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Band Hero Achievement Guide

Guide By: Addicted Azn
There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty for experienced player: 1/10
-Estimated achievement difficulty for average player: 3/10
-Offline: 46 (980)
-Online: 2 (20)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours if experienced.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: Possibly Face to Face
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No

Band Hero is the next installment after Guitar Hero 5 in the Guitar Hero franchise. This game is basically just like Guitar Hero 5, but it includes different genres. If you have 1000 in GH5, then you should easily be able to get 1000 in Band Hero. Also, don't really pay much attention to trying to find out what the secret is in the Treasure Hunt or Secret Note achievements. You will unlock them as you play through the career.

The only glitched achievement might be Face to Face, similar to GH5. If you play the needed amount of matches for the achievement but don't get the achievement, just keep playing more matches and different songs.

Step 1: Warm-up 2 for 15
First, finish off a couple easy achievements. Go to GH™Studio and create a song for 10. Then proceed to tutorials in training and complete all instruments under ONE profile for another 5.

Step 2: Online or Offline
Now you can either go online or offline to do the rest of the achievements. Both ways are really easy but it's really up to you.

Step 2.1 Online 14 for 130
I did online first (most of these can also be done offline) so go get 3 other members to help you out in a 4 player band. Get some friends or find some people online at the Achievement Trading Thread. Set your rocker to your avatar, host a career game, and play one song with a guitar/band challenge, (if all 4 players are expert guitarists) you can land an easy 105. Platinum Blonde, Iced Out, M.C., 15 Minutes of Fame, In the Moment, Star Light, Star Bright, A Cool Mill, There's no 'I' in 'Band Hero', Four of a Kind, Star Powered, Picture Perfect, and My First Gig. If you don't unlock all of these, you can always get them individually.

Once you have those achievements, proceed to the COMPETITIVE option and play Pro-Face Off to get Face to Face. Then go to Rockfest to get Till Death Do Us Part for a total of 20.

Step 2.2 Offline - Career and Mop up 33 for 855
Doing Career mode will be very easy. Set up a fan or anything that makes noise. Grab your mic and set it next to the fan while you use the controller to go through all the songs in career mode. Play on BEGINNER and you will get 100% on every song, earning 6 stars. Once you've 6 starred every song, change to your drums and beat a drum challenge. Then switch to your guitar to do a bass and guitar challenge to unlock Jack of All Trades. After that, use your guitar to complete other guitar/bass challenges to get Platinum or Diamond on songs. If you want, you can also go back online with friends and complete some band challenges with them to make it easier.

This is a pretty fun and easy game to get a full 1000. It's only time consuming having to play every song once and getting 555 stars. Once you've finished Career mode and got 6 stars on every song, you should have 486 stars. Continue to do challenges until you have 555 stars.

x360a would like to thank Addicted Azn for this Road Map

Welcome to Band Hero5
Complete the Tutorials    (13) 

Go to Training, Tutorials and complete every tutorial. There are tutorials for Gameplay, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, and Band Play.

Rise to Fame10
Complete 25% of the gigs in Career     (1) 

See Shine.

Nation's Star20
Complete 50% of the gigs in Career     

See Shine.

World Known30
Complete 75% of the gigs in Career     

See Shine.

Earn 111 Stars in Career    

See Shine.

Earn 333 Stars in Career    

See Shine.

Earn 555 Stars in Career    (3) 

Set up a fan or any noise maker and use the mic (the fan trick). Play on BEGINNER in Career mode and you will score a perfect 6 stars on every song. You will naturally progress through the songs and will earn stars. If you aren't at 555 stars yet, complete extra challenges for more stars.

Note by steve36y:
Using the fan trick gives 81x6 = 486 stars
This means that you need 69 more. You can get this by earning 23 diamonds. That is a little time consuming, but easy.

Platinum Blonde10
Earn Platinum level on a Career Challenge     (1) 

See Iced Out

Iced Out10
Earn Diamond level on a Career Challenge     

Play any instrument/band challenge and fulfill the requirement needed for Diamond. This is stackable so Platinum Blonde will unlock along with this.

Road Most Traveled20
Unlock every venue    (8) 

You will naturally unlock every venue as you do the "fan trick" instructed in Shine. The last venue, Hypersphere, is unlocked after playing the last song in Amp Orbiter.

The Long Road Ahead30
Complete Career on any difficulty with any instrument     

Once you completed career mode, if you followed the instructions from Shine, this will unlock after playing the last song.

Host an online Career game and play a song    (35) 

Go to Career and invite some friends or find some people online. When you find players, start the game and play one song.

Face to Face15
Complete 25 online Pro Face-Off matches, win or lose     (27) 

Go to COMPETITIVE and choose Pro-Face Off. Play only one song and that will equal one match. Do not choose another song. A short song is "Like Whoa" by Aly&AJ. You don't even have to play since you can win or lose. This can easily be boosted.

