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Battlefield 3 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Xenolith666, Neomop, Maka
There are 63 achievements with a total of 1600 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 20 (470)
Online (co-op): 9 (230)
Online (multiplayer): 31 (300)
Approximate amount of time to 470: 5 hours+
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 75 hours+
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: None (Chapter Select)
Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Campaign - Hard and Co-op - Hard)
Glitchy achievements: Save Issues (See **Important** for info)
Extra equipment needed? No
Is there DLC? Yes

  • Back to Karkland
    • Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 120: 8+ hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None
  • Close Quarters
    • Estimated Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 120: 4+ Hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None
  • Armored Kill
    • Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 1203+ Hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable: None
  • Aftermath
    • Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 120: 4+ Hours
    • Glitchy/Missable/Unobtainable:

1. Campaign on Hard (20 for 470)
Playing through the campaign on Hard (first playthough) can net you 20 achievements for 470. Should you miss any story related achievements, you can use "Chapter Select" and play it on a lower difficulty if need be. None are overly difficult and there are no collectibles to search for.

There are 6 secret achievements which are all story related and can't be missed in a completed playthrough. The rest of the achievements (listed below), are in order of level progression and can be missed in your initial run.

**Important** Do not play a level on hard and then replay it on a lower difficulty. It has been reported to screw up save files. So if playing through on hard, just finish the campaign; once that is done you can utilize "Level Select" to obtain anything you missed.

Not on my watch (Operation Swordbreaker)
Roadkill (Uprising)
Involuntary Euthanasia (Uprising)
You can be my wingman anytime (Going Hunting)
The Professional (Comrades)
Scrap Metal (Thunder Run)
Army of Darkness (Night Shift)
Twofor (Night Shift)
What the hell *are* you? (Rock and a Hard Place)
Butterfly (Rock and a Hard Place)
Practice makes perfect (Kaffarov)
Between a rock and a hard place (The Great Destroyer)

2. Co-op Achievements (9 for 230)
Co-op in Battlefield 3 is accessible only through Xbox LIVE (no split-screen/system link) and is a 2-player mode. Get a friend or search for one in the Achievement Trading/Co-op thread, or just search for public matches. Complete all the co-op missions on Hard while obtaining mission specific achievements. It is recommended however to get all the co-op level specific achievements on "Easy".

3. Online (9 for 300)
Battlefield 3 has an excellent online (at least since the servers have been stabilized). There are multiple game types to choose from and you can go lone wolf, or join a squad and play as a team. There are numerous large, sprawling maps to choose from with all sorts of vehicles to crash and burn. A majority of your time spent on this game will be in online multiplayer mode.

DLC: Back To Karkand

Back to Karkand is Battlefield 3's first batch on downloadable content. Featuring four new maps and vehicles, ten new unlockable weapons through unique "assignments," and five new achievements, the Multiplayer will offer so many goodies with the Back to Karkand expansion.

There are five new achievements to be obtained in the Multiplayer portion of Battlefield 3 with the Back to Karkand expansion. Four of the achievements will be map specific, while the last achievement is more of a milestone reward. In order to obtain Complete Warrior, you will need to achieve a kill with a Jet, Tank, and Assault Rifle all in one life. Operation Firestorm and Wake Island will be the best choices in maps to attempt this. After obtaining at least one kill with each of the new vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35, you will unlock Third Tour. Take note that the F-35 is only accessible to the American team, while the BTR-90 spawns for Russian team. Gulf of Oman is the "go-to" map for this achievement, as you can find all three vehicles on this map. Jaws can also only be unlocked on the Gulf of Oman map once you jump inside the swimming pool of the hotel located on the far East of the map. On Wake Island, you'll want to find the new Skid Loader (Fork Lift) vehicle on the Airfield and run someone over in order to unlock Like a Boss. Lastly, the milestone achievement, Gunslinger, will require you to complete 10 unique assignments in order to unlock the 10 new weapons. Once you get at least 10 kills with each weapon, the achievement is yours. These assignments are broken down into 5 different categories with two tiers each, ranging from getting headshots and mortar kills, to killing a set amount of enemies with specific weapon types.

DLC: Close Quarters
5 more achievements ready to be earned! No trying to get a kill with an obnoxious skid loader here, but you DO get an achievement for killing YOURSELF. Start a game of "Conquest Domination" on Ziba Tower. Don't forget to use the server browser instead of hoping into a quick match.. Jump off the side of the Ziba Tower map, and Grinding the Crack will unlock. Continue playing the same match as an engineer class, and try to get a kill with a carbine, pistol, and rocket launcher all in one life. As these maps are very tightly-knit, action packed, and are all indoors, Deadly tools should pop up. And, if your team won the game of Conquest Domination, you'll also get Dominator. If you weren't so lucky, keep going at it. Once that's out of the way, hop into some Gunmaster. Just complete a round of this gametype, then...Man of Calibre unlocked! The final achievement is a tad time consuming. Now for the final achievement, Show of Force. If you're decent in the Gunmaster game mode, you can actually receive Show of Force earlier than most. All of the new Close Quarters weapons are in Gunmaster, except for the M5K. You still need to get the M5K by completing its respective assignment. But, you can get 10 kills with the other 9 weapons by playing Gunmaster for a while.

