:50:05 AM

hey guys, i'm looking to boost this achiev, GT: Eriuelton

Comment #148 by Dino
Wednesday, November 09, 2011 @ 01:34:28 AM

this achievement is the worst, can it be done with a team or has to be solo? love to boost GT = Dinosaur Steve

Comment #149 by Popcorn On Fire5
Friday, November 11, 2011 @ 01:18:44 AM

Hi guys, I need help. If anyone wants to send me a friend request and
help me I'm just as willing to help you get it as well. My gamertag is my name
without the 5. Capitals and spaces included, just no 5. Also, if you take me
up on the offer, please do it on Sunday the 13th of November or later because
I'm busy.

Comment #150 by Foreman5707
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 12:39:32 PM

Anyone want to boost this and other multiplayer achievements? Friend me: Foreman5707

Comment #151 by Soualiga
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 06:08:09 PM

Hey guys, I'm looking to nab all the multiplayer cheevos as well. So if anyone is willing to help/needs help as well, send message/FR to gt: Soualiga. I'm on a just let me know! Cheers

Comment #152 by SkullDeafboy
Monday, December 05, 2011 @ 11:07:29 AM

Let do it now.

I want finished this.

Gamertag: SkullDeafboy

Comment #153 by GamerScorez 360
Wednesday, December 07, 2011 @ 08:41:43 PM

looking to boost multiplayer achievements

Comment #154 by Dadiablo
Friday, December 09, 2011 @ 01:14:03 PM

Looking for help with this achievement!

GT: iTz Bro Tea

I'm online mostly!

Comment #155 by insatiableiam
Thursday, December 15, 2011 @ 08:05:41 PM

I also need help with multiplayer achievements, willing to help and boost out,

GT: Imperf3ction

Looking to get these done by the weekend, MSG me with request upon that its for brotherhood. I don't take random request lightly.

Comment #156 by mikedefazio
Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 10:41:28 AM

im looking for a group of people who want to get the brotherhood online achievements by boosting. friend request me with a messege on xbox to get in on it. my gamertag is::: Erected Sang Le

Comment #157 by Akakiba76
Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 03:15:58 PM

Looking for people who are interested in helping me get strong closer achievement. my gamertag is Akakiba76 just send a message.

Comment #158 by tebychievies
Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 11:11:17 PM

requesting people for massive boosting
session taking place december 20-30
my gt: el teby
message me if ur in on xbox live

Comment #159 by crimeclown420
Saturday, January 07, 2012 @ 10:20:05 AM

Looking to boost... Add & message me w/ AC:BH

Comment #160 by Nava uk
Monday, January 09, 2012 @ 04:34:12 PM

I'm looking for boosting party asap add me or MSG me on xbox live if your intrested my gamertag is nava uk.

Comment #161 by iAmSammo
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @ 02:33:32 PM

looking to somehow get this, if interested msg me on xbox my GT: iAmSammo

Comment #162 by Leggey
Monday, January 16, 2012 @ 07:09:50 PM

Looking for people to boost achievements. Add Leggey and message Boost :)

Comment #163 by Sefikichi
Friday, January 20, 2012 @ 05:33:11 AM

Looking for helpful to people to get this and other multiplayer achievements. My gamertag is Sefikichi, please request/message me. :)

Comment #164 by MattrickSwayze4
Saturday, January 21, 2012 @ 08:01:13 PM

i want this one. msg me mattrickswayze4

Comment #165 by HubDub
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 12:11:56 AM

If anyone wants 2 boost these send me a msg

Comment #166 by FoAngel
Sunday, January 29, 2012 @ 06:29:10 PM

Don't know if anyone is still interested in helping get this achievement but if so add me, I'd be mighty appreciative thanks

Comment #167 by Chubzy201
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 @ 01:04:12 PM

heyim down to get any of the multiplayer achievements, i will help you get what you need if you help me get what i need message me. my gt is Chubzy201

Comment #168 by ACESFULL88
Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 07:27:11 AM

Does anybody know if this one or some of the other ones can be done in private match? because that would make my life a lot easier

Comment #169 by ilovemomos
Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 11:07:21 PM

I still need to get all the multiplayer achievements. My tag is ilovemomos. If you still need to get yours add me and we can work on them.

