Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers

Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers Achievement Guide

Guide By: MightyD88
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 45/45 [1,000/1,000]
Online: 0/45 [0/1,000]
Approximate time: 3-6 Hours 
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (1 Story Mode + pick up games)
Missable achievements: 2 ("Have Mercy" and "Decked Out")
Does difficulty affect Achievements: No
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? No

Welcome to Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers. This game has 45 achievements for 1000. Like all the backyard games Sandlot Sluggers is very fun. There are two missable achievements in the game, "Have Mercy" and "Decked Out." For "Have Mercy," you need to make sure you win every story mode game using the mercy rule, which states that the game ends if one team gets 10 points ahead of the other. If you are going to win regular quit from the start menu to forfeit the game and try again. For "Decked Out," the game will make you play a mini game after certain games. There are four different mini games you need to win one of each. If you don't win make sure you press restart to try again or you won't be able to get the achievement.

Before doing anything, go to the "Options" menu, and make sure you have DIFFICULTY set to EASY, MANUAL FIELDING set to OFF, and set the INNINGS to 9.

Step 1: Story Mode:
Play through story mode using the guide for "Have Mercy!" and make sure you win every game by the mercy rule. Also make sure you win the four mini-games. When you complete this step you should have earned: "Ribby," "First W," "No Quarter Given," "Going... Going...," "Like Cy," "Ice Catch!," "Decked Out," "Back to Back," "Jack!," "Slugger Star," "Twin All-Stars," "Backyard Powerhouse," "The Cannon," "Upper Classman," "Rocket Launch," "Mac Attack," "Mathlete," "Batting Around," "Blast Those Quads," "Like Lou," "Love of the Game," and "Have Mercy!"

Step 2: 5 Inning Achievements:
First go to the options menu and change the Innings to 5 and Manual Fielding to off. Use the strategy here byStumpy25. This should get you "Like Joe" and "3 Up, 3 Down."

Now you can just hit restart and follow the guide for "Like Bill."

Once that is done hit restart again and follow the guide for "They Call Me Bonehead Fred."

Step 3: Mop Up:
Now that the 5 Inning achievements are out of the way you can go to the options menu and switch the Innings to three and just knock out any remaining achievements.

All in all this is a fun little baseball game and an easy completion.

[x360a would like to thank TemporalWizard for this Roadmap]

Nice Pitch, K?5
Strike out a batter   

This will probably be one of your first achievements. Simply strike out a batter. You can use 2 controllers in a Pickup game for this one.

Patience is a Virtue5
Get a walk while at bat   (2) 

The CPU player will throw strikes; Therefore have the second controllers throw 4 balls outside the strike zone, which can be done if the pitching meter is stopped at the top (red.)

Tick Tock5
Get blowed up real good by a Ticking Time Ball   

When the CPU/second controller are batting, let them activate their power up. If they get the dynamite icon, serve up a good pitch and if it stays in the ballpark, one of your fielders will get blown away and achievement will unlock.

Congratulations on your first RBI!   

You will easily get this out of your way early. You can also have the second controller serve you a pitch. Simply bunt and run around the bases all the way home is another cheesy way to do this.

Savin' the Day!10
Change pitchers before the final inning and win the game   (2) 

Simply change the pitcher anytime by pausing the game and going to "Assign Positions." Make sure somebody else is the pitcher. Honestly I do not think it matters if you win or lose from that point on. I actually lost and still got the achievement unlocked.

First W10
Congratulations on your first win!   

You will obviously win a game eventually. Set the opposing difficulty to EASY or you can use 2 controllers in a Pickup game for this one.

No Quarter Given10
Earn a win through the mercy rule   

Win a game by being at least 10 runs ahead before the final inning. You will get this out of the way while going for "No Mercy". You can also use 2 controllers and have your team beat up on the second player.

Going... Going...10
Hit one out of the park   (2) 

Hit a home run out of the park. This can be done most of the time by any player who has a 4-star power. To go for a home run, press and then

Out of This World10
Hit a home run off a Meteor Ball   (2) 

This may seem difficult, but really isn't. Once a second controller gets a meteor ball power, have them throw it. Simply bunt it and run around the bases for a home run.

There is No Spoon10
Successfully hit a Mirage Ball   (2) 

Same as "Out of This World" only make sure that the second controller gets a mirage ball from their power-up.