DLC: Armored Kill

Welcome to the Armored Kill DLC! This expansion features all 4 brand new large-scale maps (one of them is the largest Battlefield map of all time!), and as the name suggests, there's a heavy emphasis on vehicular warfare. In addition, a new game mode can also be played, exclusively on the Armored Kill maps. Tank Superiority. Think of it as a regular deathmatch, but with one capture point in the middle of the map, and a vast majority of players rolling around in tank destroyers. 5 new assignments arrive with this DLC as well, but thankfully, there isn't a specific achievement tied into completing all 5.

Start out playing either Conquest or Rush in any of the Armored Kill maps. If you're playing Conquest, try to focus on controlling the flag with the little gunship symbol next to the marker. As long as your team controls this zone, your team will be able to control the gunship. If you're playing some Rush, just be on the defending side and the gunship is automatically available to you. There are two achievements tied to the gunship, one of them being "Dropship" (destroy the gunship). You have to get the killing blow. I'd recommend laying down some fire with a jet, coming in from behind it, and mixing up use of the chaingun and heatseakers. The other gunship oriented achievement is "Death from above" and that's to simply get a kill with the gunship. It can be a pain to get in, even though its a two people can use it at a given time. Just be patient. I'd recommend you go for 15 kills with the gunship (not in one game, though!) as this will unlock anti-air for the mobile artilieries and make the "Destroyer" achievement SO MUCH EASIER. You need to get 10 kills with the mobile artilleries and 10 kills with the tank destroyers. Play some Tank Superiority, and you'll rack up the necessary kills. Winning a round of Tank Superiority will net you the "Superiority" achievement. The only achievement left is "Offroad," and for this you need to get a kill while on the quadbike. I suggest that you play Conquest on Bandar Desert, and ride around the roadway that connects objectives A and B. Many players seem to traverse this area on foot. Sneak up behind them and ram 'em for a roadkill.

Armored Kill's achievements are a bit harder than the other DLCs. Sometimes, you won't find yourself in a gunship for a while, or someone snags the killing blow on the gunship, setting you back for a while with the "Dropship" achievement. Sometimes, you'll be aimlessly wandering around, isolated on that quadbike for certain periods of time(these maps are monster-like). "Destroyer" can eat away the time with careless planning. But don't let any of this trouble you! Persistence is key to these achievements! And once you've unlocked them all, spend some quality time on the Armored Kill maps! Be sure to blast some of Kavinsky's "Nightcall" as you drive around Death Valley. Nothing but pure exhilaration.

DLC: Aftermath

The fourth epic expansion in Battlefield 3, Aftermath introduces 4 new maps, 1 new weapon (the Xbow), 1 new gametype (Scavenger), 3 new vehicles, and 10 new assignments. 5 of these assignments need to be completed for one of the achievements. Details can be seen below.

Boot up a game of Conquest on the map "Epicenter" and move towards the C flag. In a small pipe there's a dinosaur trophy. Crawl into the pipe and shoot it to unlock "Bite your finger." Truck on to the new game mode, "Scavenger." Here, you'll need to pick up 50 weapons that are scattered all over the maps to get the "Extreme Hoarder" achievement. This doesn't need to be done in a single game. Don't forget to win 3 matches of Scavenger, doing so will unlock the Xbow. Equip the Xbow in a gadget slot, and get a kill with it, an assault rifle, and a grenade in one life for "Pocket full of death." If you have the Close Quarters DLC, try to get this achievement on one of those maps, since they're a bit smaller than the Aftermath maps, and generally quicker to get some kills on. Complete the assignment "A Good Demo Man" to unlock the HE bolt for the Xbow. Use the bolt and blow up a land vehicle with it. If you're struggling, you can also use the HE bolt to destroy enemy equipment, like a spawn beacon, and still obtain "Home made javelin" legitimately. For the final achievement, and the one that could take you the longest of all the Aftermath achievements to unlock, is "Handyman." In addition to the Sticks and Stones and A Good Demo Man assignments, you must also do Stay Away From My Tent, It Is Okay To Thank Me, and Go Play Close Quarters to unlock the remaining Xbow attachments. From the main menu of Battlefield 3, select "Solider" and view your assignments to check you progression.

Aftermath has a set of respectable achievements, requiring time and attention to unlock them all. The maps may not be as memorable as any of the ones in previous expansions, but Aftermath is worth playing if you've got a ravenous appetite for more of anything Battlefield 3. Plus, that Xbow is a BEAUT! Use it well!

[x360a would like to thank Xenolith666 and Neomop for this Roadmap]
[x360a would like to thank TheBiggD & LickableLemons7 for the DLC additions]

Not on my watch25
Protect Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker   (83) 

During the mission "Operation Swordbreaker", after you take out the sniper with the AT, you will move across the roof of the building to cover Chaffin's extraction. Use your sniper rifle and take out the enemies that appear, and the achievement will unlock after the ground team safely makes it across the street.