Comment #170 by GET BUSY TIME
Sunday, March 04, 2012 @ 02:08:57 PM

I too need all multiplayer acheevs. Add me and I'll work on them with anyone

Comment #171 by CoryTheLaw
Thursday, March 22, 2012 @ 03:25:03 PM

i also would like to boost the myltiplayer so add and message me plz GT:corythelaw

Comment #172 by wademikalj
Thursday, March 29, 2012 @ 10:59:05 AM

I need Strong Closer, Abstergo Employee of the Month, Role Model, and Download Complete. Message and add me if you're interested in boosting any of those: wademikalj

Comment #173 by kills4smiles
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 @ 02:59:53 PM

Willing to boost with anyone who is willing to for all the multiplayer cheevos, feel free to add me or message or invite me my gamertag is kills4smiles

Comment #174 by kills4smiles
Tuesday, April 03, 2012 @ 03:01:25 PM

willing to boost add me gamertag is kills4smiles

Comment #175 by Xfalling DeathX
Wednesday, April 04, 2012 @ 08:46:11 PM

Looking for ppl to boost gt xfalling deathx

Comment #176 by GR33NDAY4LIF3
Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 06:06:56 PM

If anyone wants to help boost multiplayer achievements add GT: GR33NDAY4LIF3

Comment #177 by professa23
Monday, April 16, 2012 @ 05:25:45 PM

looking to boost this for the multiplayer achievements...i havent played in a while but i wanna try to 100% this game. i need lvl 50, strong closer, job skills, role model and employee of the month achievements.
gt is l 1 ProFeSSa l. l is lower case L and 1 is the #1. i know its confusing so im apologizing in advance. thanks!

Comment #178 by pseudoidol
Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 02:20:16 PM

Am looking to boost Download Complete, Abstergo Employee of the Month, Strong Closed and Role Model, Ill be adding or contacting the last few people from this thread as well as others from the acheivement threads I need, feel free to invide or add me, GT is pseudoidol.

Comment #179 by rockblindmetal
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 @ 01:50:06 AM

I´m also lookin to boost Abstergo Employee of the Month, Strong Closed and Role model.. anyone on xbox my GT. rockblindmetal add me to boost too

Comment #180 by Dj lambert
Monday, April 30, 2012 @ 05:45:54 PM

Really would like to boost all multiplayer achievements on most nights plz add me dj lambert is my gamertag and send me a msg happy to help others aswell

Comment #181 by Dragon vs Wolf
Saturday, May 12, 2012 @ 03:31:51 PM

I need help getting this achievement and Role model. I'm online right now add me. Dragon vs Wolf

Comment #182 by Hygust
Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 06:06:16 PM

This was the hardest achivment ever

Comment #183 by Timmeh417
Sunday, May 20, 2012 @ 06:54:09 PM

this sounds impossible, lets hope not.

Comment #184 by justindcovey
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 @ 10:43:11 PM

I still need this. Message me and we can get it.

Comment #185 by Ayeven
Wednesday, June 06, 2012 @ 10:56:08 AM

Strange, is anyone playing this game anymore ? The matchmaking doesn't work for me ... Anyway, if someone is up for boosting these online cheevos, add me pls ! GT : Ivan McElligott

For the record, I'm missing 4 : "Strong Closer", "Job Skills", "Role Model" & "Abstergo Employee of the Month". Cheers !

Comment #186 by rexmac88
Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 12:03:27 PM

All I have left is "strong Closer" "Download Complete" "Role Model" & "Abstergo Employee of the Month" To find a match you have to turn off Some DLC. It leaves the starting maps only.

Comment #187 by dynapo
Friday, June 15, 2012 @ 12:55:59 PM

Looking for some help with the multiplayer achievements, add me GT; dynapo

Comment #188 by HTownBoi
Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 05:37:00 PM

I've done this twice when the game first came out and it didn't unlock.