Houston, We Have a Problem10
Strike out a batter using the Rocket Ball   

When you are pitching, get to 2 strikes and then hope to get the rocket ball from one of your power-ups. Pitch it and strike the batter out. Make sure that the second controller doesn't swing if you are using a second controller.

Great Balls of Fire!15
Earn a double or better with the Fire Bat   

While batting, activate a power-up. If you got the fire bat, swing away and get yourself a double. And yes, this is a breeze if you have second controller on the other side.

Like Cy15
Win a game without changing pitchers   

This refers to the great Cy Young. Win a game using just one pitcher. Unless you are going for "Savin' The Day" achievement, there is no reason why you should even change the pitcher in this game.

Ice Catch!15
Freeze a fielder using The Icicle   

Once you get the icicle power up, either swing or bunt the ball. As soon as the fielder tries to field the ball, you are 15 richer.

3 Up, 3 Down20
Strike out three batters in one inning   

This has to be done with 2 controllers as the opponent AI is difficult to strike out, let alone 3 times in the same inning. Simply pitch down the middle, while second controller does nothing in the same inning.

Double Play!20
Get two runners out in a single play   

See "Triple Play."

Like Bill20
Win a game with a walk off home run   (5) 

This achievement is referring to Bill Mazeroski, who hit a game-winning home run against the Yankees in 1960 World Series. Replicate the scenario by being on the home team and the game being tied at the bottom of the last inning. Have the second controller pitch to you. This must be done with an out of the park home run. Bunting and running all the bases will not work!

Hit for a double   

Either bunt for a double against a second controller, or you may try doing it legit with a faster runner. You can also get some help with a time ticking ball, the icicle, or a fire bat power up. Ground-Rule doubles will also count. If the dog steals your ball in Pablo's Sandlot this counts as well.

Greased Lightning20
Get a single on a bunt attempt   

This can either be done with Vicki or your player that will have 5-star speed. You can also use second controller for this as well.

Back Against the Wall20
Hit a home run with two strikes and zero balls   

Have the second controller get 2 strikes on you. Once you hear the heartbeat sound effect, this is your cue to hit a home run on the next pitch. Bunting for a home run will work here as well.

Decked Out20
Got all the gear in Story Mode    

*Note: This achievement is missable.

About once every 2 games, you will have to play one of four mini-games. You must win each game. If you accidentally quit or do not click RESTART after losing a game, you will have to repeat the entire Story Mode over again, because there is no way to turn off the game's auto-save feature. Therefore if you lose, make sure you are pressing RESTART until you actually win the mini game. Mini games are not too tough, except for Hot Potato, which is more luck than skill:

Dingers: Simply hit the most home runs against 3 other players. Ties goes to the player with the further total distance.

The Cube: This is a baseball's version of "Simon Says", where you have to click the corresponding controller button before anyone else. The AI is generally slow, so take your time. Game goes to 10.

Pickle: Very easy. Simply mash the buttons to win a tug-o-war style of game. Do this twice to win.

Hot Potato: Toughest game of all 4 because it is more luck than skill. You can lose without ever having a chance. All 4 players throw the ball around. It will start ticking, at which point it will explode at any moment. Once it explodes, that player is out of the round. Game goes to 3.

*Tip: If you are holding on to a ball for more than 3 seconds, even if its not ticking, it will explode in your hands.

Back to Back, Jack!20
Hit back to back out of the park home runs   

Notice the "Out of the park" side note, which means you cannot bunt for home runs against second controller here. No worries as you will hit plenty of back-to-back home runs as you progress deeper into the Story Mode. If Story Mode is not your cup of tea, select any team in a Pickup game that has a 5-star power player. Once they hit a home run, use a power-up for the next batter and hope for a rocket ball power up, which will ensure a home run.

Slugger Star20
Tony joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Twin All-Stars20
Sid & Ash join your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Backyard Powerhouse20
Pablo joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

The Cannon20
Keisha joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Upper Classman20
Jorge joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Rocket Launch20
Vicki joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Mac Attack20
Joey joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Dmitri joins your team in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Batting Around25
The whole team gets a swing during a single inning   

Can be done legit as you progress in the Story Mode. You can also do this in a Pickup game using second controller and simply bunt around for all 9 batters in that inning.

