Bakugan: Defenders of the Core

Bakugan: Defenders of the Core Achievement Guide

Guide By: Sakura4600
There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 44/44 (1000/1000)
- Online: 0/44 (0/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 100020+ hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None


Such a great game for the young family members and for fans of the series, this game is a very easy 1000gs but may require a bit of time. This bakugan game is very different from the first one, instead of just using power up from a card you take control of your bakugan and use combos to defeat your opponents.

First playthrough: on the first playthrough open every chest in all the levels you can run about on. You can see how many you have opened by pressing the start button, but if you dont have say for example 5/5 go back before you goto the flag and make sure you checked every were.
Second playthrough: New chests and bakugan have been added all you need to do is do all of story mode again and unlock them, it will keep your stats from your first playthrough. The final chest with the last piece of the bakugan should be in the second mission in the USA.

Misc/Clean up:
A lot of the achievements can be unlocked in battle arena mode such as Black Belt, Denied etc.. after you complete the story mode you can go back but you have to start a new game but all stats carry over so don't worry.Getting S rank on all levels will be easier throughout the second playthrough as you have power Bakugan and go ability cards.

this game is fun and an easy 1000gs but like I said before it will take a bit of time for collecting everything, please be patient while I get his guide to 100% complete thank you.


[x360a would like to thank Sakura4600 for this Roadmap]

Wet Feet10
Follow Dan's instructions.    (2) 

This is will be the first achievement you will unlock while playing story mode it is very easy, Dan will teach you the basics of the game after it is over the achievement will unlock.

First Encounter10
Save Dan and Marucho.    

After the tutorial you will be put in the actual story this will be the first mission you have to do. After you destroy the Vexos crystal and after a cutscene is done the achievement will unlock.

One down…20
Destroy a Vexos crystal in Story Mode.    

This achievement can not be missed, in the first mission you will have to destroy a Vexos crystal. The crystal will shoot out trap bakugan, these are very easy to defeat after you have beaten a certain amount the shield around the crystal will disappear and then you will be able to destroy the crystal.

Build a hologram tower.    

This is a story related achievement, you will get this in the 3rd mission when you are heading towards the vexos crystal. It also tells you how to set them up make sure you choose carefully when placing these becuase the can make your bakugan stronger or and your opponent weaker, or the other way round.

Hologram tycoon30
Build a hologram tower of each attribute.    

This is a story related achievement, you can build hologram towers in certain areas, try and remember which ones you have already used and the ones that you are going to place hope that they work to your advantage to make battle a tiny bit easier.

Earn 100,000 in core energy.   (1) 

While you play through the story mode you will see blue/yellow/reds orbs these give you core energy points but not that much. To earn more core energy by completing battles in the story mode remember the higher the rank the more points you earn. You do not have to save up 100,000 core energy at once.

Treasure Hunter10
Get ten items from item boxes.   

During story mode you will see boxes lying all of the place, go over the box and press A and it will give you an item. Whenever you press start when you are in a level it will tell you how many boxes there is in each level, open up 10 boxes and the achievment will unlock.

Good aim10
Throw your Bakugan to get an item.   

You will unlock is achievement whenever you play through story mode, there will be a small tutorail on how to aim your backugan. To Do this press RT and a small marker should come up aim at what you want to hit. As soon as you do this the achievement will unlock.

Deflect an opponent's physical attack 5 times in a single battle.    

To deflect an enemies attack to have to press LT this is to block, just before they attack you. The attack should deflect off your shield and the enemy should stumble a little bit. Repeat 4 more times and the achievement will unlock.

Do ten combo breakers in a single battle.    

The easiest way to get this achievement is to go into Battle Arena Free for All, Once you get into a battle let the enemy do a combo on you. In the corner of the screen you will see that it tells you to press LT if you do it in time you will break the combo. Do 9 more of these within the same battle and the achievement will unlock.