Comment #189 by Types92
Saturday, June 30, 2012 @ 04:18:41 PM

We are trying to boost to level 50..need people.
message me SnakeBoont

Comment #190 by BRG TANK53
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 02:33:59 AM

if you get me early enough 9pm est i will stay on as long as there is enough ppl in the game. GT BRG TANK53. doing all multiplayer cheevoes

Comment #191 by kamininja11
Saturday, July 07, 2012 @ 03:22:32 AM

looking for help on this, Add me GT :kamininja11

Comment #192 by Atomic Beam
Saturday, July 07, 2012 @ 01:24:15 PM

add me so we cann boost those fucking achievement asap...add me and were sure to get them GT: Atomic Beam

Comment #193 by JLitte27
Sunday, July 08, 2012 @ 12:46:16 PM

definetly need help with this along with the other online ones...willimg yo help with all of them.

Add/ message me : OmegaWeaponVIII

Comment #194 by JLitte27
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 @ 05:57:46 PM

I am willing to do all these achievements. Add me and lets get all these done :)

Gamertag: OmegaWeaponVIII

Comment #195 by nko89
Saturday, August 11, 2012 @ 11:19:43 AM

I need a boost on this achievement so add my gamertag xxNiC0L4xx

Comment #196 by urs myers
Wednesday, August 15, 2012 @ 03:55:37 AM

looking to do this as well as most of the others add me GT urs myers

Comment #197 by BabelOutcast
Friday, August 24, 2012 @ 06:16:50 PM

Hey willing to help out with these also...GT SN REPOMAN

Comment #198 by Toope07
Tuesday, September 04, 2012 @ 02:09:16 AM

Wanting to boost this and all other online achievements minus the lvl 50 one. Message me here to set up a time.

Comment #199 by Xx ReDDoG xX1
Wednesday, September 26, 2012 @ 04:10:07 AM

need to boost this one... hit me for a boost party

Comment #200 by Maruta Adrian
Sunday, October 07, 2012 @ 07:40:14 AM

I need this achievement, I will help you too!

Gamertag: Maruta Adrian

Comment #201 by Yoh909
Tuesday, October 09, 2012 @ 03:00:30 PM

Need help with this one and a few others


Will help you with anything too

Comment #202 by phil2128
Tuesday, October 09, 2012 @ 11:27:08 PM

Need help with this one and some othe multiplayer achievements. Please add me GT:WiZ K 412

Comment #203 by MajkelMoss
Thursday, October 11, 2012 @ 02:40:11 AM

Need help with this one.

Comment #204 by Vexstar
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 @ 03:39:28 AM

Hey all, I am looking to boost this and any other AC:Brotherhood online achievements.

Add me GT is Vexstar and send me a PM what timezone you are in and when you are available.


Comment #205 by fleaton1996
Friday, November 02, 2012 @ 08:05:58 PM

Hey I'm looking for people, preferably 6 others, to help me w/ all the online chieves except 4 Syncizatin Established(got it in training) only got this game last week, plez help
(all caps in GT)

Comment #206 by WilliamCL57
Saturday, November 03, 2012 @ 02:55:15 PM

I did this with 11 seconds to go.. son of a bitch.

Comment #207 by Rydonwunali
Monday, November 05, 2012 @ 07:33:51 AM

I'm looking for this achievement and i'm willing to help anyone
just message me and i'm always free to play on friday's and weekends
gamertag: "rydonwunali"

Comment #208 by phughes930
Friday, November 09, 2012 @ 02:45:17 PM

this sounds really hard

Comment #209 by PonySl4ystation
Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 05:04:57 PM

Looking for this pls send me a friend request

Comment #210 by rafa1000house
Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 07:44:58 AM

Need this and other multiplayer achievements.

Add me: rafa1000house

Comment #211 by Vex888
Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 10:51:50 PM

Need help with this achievement.
Message me, my GT is: Vex888

Comment #212 by FirstFightDown
Tuesday, November 13, 2012 @ 09:24:58 AM

Need help with this one and other mp achievements please send invite to my gt FirstFightDown

Comment #213 by yakesm
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 06:46:15 PM

I need help with this also an't even catch a match on AC2 BH MP. Add me at GT: yakesm

Comment #214 by Eyebrows
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 08:15:49 PM

I also need this one. GT Eyebrows

Comment #215 by L Lawliet16
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 @ 02:24:04 PM

Need help getting this one and some others.