Like Joe25
Win in the final inning while things are looking down (5-inning game)   

This is a secret achievement in disguise as it doesn't tell you much. Of course, if you are a baseball fan, you know that they are referring to the great Joe Carter, who hit a dramatic walk-off HR in 1993 World Series.

Here is what you do: First, make sure you are the home team and you have 5 innings set up. Plug in the second controller and simply get outs through all 4 innings against each other. In the top of the 5th inning, have second controller score a run. In the bottom of the 5th, have the second controller get out the first 2 batters. Next have the second controller give up a walk to the next batter. Throw 2 strikes to the next batter. With 2 strikes on, you now must hit a home run! Fortunately bunting for a home run will work as well.

I have tried this achievement every other way before the 2 strikes and it did not unlock! You must hit a home run, while being down by 1 run, having 2 outs and 2 strikes on you in the bottom of the 5th inning.

If when following this strategy, you still cannot earn this achievement, follow the guidelines in the post by Stumpy25 right HERE. Huge thanks to Stumpy25 for this strategy!

*Note: If you mess this up, you will have to start the whole thing over again.

Double to Nuttin'25
Keep your opponent from scoring a run after leading off with a double or a triple    

Have the second controller get a double/triple with their first batter. Simply get outs against the next batters and make sure they did not score in the inning.

Hit for a triple   

It is difficult to hit a triple against the CPU. It requires you to have 5-star speed player and a deep ballpark. You can either use 2 controllers and bunting for a triple or if you want a challenge, you can also hit a fountain at Garcia Manor which will award you with a triple as well.

Triple Play!30
Get three runners out in a single play   (2) 

Get three runners out in a single play. You should consider using this method to knock the "Double Play" out of the way at the same time. I have yet to be able to pull off a double play against the CPU, let alone a triple play. So, you will have to use a second controller once again. The best way to go about it is to have 0 outs and while second controller batting, put the first 2 or 3 runners on. Have the next batter bunt and have your main controller throw home. Quickly grab the second controller and keep pressing and send all the runners home while the catcher is there waiting to tag them all out.

Speed Demon30
Steal second and third base with the same player in the same inning   

Very simple when you have the second controller. Get the runner on base and then steal second base and then the third while second controller does nothing in the same inning. For a challenge against the CPU, either use Vicki or your own 5-star speed player. Make sure the ball is thrown before attempting to steal.

Blast Those Quads30
Get four or more hits with one player in a single game   

You can either get this deep in the Story Mode or use second controller to help you out. This can be combined with "Cyclone" if you wish. Single, double, triple or a home run will count as hits.

Like Lou35
Hit a grand slam   (1) 

An achievement named after a great Lou Brock. A grand slam is a home run hit when the bases are loaded. Note that you cannot bunt for a grand slam. This achievement will unlock after the Grand Slam graphic will appear on screen. You can have second controller help you load the bases and if the next hitter has at least a 4-star power, choose a power swing to knock it out of the park. You may also use power-ups to help you out, but beware of the mole ball power-up that will keep your ball on (or should I say under) the ground.

Run! Run! Run!35
Hit an in-the-park homer   

This is simply not possible against the CPU. Use the second controller's help and bunt for an inside-the-park home run.

Like Nolan35
Hold your opponents to zero runs (5-inning game)   

Do not give up a run in a 5-inning game, just like great Nolan Ryan used to do. You can try it legit on Easy or use the second controller if you are having difficulties.

Grand Theft35
Steal home   

Not possible against the CPU, but very possible against the second controller. With the runner on 3rd base, simply press and have the second controller do nothing.

They Call Me Bonehead Fred40
Score the winning run in the bottom of the final inning with two outs and two runners left on base   (3) 

If you knew that this achievement was named after Fred Merkle, you know way too much baseball. Go to the bottom of the final inning with the score tied, have second controller get 2 quick outs against you then walk the next 3 batters. Now simply steal home with the second controller doing nothing and the achievement is unlocked.

Hit for the cycle with a single player   

Traditionally a cycle in baseball is defined as a player hitting a single, a double, a triple and a home run all in the same game. However, I got this one legit in the Story Mode by hitting a home run, a triple and a double during my first three at-bats. You can also use 2 controllers in a Pickup game for this one.

