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Take gold in all missions

You must earn a gold rating in all campaign missions (15 Order and 15 Chaos). Note that you can win by checkmating the opposing king even if that is not stated as the objective. A chess simulator can be used to help in many of the missions. While playing the campaign missions, both the undo and hint features are disabled.

Each mission is listed below with victory conditions, any special rules, and how many turns for a gold medal. I then have a link to YouTube videos from Xboxitude beating each misison with a gold medal. The videos are generally good for high level advice, but because the AI does not make the same move every time, skill will significantly reduce the number of replays you have to do. The audio on most of the videos is at such a low level that it is unintelligible, but if you are stuck then they can definitely be good for some general advice.

Order Missions:

1. Heresy - Kill all pawns to win (Gold: win in 17 turns)


2. Apostate Day - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 16 turns)


3. Winged Hope - Promote any pawn to a queen (Gold: win in 25 turns)


4. Soulbringer - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 30 turns)


5. Desperate Measures - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 25 turns)


6. Moment of Truth - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 30 turns)


7. Gilead - Checkmate to win in 2 minutes (Gold: win in 11 turns)


8. Rage - Checkmate to win, you must capture a piece if the opportunity arises (Gold: win in 30 turns)


9. Greed - Checkmate to win without first placing enemy in check (Gold: win in 25 turns)


10. Battle of Wits - Checkmate to win, cannot capture enemy pieces (Gold: win in 25 turns)


11. Weakness - Checkmate to win, if put in check you lose (Gold: win in 37 turns)


12. Fog of War - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 25 turns)


13. Smite Thy Foe - Checkmate with your bishop to win (Gold: win in 40 turns)


14. Enemy Territory - Checkmate to win, traps kill instantly (Gold: win in 30 turns)


15. Heart of Darkness - Checkmate to win, fog of war (Gold: win in 20 turns)


Chaos Missions:

1. Breatkthrough - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 24 turns)


2. Counterattack - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 15 turns)


3. Strategic Retreat - Checkmate in 10 turns to win (Gold: win in 8 turns)


4. Point of No Return - Checkmate to win, mines (Gold: win in 10 turns)


5. Twist of Fate - Checkmate to win, pieces respawn (Gold: win in 15 turns)


6. Shadows of the Past - Checkmate to win, pieces transform (Gold: win in 30 turns)


7. Atonement - Check the enemy king 3 times to win (Gold: win in 11 turns)


8. Chaos - Checkmate to win, capturing transforms (Gold: win in 34 turns)


9. Resurrection - Checkmate to win, enemy resurrection (Gold: win in 25 turns)


10. Shock and Awe - Checkmate to win, must capture all enemy pieces before winning (Gold: win in 45 turns)


11. Blitzkrieg - Checkmate to win, any piece that captures may move again to an unoccupied space (Gold: win in 22 turns)


12. Brotherly Blood - Checkmate to win, your pieces that capture switch sides (Gold: win in 30 turns)


13. Divine Intervention - Checkmate to win, your pieces respawn (Gold: win in 35 turns)


14. Dark Presence - Checkmate to win, choose your starting positions (Gold: win in 5 turns)


15. Ladder to Heaven - Checkmate to win (Gold: win in 50 turns)

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