Do ten perfect combo breakers in a single battle.    (1) 

For this achievement you have to press LT as soon as it appears on the screen whenever the enemy is doing a combo. The easiest way i did it was going to Battle arena mode and going to duel, just keep trying but make sure you win the first match and if you still need more time lose the second match and hopefully you will get it. You do not have to get 10 perfect combo breakers in a single round but just be the match is over. Thanks to Nipplepwner for the help on this one.

Black belt30
Do all combos on a Bakugan's Combo List in a single battle.    

This achievement can be done on any mode but I found that battle arena was the best, simply choose your Bakugan. Once in the battle press start and go to combo list and you will see all the combos you will need to do, so for example Neo Dragonoid.
Ground combos – ,
Air combos – 

Grand master30
Do twenty or more hits in a single combo.    

I found this achievement easiest with Hyper Dragonoid, he has an ability card called Burning Aura that does a 15-16 hit combo, so once you are able to use the ability get a 5-6 combo started already then activate the ability, if the enemy doesnt block or you dont miss you should do more than a 20 hit combo. Another way to get this is by using Maxus Dragoniod charge up hit shot by pressing (B) if you get a direct hit you should do a 21 hit combo.

Power hungry20
Pick up all three power-up types in a single battle.    

A very easy achievement to get, in battle you will see different coloured circles with symbols in them, the come in different colours such as green, red, yellow etc.. they will randomly appear when they do just simple go over to them and you will pick them up, after you pick up the 3rd one you will unlock this achievement.

Gate Card set30
Open each type of Gate card at least once.    

Gate cards are found random throughout a battle, sometimes whenever you destroy a building or even a core a gate card will appear. Just keep running about and destroying the buildings until you find one. There are 6 types of Gate cards such as Pyrus, Aquos, Subterra, Haos, Darkus and Ventus. Easiest done in Battle arena mode and you have to change your bakugan for each type of card you are going after such as Neo Dragoniod is a Pyrus and Maxus Helios is a Darkus.

B Student20
Get B rank or higher in six Story Mode battles.   

**Please look at "Pefection" for more detail.**

Honor roll30
Get A rank or higher in twelve Story Mode battles.   

**Please look at "Pefection" for more detail.**

Get S rank in every Story Mode battle.   

If you dont get an S rank on your first try dont worry you can go back and redo the level, the types of stats that you will be graded on are
Bonus (all the things below reward you and give you a better chance of getting a S rank)
Stage clear bonus - the time it takes you
Combo bonus - the higher the combo the better
Remaning health bonus - try and not get hit, block you enemies attacks
Penalty (Makes the risk of getting a lower rank even if the top 2 are good)
Destroyed Buildings - Stay away from the building as possible the more buildings you destroy the chance that you final score may be lowered.
After you complete the game you can do a second playthrough with all the bakugan you have collected, I personally use Maxus Dragoniod he can get high combos and does alot of damage.

Purchase an upgrade for a Bakugan.   

Just before you start a battle in story mode you can chose what abilty cards you want to use, after that you will be brought to a screen with different upgrades, the cheapest one for neo dragonoid is 3000 core energy which is called shot boost, after you buy it the achievement will unlock.

Purchase all upgrades for six different Bakugan.   

**Please see "long hard road" achievement for more detail.**

Long hard road50
Purchase all upgrades for all Bakugan.   

Whenever you are in story mode you can upgrade your bakugan by spending Core energy, this is obtained by completing levels etc.. Each bakugan has 6 upgrades so this achievement will require a little time and effort to collect alot of core energy. The method that I used to get a lot of energy core points is to keep replaying the second last battle agaisnt drago, you get 10,000 points for completing the battle and whatever else you get for the bonus conditions.

Duel master10
Win five duels against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.   

From the main menu click on the Bakugan this is for Battle Arena Mode, the first option you will get it Duel, so click on that and you will come to a screen were you can choose your bakugan. Put your bakugan up to 3 stars of health and your opponent to 1 this will make it much quicker to kill your opponents. After you win 5 matches the achievement will unlock.