*It appears some people are having trouble getting this achievement to unlock even after performing the required actions. Until more information is available, try attempting this on different difficulties*

Involuntary Euthanasia25
Kill the 2 soldiers before the building falls on them in Uprising   (54) 

During the mission "Uprising", you will come across a bus where you will get ambushed. Dispatch of the enemies here and come out the other side of the bus. As you step forward, the building in front of you on your left will become unstable and start to collapse. Quickly shoot the 2 enemies standing underneath (sometimes only 1 will be there) before the building crushes them.

Alternate method: Throw a grenade from the bus to kill the 2 guys.

The Professional30
Complete the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying   (76) 

In the mission "Comrades" when you chase down the nuke carrier, the chase starts from when you run into the police crossfire. Quickly advance up the side of the street, taking out the police reinforcements ASAP. The chase ends when the nuke carrier fires the RPG out of the tunnel, and your achievement will unlock if you completed in time.

Army of Darkness30
Shoot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift   (39) 

At the start of the mission "Night Shift", you will be instructed to shoot out the street lights illuminating the parking lot across from your position. Zoom in with and carefully shoot the 4 lights in 4 consecutive shots. Press  down to hold your breath for a steadier aim.

Practice makes perfect15
Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov   (23) 

After passing the gun storage room in the Villa and dispatching a room full of soldiers underground, you will be instructed to take an alternate route. In this room, targets will pop up as you approach. There are 13 targets to hit in total. Try to kill any enemies first (and be careful with your aim - I suggest switching to single shot), because their guns have red laser sights which will blind you.

What the hell *are* you?20
Take a russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place   (28) 

At the start of the mission "Rock and a Hard Place", you will be ambushed by Russians in the forest. Flank up the side and knife one of them to obtain their dog tag and this achievement.

Only a knife from behind will trigger the dogtag animation. If you try knifing in their face you will just swipe at the guy with your knife.This achievement is best attained on "Easy" mode!

Kick the car to kill the soldiers in Uprising   (30) 

During the mission "Uprising", after reaching the checkpoint with the ammo dump, you will notice you are on a destroyed section of the road that has formed a ledge with multiple enemies underneath. Find the car that is close to the edge off to the right, walk up to it and press .

You can be my wingman anytime30
Complete Going Hunting in a perfect run   (156) 

n the mission "Going Hunting", you co-pilot a fighter jet. You will engage in dogfighting with multiple enemy jets. To get this achievement, you have to shoot down all 7 enemy jets with 1 missile each, whilst dodging all enemy missiles with your flares. Restarting a checkpoint will not gain you this achievement.

Alternative method: use the jet machineguns only.

Scrap Metal25
Destroy 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run   (14) 

At the start of the mission "Thunder Run", there are a total of 8 enemy tanks you will encounter before reaching the fort. Destroy 6 of these yourself to unlock the achievement.

Take down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard Place   (116) 

At the end of the mission "Rock and a Hard Place", you will enter a conflict on the ground with a fighter jet. After safely moving up with your squad in cover and recovering the javelin, take aim and shoot it down with one shot.

This has to be done in one go from when the jet appears while your squad is regrouped. If you get killed after the jet repairs, reloading the checkpoint will negate this achievement.

Take down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift   (29) 

During the mission "Night Shift", you will come across a section where you cover fellow marines to cross the street from the rooftops. Your partner will point out to you two enemies standing in alignment to your position, so take out your sniper rifle, line them up and shoot to unlock.

Complete the campaign story     (7) 

See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Between a rock and a hard place15
Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer   (23) 

At the end of the mission "The Great Destroyer", you will get into a quicktime event with Solomon after flipping his car. You must simply hit all the button commands as they pop up (and not miss any), and this achievement will unlock at the end of the fight.

Semper Fidelis50
Complete the campaign story on Hard     (75) 

Complete all the missions on Hard difficulty. Playing on hard, enemies seem to develop a 6th sense and they will notice you and lay lots of supressing fire. Take advantage of cover and prone, peek out to kill 1-2 enemies at a time and then shrink back into cover. It is also very easy to get killed (usually in 1-2 shots if relatively close), so if you start getting hit, quickly find cover. 

Also, take advantage of any flanking routes/walls and abuse them if you want to get by missions quicker. This is similar to Call of Duty where you kind of have to force your squadmates through the mission. They are also invincible, so use that to your advantage.

Push On20
Reach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run   (45) 

Obviously just play on easy mode and don't get downed, you can take your time to achieve this and communicate with your partner!

Complete all co-op missions    (65) 

See "Army of Two" for more information.

Lock 'n' Load30
Unlock all unique co-op weapons   (28) 

To see the available unique co-op weapons, in the menus go to My Soldier -> Stats & Progression (Co-op). Playing co-op missions will earn you points, which in turn go to unlocking new unique weapons to use in multiplayer. Here is a list of all the weapons and the points needed:

Weapon - Kit - Type - Points
MP412 Rex - All - Sidearm - 63,000 pts
KH2002 - Assault - Primary - 126,000 pts
MP7 - All - Primary - 189,000 pts
M39 EMR - Recon - Primary - 252,000 pts
93R - All - Sidearm - 315,000 pts
SG553 - Engineer - Primary - 378,000 pts
G3A3 - Assault - Primary - 441,000 pts

There are 'glitches' so to speak to gain more XP points while playing co-op missions. Here's the most common one. Honestly though, this will come naturally, if going for bullseye (and failing) you will accumulate those points. Once I finished that achievement I was only 50k or so from the final weapon unlock. You can average about 10k per level played.

