Backbreaker Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tubby 94
There are 29 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 26/29 (880)
-Online: 3/29 (120)
-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 20 - 30 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 4 seasons and Tackle Alley
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None


This is a fun break from the typical Madden game, and is a nice addition to the sports genre. You will be somewhat challenged for achievements, but most of it is easy except for Tackle Alley, which will challenge your dodging abilities against tacklers for 100 waves.  The game doesn't have many people playing online, so you will have to boost 3 of the achievements in this game. 

Step 1: Training Mode

The first thing you will want do in this game is go to training mode. It has 25 drills that should take roughly 15 minutes. You learn all the basic controls from this and will net you 40It can be replayed at any time if you feel like you need to practice more.

Step 2: Create a Team

Go to "My Team" and make your own custom team. The customization let's you choose jersey color, name of team and some other information.  You will be using this team for online achievements so afterwards you can skip to step 5 for boosting or can start your season mode.   

Step 3: Season Modes

Now you will have to go play through all the seasons. There is the 8, 16, and 32 team seasons. One of the seasons you need to go undefeated in. Beat all three seasons then move towards Road to Backbreaker. You use a custom team here and start from scratch. Playing through all seasons gives you 360

Step 4: Tackle Alley

Tackle Alley is a fun game mode, in which you have to dodge tacklers while getting to the endzone. While it may seem easy enough to do, it can be tough for the casual player.  You must do this in one go.  There is no saving and going back, or retrying at certain checkpoints.  You can earn extra lives (up to 99) to continue going through this mode.  Losing all of them will make you start over at the first wave.  This will be the hardest part of your game completion.  Look below for a more detailed look at this mode, along with descriptions for the waves:

Tackle Alley Guide

Step 5: Online

The only achievement's associated with online are for winning 1 game, 20 games, and for taking a custom team online. Getting all of these achievements will give you 120. This can easily be boosted with another partner on which you can find a boosting partner here:

Achievement Trading Thread


Backbreaker should have been a fun game for anyone that's interested in football, or is more so looking to play a game that isn't Madden for a change. The achievements are fun to try for and the game mechanics are well set.  There were no missable achievements, so after going through the steps you should have this game completed. 


[x360a would like to thank EliteShadowMan for this Road Map]

Boys to Men40
Successfully complete all of the drills in Training Camp.   (1) 

This should be the very first achievement you should go for, as it will teach you the basics of the game. From the main menu go left until you see training camp and select it. you should now be in ''BB training camp'' simply complete all training lessons under each category and this will unlock.

First of Many10
Pick up a 1st Down in a single player Exhibiition or League game.   (1) 

You will get this during your first game. Once you have possession of the ball pick a passing or running play. Now you will see a yellow line on the ground 10 yards ahead of you. Your goal is to simply gain 10 yards and pass the line using a combination of running plays or passing plays. You have 4 chances to get a first down or you will turnover the ball to the opposing team.

Score a Touchdown in a single player Exhibiition or League game.   (1) 

You should get this during your first game. Once you have gained a fair amount of yards you should be close to the opposing teams endzone. simply go into the endzone with the ball to score a touch down. I would prefer a running play, short pass or shotgun pass.

Moving the Chains30
Pick up 500 offensive yards in a single player Exhibiition or League game.   

To get this achievement start a exhibition game with the following rules:

Arcade mode, Easy difficulty, 5 minute qrt, 30 sec play clock. The rest of the rules don't matter. Pick a team with good offense and defense. I would suggest the Cincinnati Hogs. Next pick a opposing team with a bad defense I would suggest the Albaquerque Atoms.

Now that you have everything set up, start playing the game. Your goal is to do anything possible to gain yards. I would suggest using passing plays but it is totally up to you. If you are lucky on running plays you might slip past the defense and gain a lot of yards.

Armed and Dangerous10
Stiff arm an opposing player in a single player Exhibition or League game.   (1) 

This can be easily obtained during your first game. When you have possession of the ball choose a running play. As soon as you hut the ball and start running hold the to enter aggression mode. While in aggression mode hold the in the direction of an opposing defender. If done correctly he should stick his arm out. Now wait for some one to try and tackle you and your player should block them away with his arm. If done correctly the achievement should pop at the end of the play.

A Spin Around the Block10
Spin around an opposing player in a single player Exhibition or League game.   

