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Guide By: xandermacleod
There are 19 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 19 (200 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 10-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: One
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? Windows 7 Phone

This game is a remake of the DS Assassin's Creed game. It is set during the time frame of the first Assassin's Creed game and Altair is the playable character.

The game is only available on the Windows 7 Phones. You play by utilizing a button system on the screen. The control pad appears in the bottom left, combat/jump buttons in the bottom right, pause menu in the upper left (Abstergo logo) and map/upgrades and combat moves menus in the upper right.

The gameplay consists of combat and platforming. The platforming is at times tedious due to the controls being somewhat awkward and you may find yourself attempting the same jump over and over, hence the 10-15 hour window for completion.

The game provides in-game tutorials each time a new element of combat, movement or otherwise is introduced.

Initially, only the normal difficulty is available and all achievements can be obtained on this difficulty. Hard mode unlocks after completing the game, but it is not necessary to play on this difficulty to unlock any of the achievements.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There are thirteen memory blocks to complete each with one to four stages in it. You cannot skip ahead and must play through each stage as it presents itself. You do have the option of replaying each stage should you need to and as such there are no missable achievements. Eight achievements are story-related and obtained by playing through the levels (with achievements after blocks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12 and 13).

There are six achievements related to kills. Your first kill and first assassination (with the hidden blade) will each come in the first block. There are also achievements for killing five enemies with each of the following: bombs, throwing knives, crossbow and hidden (finger) blade. You will only really need to try to get the throwing knives and bombs kills, the rest will come naturally.

Finally, there are achievements for completing certain moves (a triple-jump and all combos), an achievement for fully upgrading your sword and two achievements requiring you to complete a level in a certain manner: kill all enemies in block one and do not lose any hit points in block thirteen (an odd achievement, see the guide).

That should be all of the achievements. As stated, replay a level should you need more kills or to complete block one or block thirteen as required. This is a very good game and an interesting part of the Assassin's Creed canon. It is well-priced at the equivalent of about 560 MS points and is a relatively easy 200 .
x360a would like to thank xandermacleod for this Road Map

First Blood10
Kill 1 enemy   (8) 

This will come in the first block and cannot be missed.

Assassin's Instinct10
Kill an enemy instantly using a Finger Blade    
This will come in the first block and would be difficult to miss. You will be instructed to assassinate a target and need to approach slowly then press the hidden blade button that appears on screen.
Kill all enemies in level 1   (5) 
I believe this means block one and will require you to kill all enemies in all four levels. Pressing the "orb" in the upper right corner will pull up a map that shows the locations of enemies in the level. Use this to ensure you have killed everyone.
Apprentice Assassin10
Complete Memory block 1    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Light Steps10
Perform triple jump   
This is unlocked at end of stage 7-1. At the beginning of 7-2 is an open area large enough to complete this. Start moving then jump pressing jump again each time you land. After the third flourish of an acrobatic jump, the achievement will unlock.
Weapon Master10
Sword maximum upgrade    
You will find blue orbs as you progress (red heal you, blue are used for upgrades). The orbs are in the level, sometimes rewarded from killing enemies and opening treasure chests (use the 'hand' icon to brush away the dirt then open the chest. You can upgrade both your health bar and sword at 75 orbs for the initial upgrade and 150 orbs for the second. The health bar can be upgraded again for 250 orbs.

I was able to upgrade the sword both levels and unlock the achievement either at the end of block five or beginning of block six. You may unlock it sooner or later depending on how thoroughly you collect orbs. I did not have enough orbs to upgrade the sword twice and health bar all three times in my one playthrough so keep this in mind. Upgrade your sword first and get it out of the way.
Combo Addict10
Perform all combos    
As you progress, you will unlock additional combos. These can be viewed by selecting the "scroll" in the top right corner. After completion of a level, it will show numerous different attack moves, but many of these appear to occur randomly depending on the enemy and the kill. The final combo viewable in the scroll menu unlocks after block 10-1.

The attacks are either light or heavy (left/right sword button respectively). The final combo (a counterattack) in the list involves guarding first by pressing the "shield" button near the control pad then the jump button.

The combos that appear to be required are as follows (all but the first two are visible in the scroll menu):

Light, Light, Light
Heavy, Heavy
Light, Light, Heavy
Light, Heavy, Heavy
Heavy, Heavy, Light
Block, Jump
Complete Memory block 2    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Underground Walker10
Complete Memory block 3    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Trouble Maker10
Complete Memory block 4    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Survival10
Complete Memory block 7    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Crusaders Nightmare10
Complete Memory block 9    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Shadow Dancer10
Complete Memory block 12    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Assassins Chronicle10
Complete the game    

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Explosion Master15
Kill 5 enemies using an explosive bomb   (1) 
The bombs are unlocked at the end of memory block five. Bombs are selected by opening the weapon menu (middle left, usually an empty hand). If you are standing still and press the bomb button you will drop the bomb at your feet (or off the ledge to the ground below you). If you are running you will the throw the bomb in the direction you are running. You can carry five bombs at a time and they are refilled at the beginning of a new level or by finding a crate. Bombs are not available in all levels even after unlocking them. The blast radius is quite large making it easy to kill enemies with the bombs and a well-placed bomb can take out multiple enemies.
Dagger Master 10
Kill 5 enemies by throwing daggers   
Throwing knives are selected in the same manner as the bombs. These unlock during memory block five. They are difficult to aim, traveling in the very specific direction you are facing. If you are angled slightly, you will miss your target. This can be annoying, but it is still not difficult to get the achievement considering the number of enemies. You can carry fifteen knives and they are refilled like the bombs. Likewise, you do not have access to the throwing knives in all levels.
Wraiths Finger10
Kill 5 enemies using a Finger Blade   
The finger blade (or hidden blade) is available from the first memory block and is available at all times. Many enemies will be seen with "Z"s above their head indicating they are sleeping. Walk slowly up to them and the hidden blade icon will appear. There are numerous opportunities for finger blade kills.
Kill 5 enemies using a Crossbow   
The crossbow is unlocked at the end of level 8-2. You can carry fifteen bolts. The crossbow has an auto-aim feature denoted by a dotted line and targeting reticule. If the line is green you have a shot, if it is red you don't. You cannot move while the crossbow is equipped, however you can rotate Altair to locate or change your target. At the beginning of 8-3, you will be prompted to use your crossbow to kill a group of five guards. Do this and the achievement will unlock.
Combat Genius15
Complete level 13 without losing any hit points    
There is some confusion regarding this achievement. Memory block thirteen has only one stage with numerous enemies and highly accurate Templar crossbowmen making it almost impossible not to be hit. I was hit numerous times but on defeating the final boss he dropped a red orb which fully restored my health. The achievement unlocked at the completion of the level. It appears that you only need to be at full health at the end of the level to unlock the achievement. Try not to be too low on health prior to defeating the final boss and this *should* unlock.

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