Car Lover20
Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus   (40) 

In the co-op mission "Operation Exodus", you get a line of Hummers to help you defend each of the lines (North/West/East). Just complete the mission without any of these Hummers getting destroyed to get this.

In the nick of time20
Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour   (16) 

In the co-op mission "The Eleventh Hour", one of your first objectives will be to disarm a bomb on one of the train carts in the subway station. When you approach the area the bomb is in, it will be armed and a 60 second timer will start. Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds, as in if you start at :57 seconds, finish disarming it before :37 seconds. (There was confusion on this where some thought it was defusing the bomb with under 20 seconds left on the timer, that is not the case.)

Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop 'em Like Liquid   (389) 

This is the hardest achievement in the game by far. You need a solid co-op partner who communicates well and snipe enemies without alerting anyone. There are numerous youtube videos that offer tutorials, I recommend watching one several times and playing the level a bunch to get used to where everyone is.

Complete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky   (37) 

In the co-op mission "Fire from the Sky", you and your partner will pilot/gun a helicopter. The pilot has the option to hit  when the helo gets significantly damaged to use a 'fire extinguisher' to put out the fire to damage. Complete the mission without having to use it to unlock.

Play on easy mode, and keep circle strafing BMP's and take out AA guns ASAP when they appear as they will do the most damage.

Army of Two50
Complete all co-op missions on Hard     (181) 

See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Reach the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration   (102) 

In the first part of the mission "Exfiltration", you enter an apartment building to extract a captured VIP. You start with a silenced pistol, so use that in combination with your knife and your partner to take out enemies in silence. Be sure if you shoot, you and your partner are synchronized, otherwise the alarm will go off if taken too long to kill multiple enemies.

Vehicle Warfare30
Obtain all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons   (63) 

See "Decorated" for more information.

Infantry Efficiency30
Obtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons   (21) 

See "Decorated" for more information.

Obtain one of each ribbon in the game   (214) 

Ribbons are small XP rewards given for completing certain tasks during a multiplayer game. Most of these ribbons can be obtained quite easily, and should not take a long time to do if you play as all the different classes and play towards the objectives.

A list of ribbons for Battlefield 3 can be found here.

It's better than nothing!30
Finish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match   (18) 

See "Most Valuable Player" for more information.

Support Efficiency30
Obtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons   (35) 

See "Decorated" for more information.

Achieve rank 45   (108) 

Colonel is the highest standard rank to achieve for multiplayer. All I can really say for this one is to play as the class you feel more comfortable with, that will net you the most xp every game. The amount of xp required to level up increases exponentially, so this will probably end up being the last achievement to get.

Also, play as much as you can in a squad - teamwork will roll in points a lot faster than playing solo. Use high-combat vehicles like tanks/helicopters to score points/assists. Play for objects - for ex. the full process for capturing an enemy flag is 450 points.

1st Loser30
Finish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match   (20) 

See "Most Valuable Player" for more information.

Most Valuable Player30
Finish as MVP in a ranked match   (74) 

In online Battlefield play, you score points for various actions such as kills, assists, spotting, objectives, etc. Always be active in helping your team play towards the objective in order to score lots of points. To check your current score, press and hold the  to pull up the scoreboard. Play as Assault class, killing enemies and reviving teammates will get you the most points. Also play on Conquest as capturing flags can get you 450 points.

To get these achievements you must finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd out of all players in the match, not just on your team. If you're having issues with these, play in Squad Rush as your chances to get the Ribbons increase greatly as there's only 8 people in Squad Rush as opposed to 24 in Rush or Conquest.

Obtain your first enemy Dog Tag   (45) 

To obtain a Dog Tag, you have to kill an enemy via knifing by using the  within melee range. You have to be either behind or coming from the side of the enemy for the animation to take place. This should come naturally through normal gameplay. If having trouble, try flanking enemies (especially snipers) and stab them on the ground.

Secret Achievements
This is the end20
Failed to prevent the attack    (55) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Wanted: Dead or Alive20
Captured Al Bashir    (4) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Shock Troop15
Survived the quake    (4) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Where are the other two?20
Found the nuke    (6) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

No Escape30
Captured Kaffarov    (1) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

Completed Semper Fidelis    (8) 

Story related achievement, cannot be missed. See "Semper Fidelis" for more information.

DLC: Back to Karkand
Price: $14.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 120
Complete Warrior30
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank   (177) 

You must get a kill with a Jet, a Tank, and with an Assault Rifle in one life! The preferred order to do this, and I think most will agree, is to get in a Jet at the start of the match and get a quick kill. Then either parachute out, or land and either hop in a Tank for a kill or shoot someone while getting the tank. The only saving grace is that this can be done on any map that has jets, like Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Wake Island etc.