This one should also be obtained in your first game. Choose a running play, once you have the ball and the player starts run towards a defender and pull down on the and flick it in a semi circle. If done correctly you should spin around the opponent.

Alternatively you can switch the controls in the options menu to make it easier for you if you find it too hard to pull off with the . Pause the game, go to options, controls and press one time to toggle controls. Everything is the same except the face buttons are now used, making the spin button.

Good Eye, Strong Arm, Safe Hands20
Throw 10 complete passes in a single player Exhibiition or League game.   

I suggest doing this in an exhibition game and go for it at the same time as "Moving The Chains".To get the achievement do exactly as the achievement states and complete 10 passes.

To throw a pass pick a passing play and hut the ball, hold to enter focus mode and pick a wide receiver by moving the left or right, once you have your target flick up on the to throw the ball and hope the receiver catches it. Repeat 9 more times.

See "Moving The Chains" for more information on how to set up the game.

The Last Gasp10
Convert a 4th down in single player Exhibiition or League game.   

This is another achievement that is easily obtainable on your first game. While on offense keep picking running plays. Keep gaining yards until you are close to a first down, do not go past the yellow line. Instead keep getting tackled until you are on your 4th down.

The game will automatically pick a field goal or punt play. Press to go back to the play selection screen and choose a long passing play. Now simply throw the ball to a player and get passed the yellow line for a first down.

Stealing the Feeling20
Intercept the ball in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.   

This achievement is a bit tricky but it will come with a bit of patience. While on defense keep choosing a cover play and wait until the computer chooses a passing play. You will now see yellow arrows indicating where opposing receivers will run.

Follow any receiver throughout the play and hope the opposing QB throws the ball to the man you are covering. If you are near the ball you automatically intercept the ball and gain possession. Remember not to switch player at all using the button.

From the Hurt, to the Dirt10
Tackle the ball carrier in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.   

This is really easy and should be completed during your first game. Choose a blitz play while on defense and wait for the computer to choose a passing play. Once the play starts hold to enter aggression mode and sprint towards the QB, flick up on the once you are close to him to sack him once the play stops the achievement should unlock. If you are having trouble getting to the QB try spinning around any defenders. Make sure you don't press the button at all during the play to switch players.

Quarter Pounder, with Cheese20
Sack the Quarterback 3 times in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.   (1) 

This one is easy refer to "From the Hurt, To The Dirt" for more information, do the same thing but repeat it two more times. Remember not to switch players by pressing during any of the 3 plays.

Quarter Pounder10
Sack the Quarterback in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.   

You will most likely get this one at the same time you obtain "From The Hurt, To The Dirt". Refer to that achievement for more information.

To the Hizzy30
Score a defensive touchdown in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.   

This one will require some patience and time to obtain. A defensive touchdown happens when a person on defense either intercepts the ball and runs in for a touch down, or recovers a fumble and runs in for a touch down. This achievement will be easier if you try to intercept the ball so I suggest to try this achievement at the same time you go for the "Stealing the Feeling" achievement.

Remember to hold the once you intercept the ball to sprint and use spins, jukes, and stiff arms to get away from the defense. Also remember not to switch players during the play.

In the Bag20
Win a single player Exhibition or League game.   

This achievement is one you should not worry about as it will come naturally. Simply have the most points at the end of the game by scoring touch downs or field goals.

Shut Out30
Win a single player Exhibition or League game without your opponent scoring.    (1) 

This one is actually easy if you play smart. Set a game to 1 minute, qrts and a 60 sec play clock. Use the Cinncinati hogs and face the Albaquerque Atoms. While on defense keep choosing blitz plays to sack the QB until they are on their 4th down.

They should now punt the ball to you. Score a touch down or a field goal during your plays. Play smart defensively until you are in possession of the ball and start to kill the clock by not hucking the ball (you must make at least one play so the clock can start ticking).

Showboat for 25 yards in any single player game mode.   

This one can be tricky and requires a little luck. Pick a running play preferably one that makes you run either left or right. Once you start running in the direction of the play and get close to the out of bounds area start running straight towards the opponents endzone. If you are lucky the players covering you will take down any defenders leaving you for a clear run at the endzone.

As you approach the 30 yard line hold the down the button to start to showboat and don't let go until you get a touch down. If you are caught by a defender and they tackle you it will result in a fumble so be careful.