One man army10
Obtain 250 or more points in a Battle Arena Free For All.    

From the main menu click on the icon that looks like “Drago” this is for the battle arena. From there click across until you see Free For All (this should be the second option over) now go down to P1 vs CPU vs CPUS vs CPU this just gives you more chance to get more points. Now from here on you can choose your bakugan. Put your health up to 3 stars and the CPU’s health just to 2 stars. Whenever the battle starts just keep hitting the CPU each hit gives you 1 point and using you Ability card will give you more points (these attacks can be used more than once after a period of time).

Wrecking ball10
Obtain 500 or more points in a Battle Arena Destruction Battle.    

From the main menu click on the bakugan to go to battle arena and Destruction battle should be the 3rd option across, goto battle options and change the time to 300 seconds this gives you more time to get points, after this choose your bakugan and your opponent. Now the aim of the game is to destroy these big crystals that appear on the map each hit gives you one point and each time you destroy one gives you 20, you can also kill your opponent for more points. For some reason the game always target locks on enemy rather than the crystal just simply press RB to change your target.

Win 30 times against the CPU in Battle Arena Mode.   

Please look at Duel master achievement for more information, so instead of just wining 5 battles you have to win 30, just use the same method and you should get this in no time.

So many choices30
Unlock every Bakugan in the game.     

This achievement is pretty much self speaks for itself, all bakugan are unlocked by completing the story mode. Thanks to linktriforce007 for the list, you will get Maxus Helios during your second playthrough there are extra chests added in the maps make sure you collect them all. Below is a list of Bakugan that you will unlock by playing through the story mode.
- Neo Dragonoid
- Elfin
- Percival
- Ingram 
- Nemus
- Wilda
- Hyper Dragonoid
- Dual Elfin
- Midnight Percival
- Cosmic Ingram
- Mega Nemus
- Thunder Wilda
- Brontes
- Hades
- Altair
- Mechanical Helios
- Premo Vulcan
- Elico
- Maxus Helios
- Maxus Dragonoid

Full deck30
Get every Ability card in the game.    

Most of the ablility cards are found in boxes that are scatted through out the worlds, you will come across them when you are looking for the figures. Never finish a level until you have collected all the chests. Whenever you complete the game you have to go back and collect a few more pieces to unlock Maxus Helios after you unlock him you will get this achievement as well, hopefully.

Go figure30
Collect every metal figure in the game.     