Add me: L Lawliet16

Comment #216 by The Cipriani
Sunday, December 09, 2012 @ 05:56:06 PM

If anyone needs help or willing to help me i need all the multiplayer achievements, send me a message:
GT: The Cipriani

Comment #217 by rsmorais
Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ 05:57:25 AM

Starting multiplayer now.
Add GT rsmorais

Comment #218 by ElementalWeapon
Monday, December 17, 2012 @ 08:42:06 PM

Just got the game and am looking to do ALL the MP achievements, and getting to level 50. Will help with any you may need. Hit me up anytime and we can set up some private matches. GT: ElementalWeapon

Comment #219 by GMx MadnezZ
Sunday, January 06, 2013 @ 11:01:32 AM

Looking for some persons to do this.
GT is GMx MadnezZ.
just send me a friend request. Even if this post is a month ago!

Comment #220 by GMx MadnezZ
Monday, January 14, 2013 @ 11:56:28 AM

Looking for some persons to do this.
GT is GMx MadnezZ.
just send me a friend request. Even if this post is a month ago!

Comment #221 by TonedTyphoon
Sunday, January 27, 2013 @ 02:03:43 PM

Can some people help me with all the multiplayer achievements please? My gt is the exact same as my username.

Comment #222 by assassin0316
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 @ 10:12:44 AM

I need help with the multiplayer achievements. If anyone hit me up my username is my gamertag thanks.

Comment #223 by Marshallmad
Friday, February 01, 2013 @ 04:07:47 PM

Hey need a bit of help getting the multiplayer achievements message me if anyone can help please! :)

Comment #224 by TattedDad3
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 03:55:30 AM

Hi so the group I usually play with have gotten rid of this game and they all managed to do a good bit of these achievements while I was away. I am hoping some of you will be willing to help in getting these plus it never hurts to have extra xbox buddies to play with... My gamertag is TattedDad3 please add and we can knock these things out.

Comment #225 by Dragonhunter990
Sunday, March 10, 2013 @ 03:26:03 PM

Add me so we can boost each other with the MP achievements.

Gamertag: Dragonhunter990

Comment #226 by schudafalcon
Saturday, March 16, 2013 @ 11:28:07 AM

I need help with the multiplayer achievements. Add me GT: schudafalcon

Comment #227 by FCurtis
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 @ 09:20:07 PM

Need help with all the multiplayer achievements. GT: Moustachemayhem.

Comment #228 by Roach612
Saturday, April 13, 2013 @ 02:57:34 PM

Looking to get these done. Shoot me a message letting me know you're looking to get the multiplayer achievements done. GT: Roach612 I'll be on later today and all day Sunday (4/14/2013). Thank you. :)

Comment #229 by dracoslayer8988
Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ 07:20:42 AM

if anyone wants to boost the mp achivments add me dracoslayer8988

Comment #230 by Roach612
Sunday, April 14, 2013 @ 05:37:08 PM

Anyone want to get all the multiplayer achievements done add me. I'm looking to get these done aswell. GT: Roach612

Comment #231 by themoe101
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 @ 11:41:22 PM

looking to do most multiplayer achievements in a private match

GT: StevoMeaux

Comment #232 by TheRealJoeSchmo
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 @ 06:46:49 PM

Need help with this. Pst TheRealJoeSchmo via XBL.

Comment #233 by UN SUB 1001
Thursday, May 23, 2013 @ 10:18:07 PM

still need this an co op willing to help out

Comment #234 by Lockwood 92
Sunday, June 16, 2013 @ 03:21:42 PM

Looking to do this and any other online achievements GT: Lockwood 92

Comment #235 by Domivaitus
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 @ 03:21:01 AM

I finally decided to do the multiplayer cheevos, so is someone needs another player, my gamertag is Domivaitus

Comment #236 by TTLIIVirus
Friday, August 02, 2013 @ 06:04:45 AM

Need Help!!