Third Tour20
Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.   (39) 

It doesn't have to be in the same game, and the kills accumulate over multiple matches. The DPV looks like a dune buggy.. not to be confused with the VDV Buggy. So make sure you jump in the right vehicle. The BTR-90 is a Russian built troop carrier tank looking vehicle. It can be found on Conquest (on the Russian side) on the Gulf of Oman for sure. Now the F-35 is the jet that has the capability to hover and is an American built plane. I've found them on Wake Island and Gulf of Oman for sure. (Must be on American team)

Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons   (125) 

You don't have these weapons at the start of the DLC. These are all weapons you must unlock by completing assignments! Here is a link of said assignments: Assignments

You must complete the Tier 1 assignments to unlock the 2nd tier assignments for each class.

Assault Tier 1: FAMAS – “Best Friend Forever

  • 10 Revives 
  • 10 Heals 

Play as the Assault class with med-packs equipped. Revive 10 teammates and get 10 heals and you receive the FAMAS which is an excellent assault rifle.

Assault Tier 2: L85A2 – “Professional Russian”

  • 100 Assault rifle kills 
  • 20 Grenade launcher kills 
  • Win 5 Squad Deathmatch rounds 

Bust out that newly acquired Famas and kill 100 with it, use the M320 grenade launcher attachment (unlocked at 11000xp in Assault) and get 20 kills with that. Then play some Squad Deathmatch and get 5 wins.

Engineer Tier 1: G53 – “Fixing it”

  • 10 Repairs 
  • 1 Kill with the repair tool 

Play as Engineer class and keep that repair tool handy! Get 10 repairs on team vehicles and get 1 kill.. preferably sneak up behind someone and burn them to death!

Engineer Tier 2: QBZ-95B – “It goes Boom!”

  • 50 Kills with AT rocket 
  • 1 Enemy vehicle destroyed using the repair tool 
  • Win 5 Conquest rounds 

Play as Engineer, use the SMAW (US) or the RPG (RU) and kill folks. Blowing up a tank with 2 people in it with a Rocket will count toward your total. Destroying a vehicle with the repair tool can be kinda tricky, but you can destroy anything! What I mean is, an enemy spawn beacon, a MAV or a T-UGS will all count. I personally got mine by destroying an LAV at an enemy spawn point with no one in it. Then be on the winning team for 5 rounds of Conquest.

Support Tier 1: QBB-95 – “Let it rain”

  • 20 Kills with Light Machine Guns 
  • 2 Mortar kills 

Get 20 kills with any LMG in any match. Now for the mortal kills, I personally did not have the mortal unlocked. But I came across a poor fellow in a not so safe area with his mortar deployed; I killed him and took his kit and got my mortar kills that way.

Support Tier 2: MG36 – “Keep your head down”

  • 100 Kills with Light MG 
  • 50 Suppression Assists 
  • 50 Ammo Resupply Assists 

Get lots of kills with that new QBB that you just got while getting some suppression assists here and there. Keep throwing down ammo boxes for teammates and snipers hanging back and you'll have that done in no time.

Recon Tier 1: QBU-88 – “Specops”

  • 20 Kills with sniper 
  • 6 Laser designations 

You have to use a sniper rifle for this assignment.. can't use a PDW weapon this time. Get 20 kills any way you can. Now for the laser designations you must use the SOFLAM (unlocked at 26000 recon score) and lock on to vehicles in the area. Once you lock onto a vehicle and have solid tone.. that counts as a designation.

Recon Tier 2: L96 – “Creeping Death”

  • 50 Headshots 
  • 50 Spot Assists 
  • 5 Knife kills 

The beauty of this assignment is that it can be done with any class. So any headshot and any spot assist (by pressing Select while targeting an enemy or vehicle) will count. Same goes for knife kills!

Any class Tier 1: PP-19 – “Familiar Territory”

  • ARM 10 MCOM stations 
  • 10 Flag captures 
  • 2 Hours played on Strike at Karkand 

Play some Rush and you just have to arm the M-Com, it doesn't have to explode! So if you arm one, an enemy defuses it and you arm it again.. that counts as two. Play some conquest and cap those flags! Play specifically on the map "Strike at Karkand" for two hours.

Any class Tier 2: MK3A1 – “Scarred Veteran”

  • 10 Kills with the PP-19 
  • 6 Kills with the DPV Jeep 
  • 10 Kills with the BTR-90 APC 
  • 2 Hours played on Sharqi Peninsula 
  • 2 Hours played on Gulf of Oman 

Once you unlock the PP-19 (which is a pretty good gun) get 10 kills with it. Make sure you are in the DPV (not the VDV Buggy) and run down some enemies in it. I personally just ran loops on the streets of Gulf of Oman and ran people down. The BTR-90 is generally only found on the Russian team of Gulf of Oman on Conquest only (not Conquest Assault). Then play 2 hours each on the specific maps.

Like a Boss30
Get a kill with the skid loader   (89) 

The Skid Loader is basically one of those Bobcat bulldozers you see frequently at construction sites. It can be found on Wake Island (if playing conquest) near the Airfield. Just hop in and try to run someone over with it.

