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Babel Rising 3D (WP8) Achievement Guide

Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Estimated time for 200: 4-8 hours (depending on skill)
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 Campaign + Many Survival Rounds
-Offline: 12/12 (200)
-Online: 0/12 (0)
-Missable Achievements: 0 (level select)
-Unobtainable Achievements: 0
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty
-Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
-Glitchy achievements: 1 (Eclectic God...see description)
-Extra equipment needed: Windows Phone 8 ONLY

Babel Rising 3D is a tower defense strategy game in which you play as God with the goal of preventing tiny humans from building a tower to the heavens using the elemental powers of earth, wind, fire and water. There are two game modes. Campaign mode consists of 15 missions with specific objectives to complete, while Survival mode pits you against unlimited tower-building humans to last as long as you can. Currently the game is listed at $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 0: Grind coins to max out all of your skills
The first thing you should do is take some time to grind enough coins to max out all of your powers and passive powers. This step is optional, but recommended to make the game much easier and faster to complete as a whole. The best method to grind coins is to abuse the consecutive daily bonuses for playing the game by manually adjusting the date on your phone. The basic steps to follow are:

  • Load up the game. A daily bonus screen will pop up if it is the first time you do so on the current date. You will be awarded a prize based on how many consecutive days you have played the game.
  • Exit the game. This is done by hitting the back button on your phone from the Main Menu and confirming you want to exit.
  • Go into Settings>Date+Time on your phone and advance the date ONE day forward. You must first have the "Set automatically" option turned off.
  • Repeat the previous three steps over and over. To make this go quickest, always exit out of the date settings with the "Home" button on your phone. When you exit of Babel, hold the back button on your phone to return to the date settings via the multitasking screen.

There is a five-day cycle for daily bonuses. The first four days you are generally awarded random prizes. It will either be a scroll of some type, or a smaller amount of coins (less than 200). Day 5 is always a coin lottery, where you can win up to 1000 coins (usually you will get 400 to 800). Depending on how fast you navigate the various screens, this method can easily earn you 15,000 to 30,000 coins per hour. Keep track of the dates you have advanced to because the game will remember the ones you already earned bonuses on. If you cant remember, just advance far ahead to a random future date that you wouldn't have used before. Finally, remember to set your clock back to automatic before proceeding with the game, and especially before unlocking any achievements.

Step 1: Complete the campaign, grinding in Survival when needed
The Campaign experience revolves around completing 15 missions which get progressively more challenging and frustrating. The key to success is upgrading your active and passive powers, as well as equipping the most applicable scrolls for each mission. All of these things cost coins. If you want to have the easiest time completing the campaign and with most of the achievements, you should grind coins to always be ahead of the game in Campaign with your powers. See Step 0 for more information on grinding coins.

Step 2: Mop-up
After completing the Campaign, you may have a few achievements left. Most of them are easier with more advanced powers and scrolls and when played on specific levels, but most will unlock naturally along the path to completing the Campaign. The only cumulative achievement in the game requires you to kill 10,000 enemies, which may or may not be reached before completing the Campaign

Babel Rising 3D is a unique tower-defense game on the Windows Phone platform. It is not too challenging, but the controls at times can be frustrating. Veteran players should have no trouble, but those new to the genre may need to do a bit of grinding to get better powers and upgrades before attempting the more challenging levels of the Campaign.

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Kill 50 workers. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you kill 50 workers in a single Campaign or Survival round. Just use your powers to defeat enemies. The very first Campaign mission requires you to kill 60 workers, so you will get this there if you start with Campaign.

Falling Stone10
Crush 20 workers with one giant boulder. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you kill 20 workers with a single use of the Earth ultimate power, Rock 'n Roll. This is the power the spawns a large boulder to roll down and kill workers. You will not be able to kill 20 workers until you upgrade this power up to three stars from the Shop. Before doing so, the boulder will only kill 10-15 enemies before the rest will jump over the boulder. This can be done on almost any CIRCULAR Campaign or Survival level. Just let the workers build the tower to near completion (3 to 5 tiers) and then be sure there are many workers on the way to the top. Launch the boulder near the top of the tower. The achievement will unlock immediately if you kill 20 workers.

Great balls of fire10
Damage 5 tower blocks with one meteor shower. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you damage 5 blocks of the tower with a single use of the Fire ultimate power, Meteor Shower. Having the Meteor Shower power upgraded to three stars will make this easier, but is not a requirement. This can be done on pretty much any Campaign or Survival level. Just let the workers build the tower up to near completion. Then call the attack near the top of the tower. With any luck, it should destroy five or more blocks of the tower and unlock this achievement immediately. If it doesnt unlock, just load up a new round and try again.

