Babel Rising

Babel Rising Achievements

Babel Falling

Defeat Nabu's ambition.   

If you have had experience with tower-defence style games, then this campaign will probably be no problem for you. If this is your first, then don't worry if you struggle at times, as the game is very good at overwhelming you.

All of the challenges given pretty much just require you to play the game like normal. If you were to never read them and play, you will easily pass them all. The only challenge I will give advice for are the points challenges. Make sure when you're doing them that you focus on getting high multipliers by swapping attacks over and over.

Here are the missions, in order;

Tower - Great Ziggurat
I - Foundations - Kill 75 Workers
II - Fire And Brimstone - Withstand 20 Waves of Workers
III - False Prophets - Defeat 40 Priests
IV - Deluge - Resist for 8 Minutes
V - Wind of Change - Kill 450 Workers

Tower - Tower of Babel
VI - A New Beginning - Fight Off The Workers for 9 Minutes
VII - Cursed Path - Spare 25 Cursed Jars
VIII - Rosary of Souls - Score 100,000 Points
IX - Sea Legs - Destroy 72 Ships
X - Under Siege - Destroy 30 Construction Towers

Tower - Hanging Gardens
XI - Divine Gardens - Kill 450 Workers
XII - Accursed Priests - Withstand 42 Waves of Workers
XIII - Babel Towers - Destroy 5 Construction Towers, Then 25 Priests
XIV - Soul Collector - Score 500,000 Points
XV - Last Stand - Resist for 20 Minutes

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User Comments
Comment #1 by E vee dub
Thursday, September 06, 2012 @ 01:36:25 AM

Not too bad.
The last tower (stages 11-15) were a bit annoying. The paths were confusing and aiming was inaccurate.
Defeated once or twice, but got through it.

Comment #2 by RAIDERJUNKIE
Friday, September 07, 2012 @ 05:19:12 PM

I got lucky on stage 15 and my game glitched. I still had about 6 minutes left on the timer, tower was just about built, but the last guy on the map got stuck on the stairs, right before the ships came to harbor (since the workers stop spawning then). So I sat back and waited, timer ran out and I got this along with the Survivor achievement!

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US June 13, 2012

HDD Space Required : 320.62 mb
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