Season Finale80
Win the 32 team league in Season mode.   

This once is a bit time consuming so here is a detailed breakdown on how to set up a season. From the main menu go to leagues and choose season, now select new and start a 32 team season. Enter all the information on the first page and press to continue.

Now select teams for each division. The first team is the one you control so choose the Cincinati Hogs and the rest of them should be garbage teams to make your life easier then you wont have to face hard teams until the playoffs. Now that you have one division done press to switch to the second division and repeat the process while trying to choose bad teams.

Once the team selection is completed you can continue by pressing . Now you should be at the season options menu. Put 1 min qrts, 60 sec play clock, 3 time outs, Arcade, Easy difficulty. Now save your game and start the season IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU WIN EVERY GAME, you have to play a total of 20 games. To make things go faster I suggest getting touchdown and letting the clock run the rest of the game.

On the Up60
Win the 16 team league in Season mode.   

Follow the same steps as "Season Finale" The achievement is the same but you will only have to play 14 Games.

Big Fish, Small Pond40
Win the 8 team league in Season mode.   

Again, Refer to "Season Finale" for a complete walkthrough on how to set up a season you will only have to play 9 games.

Complete a season undefeated in Season mode.   

This should be done while completing the 8 team season as you will only have to win 9 games. Make sure you are the Cinncinati Hogs. Use the same settings mentioned in "Season Finale". To make things easier and faster get a touch down in a game and kill the clock. If you are about to lose a game press :star:t and exit the game, this will save you from restating the season again as it will bring you back to the match up you were just playing.

End of the Road100
Complete Road to Backbreaker.   (2) 

This is by far the most time consuming achievement in the game. Before you start this mode you will have to create a team, see "Something from Nothing" for more detail.
Once that is completed select Leagues from the main menu and select Road to Backbreaker. Select new and choose your created team. Put 1 minute qrts and Arcade mode. Save your game and start your journey to the top.

IMPORTANT: You must win almost or every gae you play. You will need to place at least second play to proceed to the next season.

As you continue to win games start signing free agents. Only sign gold star players to get more bang for the buck. I suggest building defensively first but balancing offense and defense will also work fine.

Road to Backbreaker consists of a 8,16, and 32 team season all in one. On the last season make sure you place first so you can face the Back breaker all stars. Once you beat them to finish Road to Backbreaker and unlock the achievement.

Half Wave There60
Reach Wave 50 in a single player Tackle Alley game.   

See "Parting Wave" for more info.

Parting Wave90
Complete the final wave in a single player Tackle Alley game.   (1) 

This is by far the hardest achievement in the game and will require a lot of determination, practice and perseverance. It took me a whole day of attempting this to get it so good luck!

Use this detailed guide as it will tell you everything you need to know, and provide you with a detailed breakdown of every wave.

Hustle and Muscle20
Perform a x5 combo in a single player Tackle Alley game.   (1) 

This is obtained when you reach a x5 at the end of any wave. A combo multiplier can be obtained by juking, or spinning defenders, entering a zone bonus pocket or making defenders miss their tackle by throwing them off you, or stiff arming them while they dive for you. This is easily done on wave 4

Spin past Every one on the field and by the time you get to the last guy the defenders behind you should catch up, spin in any direction to make the defenders dive for you, they should miss. Get a touch down to end the wave and get the achievement.

Perform a x5 streak in a single player Tackle Alley game.   

A streak is made when you complete waves without losing a life. Follow the guide mentioned in "Parting Wave" and complete the first 5 waves without getting tackled after a few tries you should get it no problem.

Something from Nothing30
Create a Custom Team.   (1) 

At the main menu go to my teams and select an empty slot. Select create new team and give your team a name and a city location. You don't have to do anything else but press after the game saves it will unlock.

Online, On form80
Win 20 online Exhibition games.   (3) 

This can be easily boosted in player matches with a partner. Create an exhibition player match with the following settings : Arcade mode, 1 minute qrts, 60 Second play clock, and private match enabled. Invite your partner, get a touch town and kill the clock for the rest of the game. Repeat until both of you have 20 wins.

Head to Head20
Win an online Exhibition game.   (1) 

See "Online, On Form" for more information.

Create and Dominate20
Take a custom team online.   

While in the team selection menu in a xbox live match press to switch to custom teams. Then pick the team you made, now simply finish the game win or lose the achievement will unlock.

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