Take a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool   (34) 

Play the Gulf of Oman and you'll see a tall building; if coming from the American spawn point it's off in the distance to the right; if coming from the Russian side it's up the hill to the left. In front of the hotel is a pool... have a nice relaxing swim in the hot desert sun and try not to get shot in it.

DLC: Close Quarters
Price: $14.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 120
Win a round in Conquest Domination   (9) 

This should come naturally as you will win a round at some point during your playtime. Just make sure you're playing 'Conquest Domination' and not just 'Conquest' or 'Conquest Assault'.

Deadly tools30
Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher   (44) 

Or we can call it "Complete Warrior 2.0"; but this one is much easier to attain. Play as the Engineer class as they use Rockets and Carbines. This one is definitely not as difficult as it's predecessor; especially on the smaller maps where the fighting is pretty thick.

The achievement is expansion specific, but it is not map specific, which is similar to Complete Warrior in the Karkand expansion. So destroying a tank, or any vehicle, with people in it with a rocket will count as a rocket kill. 

Show of Force30
Get 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons   (52) 

Similar to the Karkand achievement, you must get 10 kills with the new CQ weapons. They are not all available at the beginning, you must unlock them by completing assignments listed below. You must complete the first tier assignment to unlock the next assignment, anything you do for an assignment that isn't unlocked will not count toward its completion.

First unlockables for each CQ weapon which unlock at 10 kills.

  • AUG - Acog
  • Scar L - Acog
  • ACW-R - Reflex
  • MTAR-21 - Reflex
  • L86A2 - Holographic
  • LSAT - M145 (3.4x)
  • M417 - Acog
  • JNG-90 - Ballistic
  • Spas-12 - Reflex
  • M5K - Reflex 


1) 'Shepard' - 10 Squad Revives; 30 Assault Rifle Kills - Unlocks AUG A3
Play as the assault class obviously and stick with your squad getting revives (must be squad members) and kill 30 with any Assault rifles.

2) 'Set Us Up the Bomb' - 20 kills with Underslung Grenade Launcher; 15 kills with hand grenades - Unlocks SCAR-L
Use the Underslung Grenade Launcher attachment (unlocks at 11,000 Assault Score) and kill 20 with it. As for the 15 grenade kills, this can be done as any class; just keep tossing those 'nades. Utilize the 'Frag' perk so you can carry extra grenades!


1) 'No Shortage' - 20 squad resupplies; 20 kills with light machine guns - Unlocks L86A2
Play as the Support class and drop ammo boxes for your squad (must be squad resupplies). Then kill 20 with any LMG's.

2) 'Point Blank' - 10 kills with C4; 10 knife kills - Unlocks LSAT
Kill 10 with C4 any way you can, even if you place it on a vehicle and kill whoever is inside, it will count as a C4 kill. As for 10 knife kills, again this can be acquired as any class, just keep sneaking and knifing.


1) 'Done Fixing' - 20 AT Rocket kills; 30 kills with carbines - Unlocks ACW-R
Play as the Engineer class and get 20 kills with Rockets and 30 kills with Carbines.

2) 'My Own Terminator' - 1 kill with EOD bot; 100 kills with carbines - Unlocks MTAR-21
Get a kill with the EOD bot which does have a torch attachment; this can be extremely frustrating for some. The EOD bot doesn't maneuver very well, you can't run people over with it and the torch has limited use. Either locate an unaware sniper or fry a buddy on the opposite team. Utilize that new ACW-R (or whichever carbine you prefer) and kill 100 with it.


1) 'Team Player' - 10 T-UGS assists; Capture 20 flags - Unlocks M417
As Recon throw down the T-UGS (unlocks at 5000 Recon score) in a populated area, generally near a flag or an M-Com. Play lots of Conquest and capture 20 flags. You can play any variation of Conquest and it will count toward this assignment; also flag capture assists will count as well.

2) 'Bullet Point' - 50 kills with Sniper Rifles; win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination - Unlocks JNG-90
Kill 50 however you can with your favorite sniper rifle. If you are not the best sniper, use the M417, the gun is a semi-automatic beast; even with iron sights. You'll knock out 50 kills in no time as it's very powerful. This can be done on any map, so not just close quarters maps. Be on the winning team of Conquest Domination 3 times.

Any Class

1) 'These Hurt Too' - 20 kills with Pistols; 20 kills with Shotguns - Unlocks SPAS-12 
Get 20 kills with pistols, these will accrue with any class you play, most experienced players if their main weapon runs out of bullets while shooting at an enemy will switch to a pistol to finish them off. If you are having trouble with pistol kills, play 'Gun Master' as you start off with 3 pistols and have to get 2 kills each to advance to the next weapon. Grab any shotgun and get 20 kills with that. I personally will mix the shotgun with Recon to get the T-UGS out of the way.