GT: TTL II Virus

Comment #237 by haag1978
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @ 05:25:49 AM

Who's up for boosting all multiplayer achievements? Would appreciate the help and will help in return. UK time + 1 hour. (The Netherlands)
GT: haag1978

Comment #238 by MythRaider1994
Tuesday, September 17, 2013 @ 06:04:11 PM

If anyone can help me get this achievement or any of the other ones, add me and I'll help you get them too! > GT: MythRaider1994

Comment #239 by Bensnoussan
Monday, September 23, 2013 @ 03:00:51 AM

Hey all I still need this and a couple other achieves as well, if anyone wants to boost ill be on during the weekend so hit me up!
GT: Benny Sue

Comment #240 by theREALhashesh
Sunday, October 27, 2013 @ 11:14:18 PM

Looking for anyone looking to do this or any other MP achievos, message me if interested.

Comment #241 by Wa1teseFa1c0n
Sunday, November 10, 2013 @ 12:03:08 AM

Looking for help getting multiplayer achievements. Send me a message if interested.

GT: Wa1teseFa1c0n

Comment #242 by MountTemple
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 @ 08:39:08 PM

Is someone still playing this game?I'm looking to boost my achievements ; I have 5 missing : -Strong closer
-Download complete-Level 14
-Role model
-Abstergo employee of the month
-Ahead of the curve
If someone is willing to help me out it would be a life saver ; Willing to give some help out also in return.English is not my main language ...So thanks for being understanding.If someone wants to Boost add me : RainCity18

Comment #243 by SamTroll
Thursday, November 21, 2013 @ 01:18:31 AM

Im willing to help any1 with the online acheievements. im only lvl 10 on it lol. Sniper Sam 4 is my ign.

Comment #244 by FairysWearBoots
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 @ 09:43:47 AM

Looking for anyone who is willing to help. I only need 4 of the Online achievements. I'm level 39, I will help you if you help me.

Comment #245 by warpedsabre52
Tuesday, December 31, 2013 @ 10:04:39 PM

I am also looking to boost this achievement. GT is warpedsabre52. Add me.

Comment #246 by SamTroll
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @ 10:24:47 AM

Looking for people to help boost these achievements: strong closer, fast learner, role model, overachiever, abstergo employee of the month, and ahead of the curve. The overall one is getting to level 5 since I'm only Lvl 13 currently. I'll help with any other online achievement for appreciation for helpibg. SAM the Troll I'd my gt

Comment #247 by SamTroll
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 @ 10:27:15 AM

Sam The Troll (correction)
Level 50 (correction 2)

Comment #248 by mirotana
Tuesday, April 01, 2014 @ 04:51:39 AM

I guess I'm a bit late in playing MP... Was searching for a while last night. MSG me if any one is interested on Xbox live GT: archibald jnr

I don't want to MSG the older posters in case I annoy them for doing this months/years later..

Comment #249 by ALLOVAU666
Friday, April 11, 2014 @ 08:53:03 AM

I am looking for help with all online achievements and will also help others. My gamertag is ALLOVAU666 msg me if interested.

Comment #250 by tropicuniform27
Wednesday, June 04, 2014 @ 06:28:47 PM

Looking to help and receive help with any online & multiplayer achievements... if you've played any of the other multi ac's then u may have run across me before and know that I am willing to help gt TropicUniform27

Comment #251 by Fusing
Tuesday, June 24, 2014 @ 01:36:37 AM

Looking to Boost all multiplater Achievements
GT:FusingXx smd xx

Comment #252 by random king007
Sunday, June 29, 2014 @ 12:58:48 PM

GT: random king007

Want to get all multiplayer achievements.

Comment #253 by cladinshadows85
Saturday, July 26, 2014 @ 06:25:09 PM

GT.- cladinshadows85

After doing all the multiplayer cheevos

Comment #254 by TheOtherSideOfAngry
Monday, July 28, 2014 @ 12:04:01 PM

Have done this several time in Revelations, haven't done it yet in Brotherhood.