Holy wave10
Use a tidal wave that spares cursed jar bearers. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you spare all jar bearers when you launch the Tidal Wave power. Jar bearers are the workers that carry the purple smoking containers. The Tidal Wave is the Water ultimate power. This achievement is actually easier if you do not upgrade the Tidal Wave power. This can be earned in Campaign (Level VII onwards have jar bearers) or in Survival. The tricky part about earning this achievement is you must spare at least one jar bearer AND not kill ANY jar bearers with your Tidal Wave.

This is easy to obtain in Campaign Level IX. From the start, do not do anything. Let the tower build up. Eventually you will need to fight some ships. After the ship fighting sequence, let the workers go again. A single jar bearer will spawn and walk all the way to the top. Right before he reaches the end of the built tower, he will drop the purple container and continue walking up. Launch the tidal wave power JUST BEFORE he reaches the end. He should be about four levels up the tower. The Tidal Wave will come and only destroy the lower section of the tower, sparing the jar bearer. No other jar bearers should be on the lower levels, but if there is, be sure to use another power to destroy the jars before using the Tidal Wave. Otherwise, the achievement will not unlock as your Tidal Wave will have killed some jar bearers.

Blown away10
Use a sand storm to send a worker flying far away. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you launch a worker "far away" with the use of the Wind ultimate power, Sandstorm. Having the Sandstorm power upgraded to three stars will make this easier, but is not a requirement. This can be done on pretty much any Campaign or Survival level. Just let the workers build the tower up to near completion. Then call the attack near the top of the tower. With any luck, it will launch a worker arbitrarily far enough unlock this achievement immediately. If it doesnt unlock, just load up a new round and try again.

Full house10
Kill 10000 workers over multiple sessions. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you kill 10,000 workers across all your plays of the game. Both Campaign and Survival mode kills count towards this achievement. You should save this one for last, as by the time you complete Campaign, you should be very close to if not beyond 10,000 kills. If you need to grind some kills, Level XI of Campaign is recommended. This mission can net you 450 kills in less than 10 minutes. You can check your progress towards 10,000 kills from the Main Menu by clicking the Settings button (looks like gears) and then Stats.

Earn the highest distinction by performing power combos. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you earn the highest distinction from power combos. Distinctions are earned when you kill a large group of workers quickly in succession and are recognizable by large yellow-lettered words that pop-up on screen. To earn higher distinction ranks, you must keep your current combo running while earning numerous distinctions. There are 6 ranks of distinction. In order, they are Punishment, Annihilation, Cataclysm, Armageddon, Judgement Day, and Apocalypse. To further clarify, you must kill a large group of enemies (usually 4-8) quickly to earn the Punishment distinction. Keeping your combo maintained the entire time, you must earn a distinction 5 more times until you reach Apocalypse.

Level XI of Campaign is a good one to attempt this on. Right from the start, you constantly get bombarded with waves of enemies. You should definitely equip the three star version of Combo Spirit for your passive power which will increase the combo timer to help you maintain your combo to reach the highest distinction. I would also recommend using the fully-upgraded Wind power in combination with either Earth or Water. Earth's Crush power and Water's Rain power are both weak but can be used frequently and are good for maintaining a combo. As soon as you earn your sixth distinction in the same combo, the achievement will pop.

Babel Falling25
Complete the campaign.    

This achievement requires that you complete the Campaign. Campaign consists of 3 chapters with 5 missions each that become more difficult as you progress. Initially, only the first mission is available. Completing each mission unlocks the next. Chapter 2 and 3 must be purchased with coins.

Succeeding in Campaign is about having the right tools: powers, passive powers, and scrolls. First and foremost this means having upgraded powers. Simply playing the Campaign may not earn you enough coins to be able to upgrade you powers to complete the missions. For this reason, it is recommended that near the beginning of the game you take the time to grind enough coins to upgrade significantly. See the Roadmap for the best grinding method.

In addition to having upgraded powers, it is also important to choose a valuable passive power for each mission. For most missions, I found it best to select the Elemental Spirit (maxed to 3 stars) to boost the regeneration rate of ALL your powers. In certain cases, when score is the objective of the mission, selecting the Combo Spirit (maxed to 3 stars) will be a better choice. This will help keep your combo running to earn more score. Using either the Sabotage, Slowing or Blessing scrolls is also a must. Choose which ever one fits your play style or the mission best.