2) 'Hold the Trigger' - Finish top 5 in Gunmaster; 100 kills with Submachine guns - Unlocks M5K 
Finish in the top 5 of the new gametype 'Gun Master' (see roadmap for description of this gametype). Get 100 kills with any submachine guns which would be any PDW weapon, which can be used with any class. I personally am using the PP-19 from the Karkand expansion.

Man of Calibre20
Complete a round of Gun Master   (22) 

Just complete a round of the new game type 'Gun Master'.

Secret Achievements
Grinding the Crack20
Fell over the edge on Ziba Tower   (68) 

The Secret Achievement is for jumping off the side of the Ziba Tower. Ziba Tower is a high-rise building, so just shoot out some of the windows and take a 1 way ticket to certain death; no parachute required!

Best achievement name ever!

DLC: Armored Kill
Price: $14.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 120
Death from above20
Get one kill with the Gunship   (12) 

The Gunship is available on all Armoured Kill DLC maps:
Alborz Mountains (Flag C)
Death Valley (Flag C)
Bandar Desert (Flag E)
Armored Shield (Flag C)

You can control the Gunship in Rush or Conquest. In Rush, you must be an attacker, and in Conquest you must control the flag that has the gunship icon near it. I recommend the Conquest game mode, and if your team does not control the gunship, try to shoot it down.

You are able to spawn directly into the gunship, if it has available spots in it, and it allows for 2 people, but it is much easier being the main gunner. The gunship will fly around on its own, so don't worry about steering.

Spawning in the gunship is the hardest part, once inside, just switch to the largest shell, and aim at buildings, vehicles or choke points in the map. You can go to smaller shell if you have direct sight at infantry. Once you get the kill, you see "Player 1 [Gunship] Player 2" in the top corner, and the achievement will unlock.



Get 10 kills each with Tank destroyers and Mobile Artilleries   (40) 

These new vehicles are available in Rush, Conquest & Tank Superiority. You will need to get 10 kills with each new type of vehicle, and it is ok to mix US and RU variants. I recommend the Conquest gamemode, and the locations of where these vehicles can be found are listed below.

Tank Destroyers:
SPRUT-SD (RU Tank Destroyer)
M1128 (US Tank Destroyer)

Locations: (Tank Superiority)
US/RU Deployment(s)

Mobile Artilleries:
BM 23 (RU Artillery)
M142 (US Artillery)

Locations: (Conquest)
Death Valley: Flags A & E
Alborz Mountains: Flags B & E
Bandhar Desert: US/RU Deployment
Armoured Shield: Flags A & E

These can be a huge pain to get kills with using the regular artillery. One tip is to get 10 kills from inside the Gunship, as this will unlock Anti-Air abilities on all Mobile Artilleries. Now just sit back from the action and tear up anything in the sky, easily getting 10 kills (compared to the normal method).

Get one kill with the Quad bike   (26) 

There are 2 ways to get this achievement:

- Quad Bike Roadkill

You will need to find a quad bike, and they are littered all over the new Armoured Kill DLC maps, and your best bet is probably to play Conquest mode. It looks like an ATV. Once you are on the bike, try to catch an enemy that is by themselves from behind, at a fast speed, killing them and unlocking the achievement. Cycle trough 1st and 3rd person view by clicking the Right Stick.

- AT Mine Kills, while seated on bike

Another method is to plant AT mines on a busy street, then seat yourself on a Quad Bike, in a corner of the map, and wait for your AT mines to kill enemy players. If you get a kill while seated on the bike (from your mines) you will unlock the achievement.



Win one round of Tank Superiority   (2) 

Tank Superiority is a new gamemode available in the Armoured Kill DLC. It's a team based game, and the main goal is to capture and hold a flag for as long as possible. It is recommended that your team has a good balance of tanks and infantry units.

It is best to just play a few games until your team wins, and as for tips, remember to play the objective. Destroy the enemy tanks by using the Engineer class explosives, C4 or Laser Designator (Recon Kit). If in a tank, try to focus on enemy tanks and capturing the flag, and then pulling back and defending it.

Destroy the Gunship   (19) 

Play any of the Armoured Kill DLC maps. For this achievement you will want to either be defending on Rush, or not have the gunship marked flag in Conquest.

You will need to spawn as the Engineer class, and it is recommended that you use the "SA-18 Igla" OR "//NAME?" to lock on and shoot down the ship, although you must be standing practically underneath it. It may take more than a few shots, so you may need to respawn and shoot at it more.

Another option which might be easier for some is to shoot the ship using a Jet or Chopper, just take your time coming up behind it and put as many bullets as you can into it.

DLC: Aftermath
Price: $14.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 120
Unlock all xbow parts   (16) 

The Xbow is not available from the start. You have to complete an assignment to unlock it, and further assignments to unlock the extra bolt attachments; there are 3 bolt attachments and one scope.