Looking to do this and all other multiplayer achievements. GT: RBlakely

Comment #255 by TheOtherSideOfAngry
Sunday, August 10, 2014 @ 01:57:56 PM

Update - Done with this game no more messages please

Comment #256 by SassyOmnivore0
Thursday, August 14, 2014 @ 05:05:12 PM

can any one help me with this one and others if you can u plz add me add me my gt is Sassyomnivore0 and message me saying ac brotherhood

Comment #257 by slasherxl
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 @ 06:31:48 PM

Looking for partners to boost mp cheevos. Msg me online. GT slasherxl

Comment #258 by Micky1991
Sunday, November 09, 2014 @ 07:23:45 PM

Anyone still boosting online achievements add me Gt SLAY3R2014

Comment #259 by smsms01
Monday, November 24, 2014 @ 11:11:40 PM

Im looking at boosting this
GT: smsms01

Comment #260 by sandy000000004
Friday, December 26, 2014 @ 07:28:58 PM

Currently level 24 and looking for people to boost the achievements online with

GT: Sandy1565

Comment #261 by TheGam1ngHunter
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 @ 12:04:59 AM

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SON OF A MOTHERFUCKING, HORSE SUCKING, DIP-SHITTING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so FUCKING ridiculous!!!!! I have played so many GodDAMN multiplayer levels in this god-for-Fuckin-sackin' game that it would easily beat the amount of multiplayer games you need to play to get the "Seriously..." achievement for Gears of War (10,000 games)!!!!!!!!! Fuck You achievement!!! >>>:( 1230/Fucking 1250 GODDAMN POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #262 by sammydy
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 @ 08:06:06 PM

Need this and all the other multiplayer achievements.

GT: SammyDy

Comment #263 by SnakyTurtle
Saturday, May 23, 2015 @ 04:17:00 AM

Looking for this and all MP chevos. Hit me up!

GT: SnakyTurtle

Comment #264 by Chenelle
Saturday, June 27, 2015 @ 08:48:44 PM

Anyone help me, add me on Xbox.

Comment #265 by khelekrandir
Monday, August 24, 2015 @ 06:00:28 PM

I am looking to complete this before Syndicate comes out in October. I can help with your needed achievements as well.

GT: khelekrandir

Comment #266 by Sab2k11
Saturday, October 10, 2015 @ 01:23:57 PM

Need help on this achievement and 3 other multiplayer achievements.

GT: Sab2k11

Comment #267 by HannersWho
Monday, October 19, 2015 @ 12:28:01 AM

Still looking to get pretty much all the multiplayer achievements in Brotherhood. Send me a message letting me know what achievements you need and I will add you :)

GT: HannersWho

Comment #268 by footrace19
Sunday, November 22, 2015 @ 11:24:05 PM

If there's anybody that wants to boost this let me know.

GT: KierenGriff

Comment #269 by XFNL Taker
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 @ 10:36:10 AM

Anyone wants to do all mp achievements on this? Still looking to complete them, hit me up GT: XFNL Taker

Comment #270 by SeitZ
Saturday, November 28, 2015 @ 10:04:53 PM

Still need to finish some of the mp stuff off

GT: Seitzz

Comment #271 by efgokc
Tuesday, January 12, 2016 @ 10:23:38 AM

Still need pretty much all the multiplayer achievements.
Anyone with me?


Comment #272 by Fausto 1988
Tuesday, February 02, 2016 @ 04:16:55 PM

Need all the multiplayer achievements. Can someone help?
GT: Fausto1988

Comment #273 by quothealtair
Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 06:29:35 PM

Need all multiplayer achievements. Add me GT: Heretic Spectre

Comment #274 by GiggawattMonki
Thursday, June 30, 2016 @ 11:20:01 PM

I need some help with this achievement, its like impossible. Please help.

GT: Xbox0916

Comment #275 by Hanzz2k12
Monday, September 05, 2016 @ 10:25:57 PM

Help w/ this cheevo. GT; Hanzz2k12

Comment #276 by Tsgt Alex Marsh
Monday, April 17, 2017 @ 07:56:43 AM

Looking to boost all the multiplayer achievements. Add me and send me a message and we can get a team together.

GT: TSgt Alex Marsh

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