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Complete all puzzles  

To complete all puzzles, you must complete at least one level of both of the One-Timers, and the complete all Standard Puzzles and all Hard Puzzles.

One-Timers are broken down into Execution and Menace. For Execution, you need to find the one piece you can capture safely. You only need to successfully do one board, and then wait for time to run out. For Menace, you have to find the move that will let you checkmate the black king in one turn. As with Execution, you only need to clear one board and then wait for time to expire.

There are nine standard puzzles, and to beat them you must win in a specified number of turns. Videos for all of them can be found on YouTube if you need assistance, or you can use a chess simulator as well. They are generally restricted piece puzzles that can be found discussed on chess forums or even on wikipedia.

  • Rook and King - Win in 15 turns
  • Rook and King II - Win in 13 turns
  • Queen and King - Win in 10 turns
  • Queen and King II - Win in 10 turns
  • Queen and Rook - Win in 5 turns
  • Queen and Rook II - Win in 6 turns
  • Bishops and King - Win in 18 turns
  • Knight and Bishop - Win in 40 turns
  • Master Puzzle - Win in 30 turns

Hard Puzzles:
The hard puzzles are all classic chess puzzles generally considered to have a unique solution. The challenge is to checkmate in 2 moves (or 3 for Puzzle 1). Despite being listed as "hard" puzzles, because of the limited moves available they are actually easier than the Standard puzzles.

  • Puzzle 1 - f7d6, d3c5, c2e4
  • Puzzle 2 - g4c8, h1a8
  • Puzzle 3 - f6h8, h7f5
  • Puzzle 4 - a2b1, c2f5
  • Puzzle 5 - h4a4, a8c6
  • Puzzle 6 - d4d1, b5e2
  • Puzzle 7 - g4h3, h3f1
  • Puzzle 8 - g3g4, d7e7
  • Puzzle 9 - f1h3, h3d7
  • Puzzle 10 - h2h5, h5f3
  • Puzzle 11 - a6a3, a3c5
  • Puzzle 12 - h2h6, g6g7
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