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Kinect Fun Labs: Battle Stuff Achievement Guide

Guide By: AvengingCactus7
There are 8 achievements with a total of 50 points.

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-Achievement achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 8 (50)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 50: 1+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
-Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

This is a gadget located inside of the Kinect Fun Labs which has 8 achievements for 50.

Step 1
Scan any object to unlock Ready to Tumble. After you scan your object you will notice that it has four bars that state the object’s health, damage, comeback, and tie breaker. The longer the bars are for each of those four areas the better they are at those four areas. Then scan a second object. After you scan both objects you will go into the fight sequence. The fights are mostly just luck as they are based off of rock, paper, scissors. There are three moves total: Punch, Grab, and Counter. Punch beats Grab, Grab beats Counter, and Counter beats Punch. If you are using an object that has a higher tie breaker than that of your opponent you will always win a tie, which is useful because it gives you a 2/3 chance of hitting your opponent as opposed to their 1/3 chance of hitting you. After your first fight view your highlight reel and choose the option to send it to friends and on the Kinect share website in order to unlock Meet the Challenger and Keepsake.

Step 2
Scan 25 fighters. The reason I say you should do this step second is because each fighter gets a randomly generated set of stats. These stats can actually make a difference in a fight, so it would be beneficial to you to have 25 different sets of stats to choose from before you move onto the actual achievements that are fight related. The fastest way to scan 25 fighters is to click on the battle button. When you do, it will bring up an option to either choose a fighter or to scan one. Scan one. After you scan one you will be asked to pick the second fighter or to scan a new fighter. This time click to go back to the screen where you choose the first fighter and scan a new fighter. Keep doing that until you scan 25 fighters and unlock All Pro.

Step 3
Pick the fighter you want to use for your battles. The fighters seem to either come in high damage/high health/low comeback/low tie break, average all the way around, or high come back/high tie break/low health/low damage. I personally used the high come back and high tie break. The high tie break is useful for the reason mentioned in Step 1 and the high come back is useful for the Last Man Standing achievement.

Step 4
Fight your way to four wins then clean up afterward. You need to get four wins with a single fighter, not four wins in a row in order to unlock Bring It On. As long as you use a variety of moves you should unlock Rock, Paper, Scissors during the fights leading up to your four wins. After your first win you’ll unlock And The Winner Is…. In order to get the achievement for finishing someone with a super move I would recommend that during a fight you knock an opponent’s health down to the point that you know you can finish them with a super move. As long as you have enough health left that you won’t be beat during this, I would just sit there and not even fight back until your comeback meter fills. Once it fills up begin fighting again until you connect and you’ll unlock Last Man Standing. During all of this you should have unlocked Bring It On. If not, just keep fighting with at one fighter until you do.

Congratulations, you’re done with yet another Kinect Labs gadget. They’re relatively fun and extremely fast to get a complete. They’re only worth 50 points, but they’re still a very easy 50 points.
[x360a would like to thank AvengingCactus7 for this roadmap]

Shared with    

See Meet the Challenger

Meet the Challenger5
Shared with friends    

After your first fight in this game you will have two options brought to your attention. They are to either view your highlight reel from the fight or to back out. View your highlight reel. After you view your highlight reel you will be asked if you want to share this on Click yes and yes on the next option as well. This will unlock both the Keepsake and Meet the Challenger achievements.

And the Winner Is…5
Won a match against an AI opponent    

See Bring It On

Ready to Tumble5
Scanned an object    

In order to compete in a fight you will need to scan an object. After you click on the initial Battle option you will be informed that you need to scan your first fighter. Make sure to use an object that is small enough to fit in the box on the screen. It also needs to be vertically taller than it is wide. If you use something like a shoe you will need to turn it so that either the toe is either facing straight up or straight down. I personally used my iPhone.

Bring It On5
Got 4 wins with 1 fighter    (1) 

All that is needed to unlock this achievement is to get four wins with a single fighter. They do not need to be in a row. You will unlock And The Winner Is... while attempting to unlock this one. Remember to use a variety of moves. Being as this is mostly luck based a little patience is all that is really needed to unlock this achievement. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors.10
Blocked all 3 moves in 1 match    

During a match, you will just need connect with all three attacks as long as it is not during a tie breaker. If you are solely going for this achievement you can easily use a fighter with a high level of damage and health and attack with one of the attacks until you connect. Use the same tactic for the other two moves. The fight sequence is: Punch beats Grab, Grab beats Counter, and Counter beats Punch.

Last Man Standing5
Defeated an opponent using a super move    

I would use a fighter with a high comeback meter. If you are participating in a fight where your opponent's health has gotten down to the point where you will be able to use a special move and defeat it, I would merely allow your opponent to strike you without responding until your special move meter fills up. This is of course, granted that you have enough health that you are not defeated during the time where you are waiting for your meter to fill up. Once your meter is full you should continue fighting and hope that you are able to strike them, finishing them off, before they finish you off.

All Pro10
Created 25 fighters    (2) 

The fastest way to do this is to go to the screen where you choose your first fighter. Click on the option to create a new fighter. After you create the new fighter and it takes you to the screen to create the second fighter click to go back to the screen where you can either choose or create a first fighter. Click on the option to create a new fighter. Keep doing this until you have created all 25 fighters.   

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US November 28, 2011

HDD Space Required : 209.89 MB
Kinect: Required
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