1. Neo Dragoniod -The first Bakugan statue is whenever you have to look for Mira, after drago tells you to throw him at the barrel and sneak pass the guard in the next area in a chest. Japan
2. Elfin - The second statue is in the 3rd mission were you have to head towards the vexos crystal after you distract the 2nd guard you will come to a corner, you will be able to see the chest from this point, distract the guard and run into the area and open the chest. Japan
3. Wilda - the 3rd statue is in the first mission in the UK, whenever you put on the goggles at one point you will be able to see footprints, get pass the robot guards and to your left there is a chest with the statue in it. UK
4. Brontes - in the mission where you have to find baron, you will come to a bridge and you will invent a stealth mode iteam. Ignore the set of stairs and continue on round, you will see a camera and 2 robots either run pass them with the stealth mode on or hit them in the back. When you get to the end of the road you will see 2 chests one of them has the figure. China
5. Percival - Same mission as number 4, now go up the stairs i told to ignore then go up another set of stairs you will see another set of 2 chests, the one next the selter is the next figure. China
6. Nemus - At the start of the second mission in china, turn to your left, you will see 3 cameras get pass them and at the end is a chest. China
7. Ingram - In the second mission in china you will have to follow someone, when you come near the end you will see 2 robots, they move in time with each other so when the are facing in the other direction run and get the chest. China
8. Hades - In the first mission in Egypt you will come across 5-6 robots near the begining of the level once you run past them there will be a chest on the left side. Egypt
9. Altair - same mission as number 8, just pass were you got number 8 you will come to a sand area that has little sand hills and tiny robots going about the place. The figure is in the second chest that is in this area.
10. Magma Wilda- Egypt mission 3 at the start of the mission turn around and follow the patht the whole way around, you will see at the bottom of the road there will be 3 chests, the figure is in the one on the far right
11. Mechanical Helios - in the mission were you have to find mira in Egypt, there will be a part were there are 2 robots going around a circle, you can hit them with your bakugan to make them go away but to the left you can see 2 chests in the furthest one is were you can find this figure
12. Dual Elfin - a little bit further on past number 11 you will sort of see an invisble gaurd, past him is a chest so use your stealth to get past him and in the chest will be this figure
13. Premo Vulcan – in the first mission in the U.S.A you will come to this yellow barrier and there will be a switch on the other side that you hit your bakugan with. Continue going straight up and you should see a chest.
14. Mega Nemus – Same mission as number 13 , right after you get rid of the barrier you will come to a small park type thing, to the right you will see a yellow and red car go in between them and follow the path the whole way round until you get to the chest. You will have to go down a narrow path that a robot is guarding time it right and you should get past him
15. Midnight Percival - this is in the second mission in the U.S.A, you will not miss this one it is in a chest right after you get pass 2 robots. Its hard to get by them without stealth mode after you pass them its on your right. 
16. Cross Dragonoid - from were you got number 14 just continue heading straight, you will come to 2 gaurds distract them by hitting the barrels and the chest with this figure should be beside a plant.
17. Cosmic Ingram - At the start of the mission were you are in Vexos base your are in a long corridor on the second opening which is on the left is were this figure will be inside a chest
18. Maxus Helios - the exact same place were number 17 is found, there are 3 chests in the area.
19. Master Ingram - in the exact same place as number 17 and 18
20. Maxus Dragonoid - After you get 17,18,19 keep going down the corridor and there will be another opening to the left, there are 2 chests this figure is found on the right

*Note: I know I am not very good at explaining where certain items are but like i keep saying check everywhere on the map and don't go to the end of the level until you have opened up all of the chests you can see how many you have opened by pressing start*

All the achievements for now on are secret achievements are unlock by simply progressing through the story mode.

Secret Achievements
Saved Elfin From Shadow    

**This is an story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
This is the second quest within story mode.

Mr. Crazypants 20
Invented Holograms towers and used them to beat the Vexos    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
This is the third quest within story mode.

Distrust 20
Joined forces with Ace    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete your second mission in the UK.

Mr. Hotshot Himself 20
Saved Percival From Volt    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the 3rd mission in the UK.

Master Baron 20
Saved Ingram and Nemus from Lync    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the first mission in China.

Misunderstanding 20
Didn't get fooled by Mylene's tricks    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the second mission in China.

Don't Cross Drago 30
Stopped the kidnappers and got Wilda back.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the mission in Japan.

Unnatural Disater 20
Defeated Lync and stopped the earthquakes.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the mission in China.

Digging in the right place 20
Got to Abyss before the Vexos.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the first mission in Eygpt.

Spec-Dah 20
Defeated your ultimate foe and paid the ultimate price.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the second mission in Eygpt.

A reason to fight 20
Defeated Spectra's right-hand man.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the third mission in Eygpt.

There's no I in team 20
Defeated Volt and Lync at the same time.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the first mission in U.S.A.

Friendship 20
Defeated Mylene and Shadow at the same time.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the second mission in U.S.A.

Into the lion's den 20
Found a way into Vexos Headquarters.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the third mission in U.S.A.

Reunited 30
Rescued your friend at any cost.    

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed.**
After you complete the first mission in Vexos lair.

Defender of the core 50
Defeated Spectra and stopped his evil plans.    (1) 

**This is a story mode achievement and cannot be missed,**
This is the final secret achievment and is unlocked by beating the final boss of the game.

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