Till Death Do Us Part5
Play an online Do or Die game    (14) 

Same as Face to Face but instead of choosing Pro-Face Off, go to Rockfest and choose the Do or Die game. Just play one song and you get the achievement. This can also easily be boosted.

Nice to Meet You20
Complete the gigs and unlock all of the celebrity characters    

Complete the gigs that have the STAR next to them:

  • Love Story - Taylor Swift
  • Picture to Burn - Taylor Swift
  • You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
  • She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
  • Don't Speak - No Doubt
  • Just A Girl - No Doubt
A New Challenge Awaits30
Complete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond     (10) 

Each song has a specific instrument/band challenge to do. Keep doing them and achieve the Platinum or Diamond rank. If you are having trouble, play online with someone who can help you. If a player plays a guitar challenge and gets the Diamond, everyone else in the party will also get it. This is the same for Vocals/Bass/Drums/Band.

Testing the Waters20
Play through every Band Hero song once    

Following Shine, you'll play through every song naturally.

15 Minutes of Fame5
Complete a song as an Avatar rocker     

In the Character selection menu, change your rocker to avatar and play a song with it.

In the Moment5
Successfully complete a Band Moment    (5) 

In a 4 player band, have everyone strike the fire-like frets/beats and everyone should light up an orange aura. Band Moment achieved.

Star Light, Star Bright10
Score over 10,000 points while in a single Star Power deployment     

A safe tip is to have a full a Star power bar, get a 4X multiplier and activate it on a good part of a song. Any song will do, preferably "Dirty Little Secret" - The All-American Rejects or "L.E.S. Artistes" - Santigold.

A Cool Mill10
Score over 1,000,000 points as a band in any single song in Career or Quickplay    (11) 

A suggestion is to play "L.E.S ARTISTES" by Santigold. You can find people to get this with in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Fevered Pitch15
100% a song as a vocalist     

If you're following the instructions from Shine, you will get this on your first song. Difficulty does not matter.

Jack of All Trades15
Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better    (3) 

Play the specific challenge for each instrument and get gold level or better.
One example of an easy challenge for each instrument is:

Guitar: "EMG is picking up guitarists" sponsor song. Play Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects.

Bass: Dirty Little Secret - The All-American Rejects; it's a fun song and catchy so
there shouldn't be much problem upstrumming for this challenge.

Vocals: You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift on Easy, simple song if you listen to the radio.

Drums: I got it on Love Story - Taylor Swift on Expert, or you can try for Rio - Duran Duran on Medium

There's no 'I' in 'Band Hero'15
Complete a song with 4 players without any members failing on expert in Career or Quickplay     (20) 

Should be easy if you have 4 expert players. If you can't play on expert, keep practicing or just don't fail and have your friends who can play expert save you from failing with their star power.

Four of a Kind10
Complete a song as 4 of the same instrument on any difficulty in Quickplay or Career    (14) 

This is easily boosted. Everyone usually has a guitar so you can find people to boost with in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Star Powered10
Earn an 11x multiplier    (26) 

In a 4-player band, have everyone maintain a 4X multiplier. Save star power until you get a band moment. 4 from multiplier, 4 from star power, and 3 from band moment; 4+4+3=11.

Picture Perfect15
Streak through an entire song without missing a note on medium or harder difficulty      (3) 

Play a song on medium and FC (Full Combo [100%]) the song. Go for the short song "Like Whoa" by Aly&AJ on guitar/bass.

Treasure Hunt490
Collect all of the Secret Notes      (29) 

Go to this thread for the secret of the "Secret Notes". Credits to steve36ty.
If you're following the instructions for Shine, you will naturally play each song and FC'ed them because you're on the mic, so you will unlock each Secret note achievement to each corresponding song.

My First Gig5
Complete a Career gig on any difficulty      

Play your first song in Career mode.

Secret Notes 15
Hint: *e*** *c******y      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 25
Hint: **n** ***k***      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 35
Hint: *** *ol**** ****e*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 45
Hint: **l* *ll**      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 55
Hint: A** * A*      (3) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 65
Hint: ***o*n 5      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 75
Hint: **v** *o***      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 85
Hint: *v***s***c*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 95
Hint: H*****      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 105
Hint: *a* B****a*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 115
Hint: *o ***b*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 125
Hint: ***v** **y*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 135
Hint: **i** *i***      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 145
Hint: **ll*** ****l*      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 155
Hint: **l*** **ff      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 165
Hint: *e***w***d      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 175
Hint: *h* *ll-**e***** **j****      (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 185
Hint: **y O******     (1) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Secret Notes 195
Hint: **r* **u**** (2) 

See Treasure Hunt.

Studio Time10
Create a GHâ„¢Studio song    

Go to GH™Studio and then GHMIX? 2.0 and create your song. It can even be only one note.

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US November 03, 2009

ESRB: Everyone
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