A good place to attempt this achievement is on the field "Pablo's Sandlot", as hitting the ball to certain areas will automatically count for doubles and triples. With going past the fence being an automatic homerun, hitting the ball deep into left-field by the dog house will show a short cinematic with the dog taking the ball for an automatic triple. The tree in center-field will automatically give out a double, so if for whatever reason you cannot get this achievement, try to aim for these three areas. 

Love of the Game45
Defeat The Bullies in Story Mode   

See "Have Mercy"

Have Mercy!75
Win every Story Mode game using the mercy rule   (2) 

*Note- Should you not beat any team by mercy rule you will have to start completely over in order to get this achievement.

This requires you to beat every team by 10 runs before the 9th inning. If you are not up by at least 10 runs going into the 9th or if your lead becomes fewer than 10 runs in the bottom of the 9th, simply quit and try again.


Before starting the Story Mode, go to the options and make sure you have the following:

Innings: 9
Mercy Rule: ON
Difficulty: EASY
Manual Fielding: OFF

Start the Story Mode. Select your name and look any way you want it. The 3rd menu should be set-up like this:

Position: First Base
Power: 5 Stars
Speed: 5 Stars
Pitching: 0 Stars
Fielding: 5 Stars

Things to remember:

  • You cannot edit line-ups: All lineups in this game are based on a baseball official fielder positional number. This is how the batting order will always look like.

1. Pitcher
2. Catcher
3. First Base
4. Second Base
5. Third Base
6. Shortstop
7. Left Field
8. Center Field
9. Right Field

  • Never steal bases: You will almost never hit into a double play in this game and because you will win every game by mercy rule, you need runners on base, so that your stars will bring them home by hitting a home run.
  • Don't get greedy around the base paths. Outfielders have rocket arms and even what seems to be a single in the shallow outfield can be an out at first base sometimes. Therefore if you hit the ball to the fence, as tempting as it may be, stay at first base and let the CPU handle all your base running.
  • Use power-ups on offense only. Power-ups will instantly get you a hit if you put the bat on the ball, which is vital if you will want to win every game via mercy rule.
  • Use power-ups on non-star players only: Almost every power player is capable of hitting a homerun using their power swing. Non-star players will usually get an out. Use the power-ups on non-stars to get them on base and let the power players bring them home.

This is the order that you should use when challenging teams:

The Rooftop - Keisha Phillips (Pitcher)
Quantum Field - Dmitri Petrovich (Catcher)
Pablo's Sandlot - Pablo Sanchez (Second Base)
The Commons - Joey Macadoo (Shortstop)
Concrete Canyon - Tony Delvecchio (Right Field)
Cul De Sac(Night) - Vicki Kawaguchi (Left Field)
Cul De Sac(Day) - The Gemenis (3rd Base)*
Garcia Manor - Jorge Garcia (Center Field)

* - In story mode, you will get Ashley after she tells you that Sidney has homework to do. However, upon unlocking the All-Star team, Sidney will replace you at first base.

With your player being at first base, you are hitting third in the line-up. During your first game, get one of the non-stars in front of you on base and hit a home run with your player. If this doesn't happen, simply quit and restart the game. The achievement will still unlock if you quit/lose. As long as you win by mercy rule, you are fine.

The first game will be the most difficult to win by a mercy rule, which is why you should try and hit a home run with your player in order to give you the best chance. If non-stars get on base, do not get aggressive in base running and just simply keep the line moving until you get to bat again. During this time earn power ups by getting hits from non-stars. When pitching, pitch low, out of the strike zone, while hitting the sweet spot on the power meter. When you are on deck, make sure the batter in front of use gets on base (use power-up!) Try not to use a power-up anywhere else in the line up.

After winning the first game, things get much easier as Keisha now bats first and you are batting third. Just like you, she has a 5-star power. Therefore, get home runs with her and then use power up on the next player to get on base, so that you can bring them home as well.

After you defeat Dmitri, don't be shocked if the games become really short and you win by a mercy rule by the 3rd inning every time. With Keisha, Dmitri and you batting 1-2-3 with 5-star power, you should easily hit 2 out of 3 home runs every time, earning you valuable power-ups for the non-star players.

By the time you face the Bullies, you shouldn't have much trouble at all. The more teams you beat by mercy rule, the more players you add to your team, and the better you become.

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