  1. To unlock the Xbow you must complete assignment: Sticks and Stones - win 3 rounds in Scavenger Mode. Once this is completed unleash the Xbow; you will have standard bolts to start with. It is very effective close to medium range.
  2. To unlock the Scan bolt (which spots enemies on impact in a 10m radius) you must complete assignment: It Is Ok To Thank Me - Get 20 spot assists; designate 10 vehicles; get 1 designated assist. Play as the recon class and utilize the T-UGS/MAV for spot assists and the Soflam to designate vehicles. You should get 1 assist if someone uses Javelin to destroy a target you designated. (If you are having troubles with designations/assist, try playing the Armored Kill expansion, mainly Tank Superiority)
  3. To unlock the BA Bolt (basically a better flying bolt) you must complete assignment: Stay Away From My Tent- 50 sniper rifle kills and 10 headshots with a sidearm.
  4. To unlock the HE Bolt (explosive) you must complete 2 assignments: Archery 101 - Get 5 kills with the Xbow; and A Good Demo Man - 5 kills with each of the following: hand grenade, underslung grenade launcher and C4.
  5. You must complete an assignment to get the Xbow Scoped; it is: Go Play Close Quarters - Total 150 meters of headshots with sniper rifles, assault rifles, and carbines. This shouldn't be too bad since you can hit people from pretty far away. And every head shot adds up, whether it be 10 feet or 100 yards.

**To switch bolts, have the Xbow equipped and press on the D-Pad.**

Bite your finger30
Find the secret reptile   (20) 

It's an east...errr.. dinosaur egg! So there's a large, flesh eating dinosaur loose in the world of BF3. Ok... so it's not so large, it's a dinosaur trophy. It can be found in a pipe near the C Flag (on Conquest) on the Epicenter map. If it doesn't pop as you crawl by; shoot it.

Home made javelin20
Destroy an enemy vehicle using the xbow   (20) 

You will need the HE (explosive) Bolt to complete this. Please reference the "Handyman" achievement for more details. Once you have it, shoot some vehicles. I would advise against tanks, but Littlebirds and any Jeep type vehicle will do nicely. The explosive bolts are not very strong. Hang near a transport vehicle and damage it with a grenade. When someone jumps in, shoot it. Otherwise try and get someone on a quad bike.

An easier way to obtain this achievement rather than destroying vehicles, is by destroying enemy equipment. This DOES count for the achievement.




Pocket full of death30
Without dying, get a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade   (32) 

Complete Warrior 3.0! I'm sure some people will be able to pull this off without much issue. For those who may need some more help, it is suggested waiting until you unlock the HE bolts since they are explosive. I would also suggest trying this on a Close Quarters map since they are smaller and fighting is generally thick in certain areas. The Xbow is 'classless' and is used in a gadget slot; so go with a class you are comfortable with. Go with the Support class so you can resupply your grenades at will.

Extreme Hoarder20
Pick up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode   (12) 

Play the new gametype Scavenger Mode and roam the maps and pick up weapons on the ground. It's really that simple. Just keep picking guns up. You can work on this while simultaneously getting 3 Scavenger wins to unlock the Xbow. You can track your progression in the "On top of the richter scale" assignment.

DLC: End Game
Price: $14.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 120
Transport Pilot30
Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle in CTF   (80) 

To unlock this achievement all you have to do is be in the pilot seat of a chopper; and the flag carrier has to get into your chopper. This still may give some a little bit of trouble if they can't land, but at least you don't have to fly there and back again while avoiding incoming fire to deliver a flag.

Capture The Flag20
Capture one flag while playing CTF   (18) 

So this is a real capture the flag gametype.. not like Conquest where you capture points on the map. There is 1 flag/base on each side, you must get to the enemy base/flag and grab it, then huff it back to your base to score it. Hopefully you have a squadmate with you, who can give you a lift back via land or air! You also have the capability of driving yourself as carrying the flag does not limit you in any way. To successfully score the flag, your teams flag must be at your base.

Its no sidecar30
Get a kill from the passenger position on a motorcycle   (14) 

Not as cool as a sidecar, but you can hop on the back while a buddy drives. You have full range of motion and can turn around completely, or face the front. Just get a kill while on the back part of the dirtbike. You can get this by yourself as well, hop on the bike by pressing , then drive to wherever, preferably near a flag/objective. Press to move to the back portion of the bike and start shooting.

AAs revenge20
Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps   (4) 

You can now put the new HMMWV Asrad and the Vodnik AA to good use. Simply shoot down an enemy Jet or Chopper; both vehicles utilize guided, or unguided missiles. These generally spawn at your home base on the US and Russian side.

Here's a video that shows how to acquire all achievements. Provided by Predni
Here is the linked Timeline for the Video:

00:06 - Capture The Flag
01:15 - AA's Revenge
02:10 - Heavy Lifter
03:13 - It's No Sidecar
04:05 - Transport Pilot

Heavy Lifter20
Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle   (18) 

This is a new feature added to the C130 Gunship. You have the ability to either parachute out of the back of it, or spawn in a vehicle and drop it out of the back and hover down to the ground. When in the 'spawn menu' select 'Paradrop IFV'. Once you land (or while in the air) get a kill while in the vehicle. Being the driver or gunner should net you this achievement. This must be done in a Conquest type game, and your team must hold the objective that allows the C130 to spawn.

Game Info
Electronic Arts


US October 25, 2011
Europe October 28, 2011

Backward compatible on Xbox One: Yes
Price: Retail Only
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