The Campaign missions and their objectives are as follows:

  • Mission I: Foundations - Kill 60 workers
  • Mission II: Fire and Brimstone - Withstand 10 waves of workers
  • Mission III: False Prophets - Defeat 40 priests
  • Mission IV: Defense - Resist for 9 minutes
  • Mission V: Fall of the Ziggurat - Kill 300 workers
  • Mission VI: A New Beginning - Resist for 9 minutes
  • Mission VII: Cursed Path - Spare 25 cursed jars
  • Mission VIII: Rosary of Souls - Score 100,000 points
  • Mission IX: Sea Legs - Destroy 72 ships
  • Mission X: Under Siege - Destroy 30 construction towers
  • Mission XI: Divine Gardens - Kill 450 workers
  • Mission XII: Accursed Priests - Withstand 42 waves of workers
  • Mission XIII: Babel Towers - Destroy 5 construction towers, then defeat 25 priests
  • Mission XIV: Soul Collector - Score 500,000 points
  • Mission XV: Last Stand - Resist for 20 minutes

Some general tips for success:

  • Priests and any enemies inside their sphere will be protected from the power that is the color of their sphere.
  • Always tap the "Incoming Ships" button to fire on the docking boats. If you skip this, the amount of enemies afterwards will be greatly increased. Try to sink as many as possible to minimize the workers coming up.
  • Switching powers rapidly is key. Use everything you have. Doing this means you should rarely have to wait for a power to regenerate.
  • Avoid cursed jars (purple smoking containers). They will temporarily disable whatever power you used to destroy them.
  • Focus early. As workers move up the tower, it will be more difficult to keep track of them.
Patient god25
Use two distinct level 3 powers in a single game.   

This achievement requires that you use two level 3 (ultimate) powers in a single game. The ultimate powers for Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind are Rock 'n Roll, Meteor Shower, Tidal Wave and Sandstorm, respectively. Make sure you have two of these purchased (they do not need to be upgraded at all) and then start a game with those elements equipped. At the start of a round, both of your ultimate powers will be available. Use one then the other to pop this achievement.

Eclectic god10
Use each passive power and each scroll once.   

This achievement requires that you use each passive power and each scroll at least one time. Both Campaign missions and Survival mode count towards this achievement. Passive powers require a one-time purchase to unlock (and further one-time purchases to upgrade them). Scrolls also must be purchased, but can only be used one time. You can equip one of each (a scrolls and a passive power) before starting a game. There a 9 passive powers and 8 scrolls to use. In total, it will cost around 4,500 coins to buy the first level of each passive power and one of each scroll.

After completing the Campaign, you can quickly knock these out by playing and failing Survival games while cycling passive powers and scrolls.

The Destruction Scroll cannot be equipped and can only be used in Survival mode. After being defeated, the game will ask if you want to purchase/use this scroll to continue the game. Do so to get credit for using this scroll.

GLITCH WARNING: Several people have reported that this achievement does not unlock even after meeting the requirements many times over. If this happens, the best approach is to complete all other achievements then delete and reinstall the game. Quickly grind the 4,500 coins necessary to purchase all the powers and scrolls and use each once. This has been found to pop the achievement.

Destroy 15 cursed jars in a single game. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you destroy 15 cursed jars in a single game and can be done in either Campaign of Survival mode. Cursed jars are the containers that have purple smoke coming out of them. A worker will carry them along the path to the top of the tower and drop them. Destroying a cursed jar will temporarily disable the power used for a bit. As the jar-bearing worker spawns, they will let out an evil laugh to let you know.

You can obtain this in the first Survival level, Great Ziggurat Divinity. Play as normal, but instead of trying to avoid cursed jars, make sure to destroy them. In Campaign, cursed jars only spawn from Mission VII onwards, so be sure to chose that mission or a later one.

Survive 5 minutes when the tower is almost complete. (Campaign, Survival)   

This achievement requires that you survive 5 minutes when a tower is almost complete and can be done in either Campaign or Survival. This is most easily obtained on the very first Survival level, Great Ziggurat Divinity. I would recommend bringing fully-upgraded Water and Wind as your powers, the fully-upgraded Element Spirit passive power, and a Slowing Scroll. Let the workers build the tower until it is "almost complete." This is the point when the bases of the four small pillars on top of the tower are visible. Take note of the time, as you are now working towards the five minutes. At this point, only 3 or 4 more workers will finish the tower, so stop everything at all costs. If you are not confident, start taking out workers before than final pillars are visible and then let small amounts of manageable workers build until the tower is almost complete. This is a very easy level, so you should have no trouble completely defending the top for 5 minutes. The achievement will pop immediately when 5 minutes is reached.

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