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Staying Alive

Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty)  

Battlefield: Bad Company uses a respawn system where you come back to life a short distance away from where you died, but with out turning back the clock.

This means that you can run out to fight, die, and anyone you killed will still be dead which makes hard difficulty a cakewalk.

In order to get through a level without dying there are a few fundamental things you should understand.

  • Using the auto-injector; use the auto-injector whenever you want, it instantly brings your health back to max, can be used infinite times, and has a relatively short cool down. It can be used inside and outside of battles so whenever you’re down a little heath simply use it.
  • Use iron sights; using the iron sights while firing your gun will increase the accuracy and damage while at the same time reduce the amount of recoil you get.
  • Use anti-vehicle stuff against vehicles; should be an obvious one but simply put don’t use your guns against vehicles, use grenades, mortars, laser designators, or rockets.
  • Stay far away; for whatever reason you can take forty bullets and come out of a battle just fine, you can only take two knifes though. For this reason just keep your distance, at longer ranges you deal less and take less damage but that means there’s less chance of death.
  • Stick to assault rifles if possible; assault rifles have decent range and power as well as a grenade launcher that can be used in a pinch to destroy walls. Don’t bother with SMGs or shotguns as their range is far too short to be effective against enemies further than right next to you.
  • Use your mini map; any time an enemy fires or is spotted it appears on your mini map as a red dot. This makes knowing the location of enemies simple and allows you to prevent yourself from getting flanked.

For the achievement itself I found that the level “Air Force One” was the easiest to get by without dying. Most of the level takes place inside of a helicopter and you get a power drill at the start of the level. Throughout the level you’ll only have to get out of the helicopter once and only in order to grab a vehicle not too far away.

I found that going into first person while inside the helicopter helped me aim it much better due to the crosshairs. Make sure to dip your helicopter with the so you can fire down at enemies and use the to avoid being shot.

Whenever your helicopter is low on health simply land it and repair it using the power tool. When you do have to get out of the helicopter use the nearby MG to take out any nearby enemies before proceeding. Use the buildings as cover and proceed slowly killing everyone in your path.
Obviously if you’re having trouble on hard or normal you can set the difficulty to easy to make things better for yourself.

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Comment #1 by ratfarms woman
Monday, November 28, 2011 @ 06:10:04 PM

this isn't too had i just did the first mission on easy

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